Cacao Journeys


Chocolate has always been associated with love and happiness, and for good reason; we’re beginning to reclaim this treasured plant for the teacher and healer the ancients knew her to be. Drinking chocolate was once called “heart-blood” in ancient Central American cultures. Cacao brings the heart rate to increase and produces healing hormones in the body, such as oxytosin, the “love hormone” normally only produced through human touch. Cacao also contains a more rare hormone, “anandamide,” which is only produced in the body in the processes of being birthed and of giving birth and gets its name from the Sanskrit “ananda,” which means spiritual bliss. The ancient Mayan myth portrays cacao as a great goddess who emerges from the rain-forests in times of chaos and despair to bring balance.

Since I began working with cacao in 2014 it’s become increasingly popular. Many people think all varieties of cacao have the same affects and wonder what’s so special about a chocolate ceremony! Sure sounds tasty and cheerful… Yet what makes the difference is first of intention and vibration: the high vibration set in this intentional, magical, multi-dimensional space of healing and ascension allows cacao to be a plant ally that can bring accelerated healing, deepened meditation, and profound clarity. And this cacao is of a particular variety in Central America, where cacao was believed a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl.

“An indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rain-forest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.” ~ Keith, the cacao shaman.
cacaoceremonyamsterdamOnce a sacred medicine in ancient Mayan and Axztec cultures, cacao has been resurfacing as the powerful plant teacher and magical partner it truly is over the past years, bringing with it deep heart connection and spiritual opening. The cacao we use in ceremony is sourced intuitively and blessed by Keith, a shaman in Guatemala who has been working with the cacao spirit and sharing her medicine for over a decade and sends magical chocolate to healers and light-workers around the world. The spiritual energy of cacao brings a subtle opening of the heart and activation of the pineal gland and higher spiritual centers.
Cacao is a powerful plant teacher that works as a partner rather than a leader. Cacao won’t force you on a journey or share with you a vision you don’t consciously ask for and co-create. This journey is a co-creation with the cacao spirit to open a shamanic space of healing, energetic release and integration. We will call forth the cacao spirit and our own guides and guardians, be guided on journeys and healing meditations, and play with the power of our own voice and creative expression to open our hearts and bring forth the Light of the New Earth. The Cacao Spirit referred to Herself as “the Food for the Shift.” This ceremony is an opprutunity to exponentially shift your reality to re-structuring your vibrational patterns and the beliefs that generate them so that you can unlock your innate and magical talents to live a blissful, empowered, expanded life.

More About Cacao & Cacao Journeys

Cacao is 100% pure dark chocolate and is a re-emerging plant medicine helping the planet awaken to the power of heart. The scientific name for the choocolate “Theobroma cacao” literally means “food of the Gods.” The Ancient Mayans and Aztecs revered cacao for its spiritual power though over time the knowledge and use of cacao has diminished. The myths state that in times of humanities despair, cacao emerges from the rain-forest in order to awaken people to the power of heart and reconnect people with the natural world and find balance and harmony.

