Astrology Readings

Astrology acts as a map that helps us navigate the shifting currents of reality. Through looking at our charts we can understand the archetypes that govern our psyche and manifest in our lives and relationships. As the planets journey around the sun, we can view transit moments as opportunities to integrate certain energies and archetypes through directing our focus and our actions.

I use astrology as a tool to connect with the potential energies inherent within the moment; my readings are less about predictions and more about opening ourselves to see all that could become as the planets transit.

These readings include teachings on astrology, supporting you to gain an understanding of how the system works so you can continue to consult the stars when other transits come up. For those who are more experienced in astrology, we can go deeper into exploring other possible meanings potential within our chart, and bring them to life in your own unique way.

I make sure to address every planet within your chart, as well as asteroids and planetoids that show up in important placements, so that you get the full picture on what is alive within your chart. As I work as an intuitive healer and channel, we have the opportunity to go even deeper into energetic impressions, soul connections, and belief systems that would support you in your evolution. Much of the time, these themes show themselves in our charts and we are called to reflecting upon them as transits highlight them in the moment.

Nothing is Written in Stone

So many interpretations can convey different messages from what is written in the stars! As I work with others intuitively I bring focus to the truth that we always have choice, and we also have the choice to interpret these intuitive maps in the ways that most align with our soul’s vision. As we look at your chart, the reflections I offer you are designed to support you in crafting your own personal soul mythology, re-telling the story of yourself in the ways the fill you deeply with the energy of inspiration, peace, and self-understanding.

Beyond Western Astrology

I have studied Traditional Mayan and Dreamspell Mayan astrology during the past 7 years living in Central America. While in this reading we focus mostly on Western Astrology, we also take a peek at your Mayan charts to see where we may be able to notice similar themes. We play with the understanding that all of these systems offer a unique perspective through which you may see yourself.

When you submit a request for a reading, be sure to include your birthdate, birthtime, and location of birth. Without your birth time, we may not be able to look at all the aspects of your chart, though there is still much wisdom to gain from a reading.

60 – 90 Minute Session
  • Valued at $222

A sliding scale system works to simultaneously honor the market value of services, while keeping the services available for people of varying levels of income. Further scholarships/discounts and alternate forms of energy exchange may be available upon request.