Intuitive Mentorship & Guidance

These sessions are a space for you to create the framework for your personal transformation. I’ve dedicated very much of my focus to training in healing modalities and therapies that support personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Together we can reflect upon your goals and intentions and find the methods that work best to support your growth in the moment.

Healing modalities that may be incorporated in these sessions include belief system discovery and transmutation exercises, inner child work, past/future life regression/progression, energetic emotional release work, and cognitive re-framing exercises. These sessions are suitable as single sessions and short-term and long-term programs. Together we can assess what degree of support would be most suitable for you in the moment as we reflect upon your energy in the moment.

You are your own healer; as your therapist, my role is to reflect to you the greatest truths contained within your heart. Through reflection the light becomes clearer and any belief system, trauma, or blocked energy that may be distorting your soul’s essential expression can be revealed and transformed.

You are the creator of your soul’s journey and the author of your soul’s story; as your guide, I anchor a stable vibration of love and safety that allows you to dive deeper into the places where fear still may be hiding within you, so you can reclaim it and transmute it into love.

As we meet each other, I hold a compassionate space that can allow you to share and explore your process in a safe way. As someone who has gone through a deep journey of personal transformation of trauma while walking a very unconventional path, I am skilled at helping people traverse the spiritual path that can very often feel lonely or isolating as you open to experiences, abilities, and connections that take you far beyond the conventional experience of reality.

These sessions can also be done in conjunction with channeling sessions. We can connect human-to-human to establish a clear connection and help you gain the tools necessary for your transformation, and we can bring through the Pleiadan Council for channeled messages to take the integration to new levels or fill in any gaps with their perspective. If you are versed in astrology or interested in it, we can use your chart as a guiding map as we explore during these sessions.

Modalities Incorporated:

Belief System Discovery & Transmutation Exercises:

This is a channeled modality inspired by a variety of therapeutic techniques and energy healing modalities that guides you to witness and trace the cyclical flow of thoughts and feelings to discover core beliefs. Uprooting negative belief systems is the core of psychological transformation. Once we discover negative beliefs, we guide ourselves to discover the opposing truth hiding behind the negative belief and work to energetically integrate the new beliefs, creating a template for freedom.

Inner Child Work:

Before experiencing trauma and receiving limiting conditioning in our childhood, we are pure embodiment of Source consciousness. Inner child work is the process of undoing the conditioning and releasing the energetic charge from past trauma. This process involves reliving past memories in order to meet the aspect of our inner child whose trauma is trapped within our energy field. As we get to know this inner child in a guided regression, we have the opportunity to help them release the negative emotional charge and integrate new emotions and beliefs through changing the details of the memory. As one does this process over time, which one can do in one’s own time and space after learning the process, one can totally transform behaviors and triggers related to past traumas and have a totally different relationship with the past.

Past/Future Life Regression/Progression:

This method allows us to explore our soul’s on astral levels. Challenges in our present lifetime are intertwined with other dimension’s of our soul’s experience, and by journeying to witness and transform these other experiences we can change our present experience as well. Establishing connections with our other lifetimes can also help us integrate skills, knowledge, and frequencies from past or future experiences. This process sheds greater light on our soul’s purpose and allows us to embody more of ourselves. Similar processes can be used to support you in learning to astral travel and actively use your imaginative psychic gifts to unveil other layers of your soul and psyche.

Cognitive Re-framing:

Your experience is composed of the stories you tell yourself; stories about your past, your present, the outer world and your relationship to it. As you change the story you tell yourself and shift your attitude, how you view and experience your reality totally changes. I guide you to notice the blind-spots in your thinking and re-framing your view of reality so that you can more fully experience the love and power within you.

Lifestyle, Health, & Spiritual Guidance and Tools:

Before I began working with personal transformation in this way, I studied as a yoga teacher and Reiki Master, focused deeply on healthy diet and lifestyle tips. I also studied how issues in the body are interconnected with emotional patterns, and can use intuition to see where there are issues within the body and what the medicinal and psycho-spiritual remedies may be. I can suggest to you various practices, meditations, and other tools that can support you in feeling healthier and happier.

Energy Healing:

As a Reiki Master and shamanic voyager I have much experience with energy healing. I consider the whole experience of the therapy an energy transmission. If and when it is applicable, we can work in more subtle and rarefied realms for silent transmission of healing energies. In meditative states we can integrate much of the wisdom shared and uncover even deeper layers.

60 – 90 minute session
  • Valued at $222
Package of 8 Sessions
  • Valued at $1777
Package of 12 Sessions
  • Sliding Scale $1222 – $2555
Lifetime Access to Channeling Course Materials (12+ Hours of pre-recorded transformational materials)
  • Add to either package
    (not a standalone offer)

A sliding scale system works to simultaneously honor the market value of services, while keeping the services available for people of varying levels of income. Further scholarships/discounts and alternate forms of energy exchange may be available upon request.