Pleiadian Transmission: What’s the Point of Being on Earth?

Hello, hello, we are here and we are very pleased to share our frequency with you this moment of your time through this transmission. All is One, and the One is within All. You have come from One Infinite Source, a conscious creative being that desired to experience itself in multitudes. While you may not feel the importance that comes with suffering in your world, there is great growth and expansion that is only allowed through diverging into great polarity. You have come to unify polarity. You have come to experience the contrast of Love and Fear, which are essentially one in the same energy. Both Love and Fear are the consciousness energy of All That Is. There is essentially Only Love, and distortions of Love that you experience as the contrast between Love/Fear. Earth is a planet of great density. The density you as a soul experience in other realms is much easier in one sense. However there are still great rewards that come with incarnating upon lower planets. Now this moment of time upon your world it is not easy for us to share with you the complete and exact details of why experiencing polarities and the split offs and imbalances that occur as you descend into lower densities is truly beneficial to you as souls and to All That Is. In the most simple way we can put it, to go from Perfect Unity, to total fragmentation, and to come back together into Perfect Unity, brings a greater sense of appreciation for Perfect Unity. If All That Is and you as All That Is did not understand total fragmentation, appreciating perfect unification would not feel complete. The movement from Perfect Unity back to perfect Unity allows deeper appreciation and awareness to develop through the journey. And this is the main purpose for the entire course of action you take as a soul, as a fragment of All That Is. You may come to know a sense of yourself beyond time and space, beyond this dimension entirety. You may come to know the completion, in a sense the destruction, of the Universe and Multi-verse, as all souls return to One Soul once more, within your body and within each moment.

In your world now your process of becoming a higher density group of souls now mainly involves the transmutation of fears and dissolution of limiting thought forms. There are no limitations, there are only beliefs. When you reach a certain point in shifting to this higher density, your group of consciousness will reach a new level, and the process will no longer involve transmuting fears. We cannot share about this next step now, as to do so may remove you from your present moment awareness, where now on your planet there is tremendous fear that still must come to the light of consciousness. To bring integration and balance between negative and positive energies is an ongoing task that your planet now faces through returning the energy of fear to the point of integration where all is known as Love/Light. We hope you enjoy this process, as we enjoy witnessing you and channeling into your reality our energies and gifts for you now, and now is always now all the time.