Week 2 Suggested Practices

1) Weeks One & Two: Self- Channeling Recordings

Create a sacred space for yourself and begin meditating. Either follow the channeling meditation offered or meditate and connect with your guides in your own way. Start an audio recorder before your meditation. Start channeling for as long as feels right for you. For starting, I recommend anywhere between 2-20 minutes.

2) Partner Exercise: Flow Contemplation
Find someone from the group with whom you feel a resonance. Set aside one hour together sometime this week.
For the first 30 minutes get to know each other a bit and share about the process of tapping into the flow state and living from your heart.
You can share free flow or you can answer the following questions.
1) When was I truly in my flow? How did that feel in my body?
2) When I was in the flow, did I feel an other presence? Was I able to connect with my guides more clearly in that state?
3) Which moments or decisions brought up hesitation, stagnation, or confusion. What did I learn about my conditioning and belief systems from that moment?

3) Partner Excercise: Channeling Practice
For the second 30 minutes, each take a turn to channel for the other. You can allow a guide to introduce themselves, or you can open to questions from the other. Watch the video about channeling a guide first.
Remember this is the first dive fresh into this and it is totally OK if it seems as if nothing happens. Simply open a space to see what connection wants to come through.

4) Pause & Tone

At different times throughout your day attempt to incorporate sound healing or light language at various points. If you are feeling stressed or confused, make a sound or allow some light language to come through. Then return to your heart and return to your flow. Notice how taking these small breaks to return to the higher frequency can keep you in an elevated state more of the time.

5) Partner Practice: Light Language
Pair with a partner and give each other a chance to practice both light language and verbal channeling.