13 Week Channeling & Intuitive Healing Course

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This is a course for developing intuitive healers, channels, and other spiritual practitioners ready to tap into their gifts for serving the greater good to break out of their past limitations and cultivate their talents in a loving container. Included in this course are powerful tools for connecting with your guides, creating personal and group healing containers, and unlocking your intuition and creativity together in service to the greater good!

Each week will offer a different lesson and we will offer you different practices in order to cultivate and refine your intuition and your energetic channel. We will meet with a group weekly on Zoom to explore each lesson, as well as clarify our process through channeling sessions with the Pleiadian Council. You will be guided in discovering and deepening your connection with your Higher Self and spiritual guides, and through creative reflection with others in this process, receive validation and valuable reflections.

In this course you will learn to develop your intuitive gifts and follow a path of passion and joy. As you allow your heart to guide you and remain aware of your connection to Spirit throughout your life, tapping into your intuition and the energy of your guides will come naturally. I will guide you through the process of allowing deeper connection with your guides and intuition, and many meditations and practices will carry you through the journey and bring you deeper in your connection with Spirit and with your own intricate inner world.

Each week the course will include:
~ A video lesson to watch on your own time.
~ Live zoom group to meet with the group, share experiences, and a live transmission and Q & A with the Pleiadian Council.
~ Partner “homework” exercise to practice the tools offered that week with another participant from the group.
~ Ongoing community message board to share experiences, ask questions, and connect with other students as well as access to a community of all who have taken this course in the past!

1. Open Your Channel

We live in a multi-dimensional Universe where there are many realms of experience. Beyond our physical reality, there are more subtle realms which are intertwined with our realm and made of the same consciousness. As our planet goes through a grand process of transformation, connection to these realms becomes easier to tap into. Through opening our connection to the Spirit world we are able to bring through useful information that helps us navigate the changing currents of reality and experience greater meaning and depth in our lives. Establishing connection with your guides is a process that occurs throughout one’s spiritual awakening, though there can be many inner-obstacles that interfere with the connection along the way. In the course you receive safe and grounded tools to establish contact with your own guides. The container created allows you to explore this spiritual/personal journey with support and reflections from others walking a similar path and integrating the same tools. The materials and continual support of the group support you in transforming the way that you live your life, allowing for a greater intuitive depth to emerge in all of your experiences. We begin with the foundation of tapping into a flow state, which works both as the mechanism behind channeling and a means for you to live an easier and more intuitive life, with persistent awareness of the energies at work behind the scenes.

2. Self-Transformation

This is a holistic journey where we witness every aspect of our lives as interconnected with everything else within our experience. You gain awareness into the energetic foundation from which many challenges continue to manifest in your life. The guidance of channeled beings, including the Pleiadian Council channeled by your guide for the journey, always shows us how we create our own experiences of reality through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The journey brings a greater depth of understanding of why we work the way we do, and simple yet profound methods for accelerated personal transformation. The understandings and tools you develop through the journey will support you in better greeting all experiences within your life, and if you choose, allow you to open a portal into a whole new chapter of life.

3. Gain Experience with New Healing Modalities

Throughout the course you will learn many methods of healing and connecting to higher dimensional energies, and you will experience both using these tools for self-healing and supporting others. Included in the course is inner-child work, past/future/parallel lifetime regression/progression, shamanic journeying, and tools to remove old belief systems and energies and create new energetic programming. Beyond channeling, these tools will facilitate a greater understanding of the human soul and psyche and allow you to deepen your work as a holistic or spiritual practitioner.

4. Become a Part of a Community for Life

You will share this 13 week journey with a small group of other students around the world, and develop deeper connections through sharing the journey of awakening and transformation. We will share live calls together and have an interactive online forum via a private and closed Facebook group. You will have access to this group, 12 hours of per-recorded materials, and the recording from each weekly live classroom for life. You may meet many allies and soul connections through the journey and continue to benefit from the connections and materials far beyond the 13 week journey. The ritual of connecting weekly to the group classrooms helps to create a powerful sense of stability and spiritual connection within our changing world.

