Channeled Writing

Dante channels Pleiadian consciousness and his guides share messages on specific themes relevant for our times. Below are the transcripts from these writings:

October 30: Pleiadian Transmission: What’s the Point of Being on Earth?

April 17: Pleiadian Channeling: The Multi-Dimensional Power of Sexuality
April 10: Pleiadian Channeling: Transforming Belief Systems

January 8 2017: Instant Manifestation and the Power of Focus
January 9 2017: Health, Consciousness and Beliefs
January 14 2017: Star Origins and Refinement of Consciousness in Accelerated Energies
January 15 2017: Plants and Ascension
January 19 2017: Accessing Dimensions through the Chakras
January 20 2017: The Shadow of a Doubt

These teachings and transmissions are channeled and offered as gifts to all free of charge. Gifts and donations of appreciation and support are welcomed and deeply appreciated and can be sent via PayPal: