Channeling Sessions

pleiadesThrough channeling, higher dimensional guides offer many different approaches to help us evolve our consciousness. In these sessions I serve as a channel for the Pleiadian Council; these are extra-terrestrial beings with a deep soul connection to humanity. I as the channel enter into an altered state of consciousness in which I allow the Pleiadian Council to speak through me. These sessions are here for you clear your energy, gain clarity, raise your vibration, move forward on your path, and awaken your own spiritual gifts. These channeling sessions are really opportunities for you to come more into vibrational resonance with your own Higher Self and discover the vast wisdom, love, compassion, vastness, and bliss of your own soul and your own guides. it is an empowering transmission and teaching that guides you to find the answers and make the changes within yourself, for yourself, and for the greatest evolution of Humanity. and the Universe.

What is Universal about these sessions is that they bring you to connect with your own Higher Self and allow more of the Infinite Love that is your true nature to enter into your human heart, mind, and body. These sessions are energetic and experiential. They bring you to experience higher vibrations that are palpable and transformative, and they leave you with a greater sense of love for yourself, with clarity on the direction of your path, and renewed inspiration and more passion for your soul’s mission.
When I begin channeling, the Pleiadians make a connection to both me as the channel and all who may be listening. In personal one-to-one sessions the Pleiadians reach out to the recipient and transmit their high frequency energy that initiates a process of healing and transformation. Most clients feel this as a strong uplifting sensation in their body, a powerful emotional frequency of love and compassion, and an increase in psychic impressions (visions, memories, connection to other multi-dimensional beings or their own guides, claircognizance, etc).

Some people simply feel magnetically pulled to make a connection with the Pleiadians through me and are unsure of all of the details until the session begins. Some people have a many clear questions and intentions and know where they want to go. Either way, when the session begins and the energy clearly guides us into a synchronized healing journey of self-discovery and expansion. The Pleiadians will understand how to connect with you, and through the presence and questions you bring, guide you into the direction most necessary for your growth at the moment.

There are three directions that the session can flow. To some extent, every session will include all of these aspects. These aspects can oftentimes fuse and blend together, though in some cases people will wish to highlight one aspect they feel most intuitively guided to before the session.

  • Aspect 1: Question & Answer Session
  • Aspect 2: Guided Meditative Journeys
  • Aspect 3: Energy Healing & Psychic Surgery

Aspect 1
Question & Answer Sessions

These sessions are for people with many curiosities! Those awakening to their connection to multi-dimensional guides, light-workers, starseeds, and anyone seeking healing and self-discovery will surely find a great deal of insight from asking questions to the Pleiadians.

The Pleiadians can answer questions about your own spiritual growth and the development of your gifts, your connection to spirit guides and extra-terrestrial groups, your physical health and well-being, and so much more. There are no limits to the sorts of questions you can ask and there are no taboo questions.

There are certain questions the Pleiadians are either unable to answer or that are not ethical for them to answer. If you ask these sorts of questions they will kindly explain why they cannot answer and share with you as much as they are capable of answering. The Pleiadians do not work like a psychic reader: if you ask questions about “the future” they will speak in terms of probabilities, and give you a vast teaching on the mechanics of time and how to create your own reality through attuning your vibration to the vibration of your preferred reality!

The Pleiadians can answer questions that are also more general questions about the processes taking place as earth ascends, extra-terrestrial worlds and multi-dimensional beings, and general information about the nature of the Multi-Verse.

One very rewarding thing to explore in these sessions is your own belief systems. As you seek to change your life and gain more understanding the Pleiadians seek to teach you how you create your reality through belief, and how you can unravel your belief systems with awareness, emotional presence, persistence, and the choice to always act upon your heart’s greatest passion. It can be very hard to discover one’s own belief systems totally on one’s own. The Pleiadians know how to probe. When you ask them a question, they will seek out the question hidden within your question, the truth you are seeking yet do not know how to ask for clearly. They are informed at a higher tele(m)pathic level of all of your needs and desires, and as you connect with them they will leave out not a single detail that is crucial for your process at the moment of the session.

Aspect 2:
Guided Meditative Journeys

These guided meditations help one to experience that everything is here and now. Our past and future, as well as our past and future incarnations, are all accessible in every present moment. With focus and loving support we can change our perspective to literally change our past so that we have a better future. Through opening to our own Higher Self we can build a connection to our loving future selves, who have already done all the work to create the life we presently dream of; these practices help us to develop multi-dimensional awareness and the ability to access the realms of our own subconscious and unconscious selves. So much of what happens around us occurs through patterning that we are not fully aware of. We take for granted that our beliefs create our (distorted) experience of reality. Because we are always seeing reality through the lens of these beliefs, we take for granted that these beliefs are optional and that we can choose to believe something new. Therefore it is most powerful to access these sorts of higher vibration imaginative states of consciousness, during which the brain enters into a deeper (or on occasion, acutely heightened) brain-wave frequency.magical child

The practice of guided meditation teaches us how to link imagination with emotions and feelings. In these deeper/higher vibrations states of consciousness cellular healing and DNA repair happens instantaneously as the frequency of our brain-waves change. By imagination, we mean more than simply visualizing something: in these journeys we link our awareness to all of our psychic senses which also include thought, sound and auditory impressions, touch and sensation, smell, and taste. All of our physical senses have psychic counterparts and by learning to access them we gain incredible power to change our selves and the realities that manifest as a result of the changes we make within.

Guided meditation on its own is truly a form of channeling, and the Pleiaidans guide these meditations themselves while I am in a channeling state, making every meditation is entirely unique and especially designed for you. While there are core principles and facets that are included in every meditation, in one-to-one sessions the Pleiadians always uniquely cater these sessions for the recipient. Before the journey begins, you will be asked to lie down and make yourself comfortable, and come into a receptive state in which you can astral travel with ease.

These meditations can include:

A) Inner Child Work

This is a process of returning to memories of trauma or neglect to clear the emotional charge of the past. As children almost all of us go through a process of shutting down our connection to Source in order to fit in. In doing so, we take on negative energies and belief systems that we carry with us for the rest of our lives until we fully change those memories and beliefs through conscious awareness and processing. This is keystone work in spiritual awakening and is one of the most important and transformative steps to take.

B) Astral Journeys to Meet Spirit Guides

Our consciousness can travel to many distant realms to receive healing and re-calibration. We do this unconsciously very often in our sleep. We can consciously develop the ability to travel to special astral realms for healing and connection with our guides. The Pleiadians guide special journeys for individuals to meet their extra-terrestrial guides and develop relationships with them. Our spirit guides are always, always with us and as we choose to focus more on connecting with them they bring us great healing and psychic attunement.

C) Manifestation Practices/Connecting with Future Timelines & Future-Selves

If you can use your imagination, you are already quite profoundly psychic! We are becoming more capable of creating miraculous futures by using our imagination to picture the most ideal future experiences we desire. As we create these visions and focus on the positive emotions associated with living our dreams, we begin to align ourselves with the future outcomes we most prefer. There are many practices designed to help us create better futures by connecting us with the loving presence of our future-selves. The Pleiaidians intuitively guide others to craft these visions and focus their energy to align with those positive future trajectories. These practices keep your vibration high so that one can be more magnetic to the things you desire to create, and remain connected to the positive, balanced, and successful energy of one’s own future self!

Aspect 3:
Energy Healing & Psychic Surgery

This focus is for those who have a great deal of physical symptoms, or for those who know something is blocking their energy yet don’t quite know what it is or how to approach it.

In this session, you will lay down and be receptive. The Pleiadians will begin by introducing themselves and guiding you through a short meditation to prepare to receive all the frequencies and messages. They will then begin sending you high frequency energies that will begin to clear out the cellular memory of the body, bringing awareness and energy to any organs and parts of your body that are stuck or in need of your focus.

This session will reveal the metaphysical root causes of dis-ease or blockage within your body. You will be asked questions about what you are experiencing physically emotionally in order for the Pleiadians and the other guides and healing assistants to go deeper, and together we will discover the root cause of particular blockages.SAMSUNG CSC

This process will very likely involve aspects of the other two focuses as well, though it’s primary intention is to clear out your body, your chakras, and aura. You may receive particular guidance about your health and the steps you should take to improve it and find greater well-being.

This session works to clear out the emotional and mental bodies as well. The Pleiadians will help you bring to the surface the emotional blockages and the negative beliefs that have created them, and offer you new thoughts and ideas that help you to shift your perspective to one of greater self-love and ease.

If you feel drawn to a particular focus, great! If you cannot pinpoint which method of focus you resonates for you though know in your heart you want to connect with the Pleiadians, we will figure it out as we go!

All channeling sessions include a recording of the session, for you to listen to again later and gain deeper insight and blissful remembrance!

Current Prices for Sessions
60 minutes ~ $144 USD
90 minutes ~ $177 USD

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