All plant teachers have a spiritual form that is the physical plant’s collective consciousness. Shaman and conscious herbalists are able to communicate with the spirits of plants in order to receive guidance and information about the plant’s uses and higher agenda. The cacao we use in sessions is sourced intuitively by a shaman residing in Guatemala who communicates with the plant and has been teaching and serving cacao ceremonies for over 10 years. I have studied with and learned a great deal from this shaman and work with cacao in a similar way, through my own channel and incorporating other modalities, understandings, and practices in the ceremonies I offer.
The cacao spirit referred to herself as “the Food for the shift,” and my teacher says that cacao “shows the door without pushing you through it.” Cacao does not work in the way that psychedelic plant medicines who force you on a journey. Cacao facilitates a flow sensations, feelings, images, and metaphors that can guide one into a similar level of consciousness that is an inevitable outcome of psychedelic journeys, but one has to co-operate with the process and follow the insights in order to get to the higher level of consciousness. Many without a background in energy work and inner processing simply take cacao and feel that “nothing happened…” because nothing happens, unless you fully want it to happen, get out of the way, and allow it.
Keith claims that commercially available cacao and even cacao sourced from other regions of Guatemala simply “don’t have the goodies,” and that on average contain 20-70% of the magical compounds found in his chocolate. Cacao contains theobromine which provides slight stimulation that increases meditative focus. Cacao stimulates the production of oxytocin, the hormone normally created through human touch. Cacao gives us an inner warmth and feeling of self-love through this hormone, as well as providing a boost in serotonin and dopamine. Cacao also contains “anandamide,” a rarer hormone that is only ever produced in large quantities in the process of being born and in giving birth. Some people theorize that for this reason cacao is a powerful tool in “re-birthing.” Anandamide gets its name from the Sanskrit word for bliss, “ananda.” The powerful bliss hormones in cacao make it a catalyst for deep spiritual growth. There are many more hormones within cacao that help in energetically opening the heart chakra.
After ingesting a ceremonial portion of cacao, within half an hour 40-70% more blood circulates through the entire body. With the increase in flow and heart energy cacao acts as a powerful catalyst for increasing emotional awareness. We create our reality through our beliefs, and in order to change our beliefs to those that are more in alignment with our Higher Selves we must cultivate an awareness of their implications at every level of our being. Emotional energy is the fuel for our beliefs and accelerate their manifestations inside and out as metaphors for what we are believing to be true. Through journeying into our inner being, we can see and understand our creations and bring in the light and love of our own Higher Self in order to shift continuously into higher and higher versions of ourselves.

In the ceremonies and sessions I offer, I share information about cacao as we call in the cacao spirit as well as all higher dimensional beings wishing to assist us in our work and enjoy a cacao drink, typically flavored with different spices that catalyze and maximize the power of cacao. As the energy opens up, we enter into a higher dimensional journey in which I guide the group through a transmission of higher dimensional energies connecting the group with their own healing power and magic. This is a heart-centered journey in which all are asked to participate and bring their own empowered heart into the group, and hold space for their own healing journey. You will be encouraged to open your voice and transform your being through heart-centered authentic expression, and the beauty and light of your own inner truth. We will hold an open space for all to release what does not serve and step deeper into the Light of their own inner-being. We will enter deeper states of multi-dimensional experience to transform and ascend, experiencing deep healing and blissful connection!

The spirit of cacao and all our guides and guardians will come together in a co-creative container to bring us deeper in self-love and awareness, and allow deep integration and alignment of all of our energies with our Higher Selves. As we come together in sacred space, we will open to our Higher Selves with meditations to open our light body and expand our bliss. In this state of expansion, we will open our connections to our allies in higher dimensions who will awaken within us timeless knowledge and wisdom and bring great transmutation and bliss.

This ceremony will be an experiential course in accessing higher dimensional aspects of self and learning through that presence. We will practice attuning ourselves to a higher vibration by creating a coherent vibration in the field of our heart, and this practice may serve you as a continuing remembrance of Love to bring balance in times to come. In this higher vibration miraculous healing and supernatural capabilities become possible. As we open our hearts and our minds, we may begin interacting with beings including angels, extra-terrestrials, ascended masters, and our own past/future incarnations. These connections first happen through subtle awareness of energies and a felt presence of something “other” with us in the space. When we open up these portals in group spaces, often the interactions that take place are even more pronounced and can bring great transformation and awakening.

yurtEach ceremony is very different depending on the group’s needs. Ceremonies can include the exploration of guided inner journeys and meditations, practice of compatible healing modalities and tools, sound healing including vocal toning, sound baths, and sacred songs, and channeled messages and transmissions from higher dimensional beings. Our elemental friends through crystal grids and shamanic power objects usually assist us on this journey. Cacao ceremonies are opportunities to learn, evolve, find the answers from within, and learn to awaken your own magic and healing. One-on-one sessions work in a similar manner and provide individuals with a more personal and intimate encounter with the cacao spirit.
For more information or if you are interested in inviting me to your area for a ceremony, please contact me and we’ll work out the details.


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