Vedic Astrology Reading

Vedic Astrology Reading

Vedic astrology is an ancient system thought to be between 7,000-12,000 years old. Of course this system has evolved and changed over time. About 2,000 years ago there was a splitting between Western and Vedic astrology lineages in terms of how charts are calculated and analyzed. While astrology faded away for some time during some periods of intense religious conservative movements in the West, Vedic astrology has uninterrupted lineages for thousands of years. In present day this practice is almost exclusively found in India, though the methods were at a point practiced all over the world.

What Do We Look At in the Vedic Chart?

The astrology chart is a map of one’s entire life. Beyond showing one’s innate tendencies and situations that a soul may incarnate into, Vedic astrology also shows when specific events and opportunities may give rise in some person’s life.

The shape your reading takes is entirely based on your own intentions and preferences.

Topics include:
~ Health & mental health
~ Relationships
~ Family
~ Finance & work
~ Spirituality
~ Education
~ Timing important events (launching projects, releasing projects, marriage, & other ceremonies)

Our First Reading Together

In the first reading we take a look at your chart and overview the general circumstances of incarnation. We look at both your gifts and your past to confirm the chart (in the case of discrepancies around your birthtime).

We will discuss all the nine planets in your chart (and if you wish, we can look at the other planets included in Western astrology). Most importantly, we look at your ascendant and ascendant ruler to see your perspective and life path.

We look at the moon and the moon’s nakshatra to see how your mind works, the filter through which you see the world. Vedic astrology contains the same 12 signs (rasis) as Western, though there is an additional 27-28 star system that divides these 12 signs into smaller parts. These 27 stars measure the days of the moon, from one stage of lunar phase (like full moon) to the next. These signs shows us great keys into your perspective and much more.

Vedic astrology also contains the timing system (dasha) that shows when specific events may happen in our life and what the overall tone of specific phases of life are like. This is used in addition to transits (gochara) to assess what the overall influence in the present and near future may be.

A key part of Vedic astrology is remedies. Remedies are practices, rituals, and lifestyle suggestions according to the dynamics in one’s chart that can transform some of the energy of the planets and raise them to a higher vibrations so that the dynamics in our lives also change. Remedies can be adapted to anyone’s spiritual path and are vast and varied. Some remedies are as simple as wearing certain colors or crystals. Others are more complex and can involve connecting with spiritual beings or deities, or chanting mantras. Rest assured that you won’t be encouraged to do anything outside of what you are comfortable with or what you believe to be true for you. These remedies can be of great support in breaking patterns and bringing new energies into one’s life!

If you still have more questions, feel free to write me and we can discuss more. If you are ready to dive in and set up your appointment, please fill out the intake form and schedule an appointment on calendly or by contacting me.

Price: $88-155 sliding scale donation for 90 minute reading, including about an hour of chart analysis and notes based on your questions before the reading.

I’ve studied Western astrology for around 12 years and I just completed my first year long course in Vedic astrology. Because of this, the price will be a bit lower than my other services for the first year of this offering. If this is still out of your range feel free to reach out and we can work something out. 🙂

Because of the time I set aside ahead of the reading, I ask that first time consultations are only scheduled and paid in full at least 2 days before the preferred time.

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