Below are first hand accounts from those who I have had the pleasure of working with over the past years.

“Amazing! I highly recommend channeling sessions! It opens so many portals in life for one’s greater expansion! I feel my life aligning with more tools and gifts every day as I use my latent powers. Thank you Dante!! Safe travels on your cosmic journey! ” ~ Dorothy, USA

“I received a session from Dante during a time of initiation on my path.  A few days before the session I had been forgetting to love myself fully, feeling stuck, and experiencing fear and the story of scarcity.  My session with Dante helped me to consciously play with and experience the dimensional reality where I am connected with my higher self, fully loving myself, and trusting in life. Dante held space for his and my guides to offer me deep healing that helped me to see clearly how I can practice standing fully in my power.  The session helped me to connect with my guides, retrieve a part of my soul from childhood, learn practical tools I can apply to my own self-healing practice, and remember my own multidimensional essence.  After the session I felt connected, lighter, clearer, joyful and safe in the arms of the universe.

Dante is a compassionate and caring healer who offers the gift of clear sight and a big heart.  He walks with the true joy that comes from knowing the depths of the human experience and feeling fully everything in his heart.  Dante has known the feeling of separation and fear and he has grown a strong practice of knowing how to return to love and learning how to love himself in every moment.  I have deep trust in Dante’s skills, ethics and lineage.  I highly recommend working with him to anyone who wants support in opening their heart to the unconditional love of the divine.”

Leigh Seeleman | Usui Reiki Master • Licensed Massage Therapist • Shamanic Practitioner • Philadelphia, PA.

“I love how healers and energy-workers are uniting at this moment and spreading the light in as many ways and colors as you can imagine! Now more than ever Universe invites us to stay in our truth and open up and follow our hearts smile-emoticon If I know one amazing example of a healer/energy-worker doing just that – it is Dante with whom I have exchanged some long-distance energy healing sessions using a live audio connection via skype. I can highly recommend his sessions that are soothing, warm, optimistic and powerful. Dante works in harmonic sync with the angels, ascended masters and some ET-energies as well as he channels hands-on advices that can be used practically in our everyday live. I came to him with a question of local pressure in the lower back (possibly kidneys) in response to working on the computer (since a few months) and another topic that is typical femal. For me I felt a bright-light heart opening as one of the angels worked on a past-live connection that was ready to be seen and released – this had to do with the female topic directly. The theme of that live helped me see and understand something about myself better which was very nice. Also the beings put a symbolic crystal under my feet for grounding. Dante could add very specific advice for using a grounding-mat next to the computer; as he could also tune in to the effect of the working on the computer on my system and he saw that this is what this back pain was originating from (not from bad posture or food or something else). I have now bought this mat and in a few days all physical issues that (apparently indeed) came with the static energy of working on the pc that used to built up in my lower back, have disappeared! So, very to-the-point advice indeed! Additionally drinking more camomile tea for a while- as he suggested helped me in rebalancing some things.

It all resonated a lot and I could clearly feel the energies working around me as I was tingling all over and had felt myself clearly being lifted up in the beginning – which tells me always that higher dimensional beings are present and at work. In the days after the session I felt a deep inner calmness, strong grounding, and had a great overview on certain topics that had seemed somewhat cloudy before in my mind. I kept having no problems at all returning to the ‘zero- or nexus point’ of creation in our holistic reality – understanding even deeper how in all kind of situations I am a 100% free to choose my own preferred reality smile emoticon Dante is a Universal example of freedom, trust and kindness. I have been blessed to meet him and love how we are currently working on the same grid – in our own ways – as light workers in the field. I only recommend the best – and in my opinion – this is one of them).”

Wieteke Kolhoff | Design4awarness • Multi-dimensional healing channel • Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Design4awareness: http://www.design4awareness.com

“Dante and I met for the first time at a spiritual community in France in the summer of 2014. Some friends of mine had met Dante in the Americas and recommended I’d meet him. He was giving Kundalini Yoga classes in the morning and was also giving a Reiki initiation to someone there. A few days after Dante was done with his training I gave a Reiki treatment to the person who Dante had just initiated. It felt like the purest channel was created – as if my own Reiki skill was somehow fine-tuned just by working on this clear recipient! This was very powerful experience for me and I knew that Dante was going to be the master to initiate me into Reiki II.

I hosted Dante and his partner in Amsterdam for my initiated, which was spread out over two full days. What struck me was Dante’s ever expanding interest in various forms of healing such as meditations, crystals, Reiki, Yoga, supplements, etc. For me it is important to be able to distinguish what the book says and what the moment says, and Dante has a sense for what works for him and what doesn’t and he keeps trying out new combinations. During the training I was given multiple healings, gave healings, was given meals, was connected to past lives, worked on destiny/future path finding. Also, Dante, his partner and I underwent a three-folded healing on one another that was incredibly wonderful, insightful and inspirational. Dante is connected to great light spirits and is totally devoted to his development yet he is also a guy who knows what life is like for 20-somethings in the west.

I was very charmed by Dante’s, being a young spirits apprentice, travelling across the world, being sometimes homeless, sometimes at home, unplanned yet deeply planned. This quality made Dante approachable. To me he a friend on the path we walk on into todays contemporary ‘unsettled’ world. Just before he took off to India in the fall met up with him and his partner in Eindhoven, where they were holding a Sacred Cacao Ceremony in someone’s living room. The work that we did that day in the presence of domestic peacefulness is one of the most clear and powerful works I have ever done. Even after experiences with Ayahusaca, which is of course a true wonder, the magic of the cacao clearly presented her astonishing qualities. The cacao and the (short and clear) guided mediations made it possible for me to observe the judgment, darkness, pain, anxiety and worry I was holding in my heart and aura. The gentle magic of the cacao, the primal endorphins that are scourging through the body during ceremony makes these deeper realities appear at a safe and gentle distance – perfectly for going really deep without getting stuck in any murky pools. I felt “safe”.

Dante is never shy to give or receive distance healings and to provide advice and support on my path. In the future I hope to invite Dante to team up in one of the artistic/healing-oriented projects that I organize.”

Jasper Griepink | Visual Artist • Writer • Shamanic Practitioner • Rotterdam, Netherlands.


“Thank you Dante, for the beautiful Sacred Cacao Ceremony you hosted with Shadi in Amsterdam and for the supporting Distant Healing I received from you.

The Sacred Cacao Ceremony created a beautiful and loving healing space of heightened awareness and infinite love, in which I connected deeply to my physical body and my light body. I felt old pain and emotions in my body come and go, and experienced an enormous expansion of energy. I have been highly vibrating on that energy for days after.

The Distant Healing that you sent me a week later during an ayahuasca retreat, helped me once again to consciously connect to my energy body. It supported me to relax, focus my energy and go deeper in self healing.

During our skype session I instantly felt my body absorb loads of light and love when you sent me the energy to integrate everything. I felt myself radiating love and light as well. These days made me realize and feel my own potential. It’s enormous! Thank you for your energy and your shining personality.”

Deva Yama | ActWild – Tantric Massage • Transformation Coaching • Healing Food • Utrecht, Netherlands.


“I have had the pleasure of working and learning from Dante. He has a powerful and positive energy to serve. His fusion of Reiki and kundalini yoga has helped me maintain a harmonious life. I am grateful to have learned Reiki and sat in highly energetic meditations with Dante. Do not miss out on an opportunity to experience the healing Dante offers.”

Jarret “Ho Zho” Sackett | Energy healer • Massage therapist • Spiritual guide •Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

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