5. Shine Your Light

As the course comes to a close, in the last weeks we will focus more on sharing the gifts you are developing and your unique truth and light with the world. Now is a time more than ever that people are ready and willing to wake up and see from new and higher perspectives. This program is designed for you to, in your own time and space, become comfortable and confident as a spiritual guide and catalyst, uniquely channeling your gifts into the world in the way that lights you up the most. The ongoing support offered allows you to discover and develop your gifts over time and witness the your true inner power. The journey is designed to help you bring your gifts our in the open so that together we can support our world in healing and transforming. You will witness how the peace, love and power you cultivate within ripples out magically into the world around you!

The first month will lay a foundation for strengthening your connection to your guides. In the second month we will go deeper in our own personal healing journey. As healers, channels, or lightworkers, we will be supporting people in going deep into themselves and clearing out the belief systems and traumas they hold from their own past and other lifetimes. In order to be clear conduits for this, we must go deep on our own journey first! In the third month we will explore putting our gifts into action out in the world, and focus on the skills required to hold space for others and reach more people along the way. It can be a challenging journey to trust yourself and your gifts and put yourself in the spotlight, though the world is waiting for more people to raise their vibration in love and claim their power so that bigger changes can happen. The support of a group in making your healing or channeling work more public can greatly facilitate the process. In the final month, we will focus on sharing our gifts within the group. Each participant will gain experiencing putting their healing and channeling skills to use one to one and in group containers throughout the journey, and grow through the reflections of the group. You will have lifetime access to all of the video content and will be a part of a community of those who shared the journey with you forever!

Special One-to-One Offering: If perhaps you are interested in the material, but would prefer to go through the process one to one I also offer this journey as a one to one experience. You gain access to all of the pre-recorded content and we schedule a weekly or bi-weekly call to help you integrate the materials. Sliding Scale pricing includes Twelve 90-minute calls and access to a private online community of all who have studied the course already and will come to study the course.

Month 1: Foundation
1) Tapping Into Flow State & Channeling Preparatory Practices
2) Light Language
3) Healing the Emotional Body / Channeling & Intuitive Connections (Channeling “Anything”)
4) Practice Channeling for Others & Groups / Getting to Know Your Guides / Maintaining a Love-Based State

Month 2: Deepening Personal Healing
1) Tapping Into Aspects of Self: Inner Child Work, Feminine & Masculine Components of Self, & Other Inner Parts + Archetypes
2) Introduction to Astral Travel, Shamanic Journeying, & Dreaming Practices
3) Transforming Negative Belief Systems
4) Tapping Into Parallel Realities: Past/Future Lifetime Connection & Regression

Work Month 3: Integration
1) Holding Space / Body Scanning / Clearing Negative Entities
2) The Simplicity of Soul Purpose / Understanding & Fulfilling Needs / Limitations of Channeling
3) Law of Attraction / Visioning Tools / Building a Personal Practice
4) Overcoming Inner Saboteur / Balanced Personal & Professional Relationships / What is Truth? / Integration

I offer free program consultation calls for anyone interested in the course. I’m happy to answer your questions. Visit the contact page by clicking the registration button below and send me a message to set something up.

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13 Week Course
13 Week Individual Guided Journey (includes Twelve 90-minute 1:1 calls)

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Full Course + Monthly 1 on 1 Calls
Full Course + BiWeekly 1 on 1 Calls

A sliding scale system works to simultaneously honor the market value of services, while keeping the services available for people of varying levels of income. Further scholarships/discounts and alternate forms of energy exchange may be available upon request.


“The content for me has been absolutely life-changing and so much in it that there is enough content for life. That’s what surprised me the most. I am a bit of a journey junkie but Dante’s authenticity just shone through. The amount of depth in each topic was what shocked me because he knows so much inside and out that by aligning with him as a teacher it really made me value myself as a teacher as well, that that’s the kind of depth I want to bring to people. So I discovered so much about myself through the course, but what i really admired was the trust that I had in him as a teacher for providing us with truth, his take, and life changing content that I can go back to time and time again and reach new layers.” ~ Emily Jackman

“It’s life changing and it feels like the three months have felt like a longer period, but also shorter it’s so hard to imagine how life was like before the course. I realized during the course that okay I’ve been channeling before but I didn’t understand what channeling was fully before i took the course. I realized I’ve been channeling, but the way I’m channeling now is mind-blowing. i would also like to say something about your leadership because the way you hold space is very inspiring; your approach is to make us bloom and follow our heart and not follow you and your path and that makes me grow and it helps me help other people grow and trust themselves, and [helps me] to trust myself, so thank you.” ~ Johanna