Channeling & Healing Sessions

Channeling Sessions

Consult the Pleiadian Council for guidance on your soul journey. Connecting with the Pleiadians can support us in refining our metaphysical and personal understanding and establishing clearer connection with our own intuition and guides. The Pleiadians are also powerful energy workers and healers, and can offer energy healing and information about your health and spiritual wellness, and guiding you in establishing a more complete connection with your Higher Self for Divine Love and holistic well-being to flow.


Intuitive Mentorship & Guidance


Work directly with me for support on your journey. In these sessions I offer you a heart-connected space that is more personal. Together we open a space for exploring what is alive in your process of transformation to help you find clarity and alignment. We may explore healing modalities that support you in gaining personal and spiritual understanding, and finding stability on your journey during these transformative times on our planet. These sessions can fused with channeling sessions.

Astrology Readings

Together we consult your astrology chart to see the archetypes alive in your consciousness and potential gateways of transformation and growth that we can see coming through the transits of the planets. Astrology shows our inner reality and our potential gifts, talents and fulfilling roles. I approach astrology in an open and empowered way that helps you to see yourself as your soul’s true brilliance and realize your greatest potential.