The Story of Dante’s Journey


I was given the name Dante at birth, and have received the name Mahan Jiwan Singh from the Kundalini yoga tradition. For now, Dante Singh works just fine! I am passionate about spiritual awakening and the ascension of our planet into a new time and paradigm! I love discovering more and more of the infinite mysteries of the Universe, extending my consciousness to unseen realms and anchoring them into our human world. I love experiencing the pleasures of this world and strengthening and purifying my body through yoga, breathwork, plants, dance, and ecstatic play. I love to understand the knowledge of the times to come and teach the principles that will bring unity to the planet, and I especially love empowering people to love themselves, heal themselves, and enjoy fully every part of their own process of awakening.

I was born on November (11) 19, 1991 and I had my spiritual awakening suddenly when I turned 19 in 2010 (I am full of 1s and 9s!). An experience with plant medicine lead me to connect with Infinity. I had no words for the experience at the time, other than that it proved in an instant to me that the “nirvana” Buddhism described was very real, and that’s where I was going, one way or another, and I found myself becoming increasingly excited about learning more and more about the spiritual mysteries of this Universe.dante

My early spiritual path was in studying through the lens of hatha and Kundalini yoga as well as astrology, Tarot, and Western esoteric studies. I was first studying to be a writer and taking classes at Temple University in Philadelphia, and after three semesters dropped out and began my first yoga teacher training in early 2012, moving from the outer “Temple” to my own inner Temple. I enthusiastically went right into my first teaching job at a studio that also offered Reiki. The owner of the studio invited me to participate in his upcoming Reiki course, and upon receiving my first attunement my life was forever changed. I felt an immense and deep gratitude and peace emerge from within me, and in the following weeks as I practiced, I began to sense and channel subtle energies. I completed training and certification in the three levels of Usui Reiki as well as two levels of IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) that summer.

In the winter I embarked on a journey that initiated a total change in lifestyle, as since then I have been traveling, deepening my studies, and teaching as I go. I felt strongly guided to be in Palenque, Mexico, where the inscriptions leading to the prophecies and anticipation around the year 2012 and the transition to a new cycle of the Mayan calendar were first laid out. There, shaman from all of Latin America and spiritual pilgrims from around the world gathered to call forth a new era of light. The experience brought a whole new level of mystical awe as I had very many inexplicable metaphysical experiences, and the wonder and passion became a strong fuel to continue on my journey

A prayer by the water the first day I arrived in San Marcos in 2013

I found myself in Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala in a small village San Marcos la Laguna where I met several shaman, one of whom insisted that I stay and learn and work with him. I moved in and learned deep information on psychology and inner archetypes, chakras and crystal healing, tantra and magic, and eventually learned how to open my own psychic sense and clairvoyance. Since then, I have returned to Guatemala almost every year where I continue to evolve, learn and share my own work. I continue to work extensively with a cacao shaman here who taught about the workings of energy, emotional healing, psychic surgery, and mediumship and channeling.

I have also had a deep path with yoga, and spent 5 months in 2014-15 on a spiritual pilgrimage through India. While the trip was ridden with more obstacles than I’d ever experienced, over time it has also proven the most rewarding and enlightening experience. India taught me, at first in very harsh ways, that healing and empowerment can only come through sincere gratitude, and total non-resistance.

Amritsar, at Kundalini training with “the Guru.”

I spent several weeks in Amritsar where I participated in a Kundalini yoga teacher training and drank the nectar of the sweet shabads constantly playing and vibrating from the Golden Temple. The power of the sound and the strength of the devotional love is what remains the strongest with me from my deep experience with yoga and Eastern spirituality, and paved the way for me to come to experiment more with the power of sound and continue to incorporate it. Kundalini yoga continues to be a fundamental facet of my practice and offerings, though I have come to focus just as equally on Hatha yoga and other forms of pranayama as my path continues to expand.

Channeling workshop at cosmic convergence.

Over the course of my journey as I allow more of my Divinity to shine forth, psychic gifts have opened that allow me to be a multi-dimensional bridge so to speak. I truly feel as if I am never alone as I am continuously in communication with beings that exist in other dimensions. At one point I was overwhelmed because I felt as if I was always surrounded by many “visitors” from other dimensions. As these gifts expanded and I found a way to anchor them in a more balanced way, a group consciousness from the Pleiades contacted me and informed me that they would like me to be “contact facilitator” and assist others in opening to contact and healing themselves as we together as a planet shift into higher dimensions of consciousness.

