Guidebook to Living Love on Earth

Our planet is transforming rapidly and everyone is being affected by shifts taking place. According to the Pleiadian Council, we are on the precipice of greater collective awakening and contact with extraterrestrial beings, though it requires we make personal changes in our own lives. This process is outlined in detail in The Guidebook to Living Love on Earth. This book was channeled vocally during 38 hours of sessions and transcribed by Dante and an supporting team. You can purchase the book on the Amazon store as a paperback or for Kindle. This book can be purchased in bulk for book stores and metaphysical shops at a discount. Contact Dante at to purchase.

The Guidebook for Living Love on Earth is an encompassing work, outlining the mechanics of awakening on personal and collective levels. In these pages, the process of transmuting fear based energy into Unconditional Love in every area of human life and society is outlined in detail, allowing the reader to conceive of themselves and the planet in totally new ways. This book is designed to be a mental/spiritual re-birth of oneself and of our earth allowing the frequency of Love to totally saturate one’s inner-being so that massive and joyous change may come to ripple out through the collective.

Readers will learn how to live their lives according to a heart-based formula for ascension and well-being. Through this formula, one’s own heart becomes an intuitive barometer for making aligned decisions in life and experiencing a confidence boosting flow of joy in the process. As one spends in this higher frequency, one gradually sheds limiting belief systems learned from family, culture, and society, and learns to live their lives based only on simple spiritual principles and their own personal preferences. Through this process one can manifest an incredible life and become a living example of enlightenment without limits! Living Love outlines how the shifts in our personal belief systems will cause a ripple effect and change collective belief systems and cause massive transformation for our entire planet.

This book contains:

  • History of life on planet earth and throughout our galaxyInformation on the extraterrestrials interacting with our world in the present and what may come of our earth in the future
  • Guidance for releasing fear, anxiety, depression, and lower frequency energies through enacting the heart’s passion
  • Practical skills and understandings for developing greater imagination, intuition, and psychic abilities
  • A deeper exploration of past, future, and parallel lifetimes and personal spirit guides
  • How to change your reality and create the life you prefer by shifting your energy
  • An elaborate deconstruction of outdated spiritual beliefs common in many religions and spiritual circles in support of a freer, happier, more fair, and non-violent world
  • Crucial keys for personal freedom and sovereignty in a rapidly changing chaotic world
  • Understanding one’s own Higher Self and how to live in connection with it
  • The resounding vibration of Unconditional Love and much more!