World Crystal Grid: Yellow Crystal Seed Year


World Crystal Grid 2017-2018

Yellow Crystal Seed/Kin 64/Galactic Activation Portal

I dedicate in order to target,
Universalizing awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
With the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of intelligence.
I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

Every year on July 26, a new year in the Galactic Mayan Calendar begins. The ancient Egyptians based planetary years on this date, July 26, as this is when the planet Sirius would appear on the horizon. In the Galactic Mayan Calendar, the entire year holds the energy of that leads us into this new planetary year. July 25th will be the last date of the past year of the Blue Spectral Storm, a kin of release, renewal, spontaneity, and transformation. For many this has translated to a year of feeling “up in the air.” It has been a year of great transformation and sudden change, that may have opened new pathways and catalyzed growth. This next year is the Yellow Crystal Seed. The crystal tone is about co-operation and coming together, communicating and expressing ourselves fully to come into unity and the true spirit of co-creation. Yellow Seed represents the power of our intentions when focused upon. As one seed contains the blue-print of the entire plant it may grow into, so does every idea and desire contain the potential of that dream and goal. When we continue to focus and tune into those intentions and water the seeds they bloom forth into miraculous gardens.

Yellow Crystal Seed is also a GAP (Galactic Activation Portal) kin, making the entire year an open portal for a vast influx of multi-dimensional energies. GAP kin accelerate connections and synchronicity. This is sure to make 2017-2018 a very powerful year. The election day in the US back in November was the last time Yellow Galactic Seed cycled through in the calendar. With collective focus on positive intentions in this next year, perhaps we can energetically override the forces with supposed authority in this world.

Crystals are carriers of intention. All creations begin as thought, and with focus when we share our intentions and energies with crystals they amplify that intention and bring about an acceleration of energy and manifestion.

The kin Yellow Crystal Seed is the very best kin through which to begin such a project as a unified world crystal grid. Of course, Gaia herself already designed very elaborate natural crystal grids, and humans for many years have created their own grids and energetic structures around the world. We hold the intention that this crystal grid is linked to all existing grids and amplifies those intentions, as well as creates a new opening for the higher energies coming forth in these times to really integrate in this world now. The years leading up to 2020 are very crucial in each person’s personal development. As you commit yourself to your path of joy and service fully now, miraculous manifestations may arise as the energies continue to go up exponentially. There is much cosmic activity influencing our lives below transpiring in profound ways in these moments. Be open to the guidance and live fully from your heart.

As we change the microcosm of our own lives to live in our own unique expressions of Divine Joy in harmony with Gaia and humanity, we do plant seeds for the rest of the world to come into synchronization with that example of balance and spiritual embodiment. Planting crystal seeds is a powerful tool or “permission slip” for that process to manifest. Planting crystal seeds can be both a personal prayer for one’s own intentions, and a prayer that the positive energy and presence carried forth in the ceremonial planting of the crystal seed may balance the ecosystem of surrounding area. Indigenous people have known that their prayers and ceremonies with the land play crucial roles in bringing harmony and balance to the natural world around them. In modern times humanity has chosen to disregard their innate unity with the natural world around them. We must come back into co-operation with these natural forces and understand that the world around us as alive and conscious as we are. There are invisible living spirits governing the lands, and these forces respond not just to our actions but to our very thoughts. Holding ceremony to connect with nature and our hearts, speak our prayers and desires, and offer to the earth tokens of our love and service activates the land to heal and harmonize, and carries forth our own desires to bring about growth in our own lives as well.

The intention of this project is to empower light-workers and to plant seeds of growth for the emergence of a new humanity in communication with the forces of the earth and the stars. Each day from July 26 2017- July 26 2018, as part of this project people around the world will connect with the galactic energies of each day by reading the kin of the day and planting a crystal seed somewhere in the world. You need not plant a crystal every single day as part of this project, though if you do find such great enthusiasm and such a supply of crystals, you are encouraged to do so!

The crystals need not be large nor particularly gorgeous. Tiny pieces of quartz are the best suited. Perhaps as in the calendar it is a Yellow Seed, yellow stones such as citrine may be also suited. Or maybe you find some other sort of crystal that suits your path.
Connecting with the Galactic Calendar helps us to come into synchronization with the cosmos and connect with the particular energies and themes that are amplified in specific days. The traditional Gregorian calendar used in the world can cause many to fit into certain mold of limited thinking and perception. Connecting with astrological systems such as the Galactic Calendar help us in expanding our consciousness and fortifying our connection with our Source. There are many astrological systems out there and some quibble as to which is the most accurate and relevant. It is truly of little significance which system you use, and with focus and open perception there are connections and insights to be gained from every astrological system. The greatest purpose of astrology itself is in helping us refine our intuition and create positive meaning and change in our lives and the world, and this is the essential intention of this project.

Each day in the year of Yellow Crystal Seed, connect with the Galactic Kin of each day by using a website such as The Law of Time or or even the app for the galactic calendar. Read the energy of the day and transmit that energy into a crystal seed. You may also wish to tune into the energy of the Yellow Crystal Seed kin which governs this year and project. Additionally share your own intentions, insight, and a prayer that this crystal may be connected with the world grid of all crystal seeds planted as part of this project and for other positive purposes. Post to the Facebook group or email if you wish to keep the locations and dates of the crystals you have planted in the log. Perhaps eventually a map indicating the locations of this crystal grid will be posted.

It matters not if your portion of the world crystal grid is spread about vast distances or concentrated in one location. Use your own intuition and creativity to make this project fun and meaningful for you, and trust that the crystals have great messages and gifts for you and the world.

Please share this project with others so that we can harness the energy of the world crystal grid. Through participating in this project you find a deep energetic connection with the crystal grid that supports you energetically in connecting to Gaia and light-workers around the world.

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