I have been traveling and teaching workshops on spiritual awakening and healing for several years, and so far I’ve taught in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, the UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, and India. I deeply love sharing wisdom and healing with all I encounter and feel deeply blessed to have created such a life for myself.

brandyI love nature, where I derive a great deal of healing and connection. I have a very deep connection with plants and I experience my diet as a communication with a world of living plant spirits who serve as guides and assistants. I have amazing and deep friendships around the world, and love to sing, dance, swim, and play, and enjoy all of the majestic gifts of earth! I also deeply enjoy continuing my studies. I am always learning so much more through reading what calls to me and listening to different teachers. I currently have a deep appreciation for the work of Bashar (through Daryl Anka), Teal Swan, Bentinho Massaro, Abraham Hicks, and Matt Kahn. I am continuously expanding my perception and following my own highest joy and excitement, and the magic of this life always amazes me a little bit more each day.

I do not necessarily know where my life is going, though I certainly feel it’s always getting better. So far, I haven’t had plans beyond living most of my year in Lake Atitlan Guatemala, where I have become part of such a magical and high vibration community. My plan for 2018 involves spending some time channeling in Hawaii and perhaps returning to Europe. I feel a deep call further south to Peru, and a curiosity as if some other home awaits me. There is a part of me who wishes to travel forever, and one who wishes to ground down and create my own community or become part of one that is a complete and full match to my vision. I only anticipate even more bliss, even more magic, and even more unity and empowerment to come as this journey enfolds! I now spend my time creating group offerings and retreats and doing personal sessions on the side. I know that I am here to write books and to one day have a center where people can live together as a community in abundant co-creation, and people can come from far to accelerate their journey of healing and ascension in a very grounded way! For now I am enjoying the journey, fully and completely one smile and one step at a time.

The Contrast of Dense Polarity that Lead me to Unity

For many of us experiencing great darkness is the best way to come to learn great light. This is certainly the case for me. It was only through deep polarity and tremendous pain that I discovered how to heal myself and connect deeply with Source.

I was raised in Pennsylvania mostly within a conservative rural community; my parents were certainly not fitting into the mold of status quo and helped me to open my mind to much far beyond what many around me conformed to, and they were in their way quite wonderful and wild. However, they were also very addicted; to substances, and to blaming each other for what they did not want to feel.

Most of my adolescence I was thrown in the middle of a continuous conflict between all of the adults in my family that involved very violent communication, legal action, betrayal, and lots of abuse of alcohol. When I was about to graduate from high school, my mother nearly died of a heart-attack. Instead of responding with compassion, my family blamed her alcoholism for the sudden illness and the brewing drama boiled over in a way that left me totally devastated and in emotional turmoil. I was ridden with guilt for my accepted role in the drama and worry and sadness for what had happened, yet I was left totally unable to trust any one in my life. I had a deep sense that there was something much bigger that no one I knew at that point had any awareness of, and if I had to find it I had to make a disconnection between all my family members and older adults in my life.

Yet I still indulged in the world of parties and lots of substances myself, and worked hard in school. I was successful yet deeply depressed, anxious, and not put together in any way. It was in this severe fragmentation and chaos that I began to seek the Light of Unity, and found a spiritual focus in the midst of great darkness and illusion.

retreat2While plant medicines played large roles in my initial awakenings, it was yoga the brought me the discipline and passion to find restraint from severe addictive tendencies and self-hate. Yet I became totally immersed in my spiritual life, and the workings of society seems to enmeshed with the fear based programs I saw running in those around me. I completely withdrew myself and focused in solitude as an urban yogi, until I listened to the call in my heart to travel.

I was terrified to embark on a whole new journey yet tremendously excited to leave my  old life of isolation and sadness behind me. I knew I was embarking into the unknown, uncharted territory where I knew not what was before me. Yet I gave myself over and committed to trusting in the Universe, and then the Universe carried me beyond what I thought was possible.

As I opened myself to flow on my path, things flowed with great synchronicity, yet with tremendous challenge. I came to struggle with my health and my wealth more than anything else. I developed a deep inner strength and sense of self-worth early on in my path as my travels and commitment to discover and grow spiritually brought me to depend on my freshly opened gifts just in order to survive. I found great support from family and friends and teachers along the way. I was brought to many inner limits in bridging the worlds and opening myself to receive. I really lost my own path inside when I allowed my life to become entirely about my first partner, to such an extent that I followed him to India where we traveled together for 5 months. He paid for my ticket and insisted that I could pay him back and earn the money for the trip in the one single months before we left. Instead I arrived in India with nearly nothing, and had half of my things stolen on the very first day. I embarked on a half year journey of poverty, illness, conflict, and guilt, in a chaotic, crowded, polluted, and superstitious country. Yet I returned from my journey knowing that if I survived that, I could probably survive anything, and I learned the power of healing that comes from simply getting out of the way and choosing to cultivate (fake) gratitude even when everything seems to be going wrong. I kept devoted to my yoga practice and the single pointed focus on the Spirit through the whole ordeal, in a way that lead me from desperation to bliss.

I came back from India and focused on a deep cleanse of my body, as I’d been incredibly ill with parasites. The dark contrast of feeling so lacking, so unloved, so unlovable, so worthless, and so ill, lead me to find the most deep and absurd gratitude for even the simplest of pleasures, and the core root of my codependency was beginning to release as I truly began to feel a real sense of self-love. That light within me, that carried me through such a seemingly treacherous yet simultaneously joyous, adventure, was ready to burst out into the world and ignite others to tap into that same awareness I was discovering. It was bliss. It was awe. It was “who we are.” I began teaching workshops with success in Europe and the States, and felt so blessed and empowered to witness the healing journeys it ignited in those around me.

me and benYet even despite it, I’ve always seemed to have nothing more than enough to get by. To step into my power and face my fears of lack has also been a deep and challenging experience of mine, so much so that I ended up on stage with spiritual teacher Benthino Massaro talking about it. The journey brought my deepest feelings of self-hate that I’d thought I’d cleared long ago. It brought me on a journey of discovering how powerful I really am, how powerful my thoughts and my awareness are, and how effortless real transformation is… that is, it’s easy when you fine tune your self awareness and become totally transparent and authentic, when you can own the stories running inside without believing or identifying with them. I have learned to bring myself into that place of total transparency and balanced integration where accelerated healing happens naturally, and a deep bliss from within expands and expands. It’s required that I look at the darkness. And now I am one who can reflect to others that deep darkness in a very loving way so that they can integrate their own shadows, traumas, and challenges and find the bliss of Oneness.

My journey has been one of the sharp contrast between carrying my home on my back and receiving stays in luxurious flats. I’ve witnessed the difference and noticed the qualities of vibration and thought that generate such experiences. I’ve learned through a wild life path that I can create anything I want, and so can everyone.

The hard way of creating difficulties was necessary at first, to learn how powerful I really am.

Of all of the ridiculous patterns out there that humans create, I would say I’ve become an expert in addiction, conflict, lack, and doubt. And because of it I’m able to spot those energies a mile a way. I can help others with these energies so well, because I’ve come to learn so powerfully their opposite, and have become an expert in self-generation, harmony, abundance, trust, and deep self-worth.

guruThrough inner child work, emotional processing, meditation, and body work, I’ve traveled inside to the root causes of these issues, and re-framed my past by releasing those emotional charges and planting the seeds of new healthy belief systems. I believe it is important to share the details of this journey because we all teach best what we most have to learn, and by owning and making peace with the difficulties along our journey we come to a place of authentic, loving, embodiment.

The most important things I’ve learned is that love and happiness starts inside, and if you really know how to tap into it, harness it, and amplify it, you really can create anything you want. I’m dreaming together so many new creations all the time! And I’m so incredibly thrilled to embark on ever new journeys, letting the flow of my heart continue to guide me, and illuminate the path for those I find along my way!

My Professional Background

yurtIn addition to my own personal studies and learning with shaman and higher beings, I have participated in the following courses.

~ 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification with Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, PA (2012)
~ Reiki I & II and IET I-III with Sean Jacobs in Philadelphia (2012-3)
~ Reiki III with Danielle Stimpson in Philadelphia (2012)
~ Sekhem Advanced (SSR I-IV) with Victoria Sinclair in Guatemala/UK (2013-2014)
~ Shiatsu Massage Practitioner Training with Nadia Petrova (2014)
~ 3HO Kundalini Teacher Training with Satya Singh and Preetpal Kaur in India (2015)
~ Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master-Instructor with Michelle McCarthy in Ithaca, NY (2015)
~The Yoga of Sound and Chocolate Sound Healing Immersion and Training in Guatemala (2017)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my path and practice! It is such an honor and blessing to be of service to you.

Infinite Love & Blessings to All


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