BlissBeings Vision

“Be Who You Are.” How many times have you heard this statement? How many people are actually fully being themselves? If you were fully yourself eventually you’d come to a place of total bliss. To be yourself is to be bliss. Only you know how to be you. Within each and every soul there is an Infinite Source of Love, Wisdom and Power. Only you can allow that Infinite Energy to flow through you and transform your life, this planet, and this reality. Though the assistance of clear reflectors to amplify that Infinite Energy and help bring light to places you may not be able or willing to see on your own makes the biggest difference, and it often enough to bring a total quantum shift into a new reality of more bliss. bebliss2

I am Dante and I am committed to creating an enlightened planet that fuses together many streams of wisdom. I am here to be a leader and a reflector, to help bring together groups of people to connect in love and to spark within others courageous passion and love.

When I was young I was told an outrageous lie: the lie was that it’s not possible for everything in life to be fun. Spiritual seeking and living in conscious communities has lead me to toss out this lie and many others!

The path to enlightenment need not be complicated. I believe full hardheartedly that the most fundamental step to enlightenment is to simply lighten up. If a teacher, a teaching, or a path is not fun and light for you, it probably won’t help you get where you really want to be. It doesn’t mean it’s not also a frightening and dark path. The roads we walk weave through darkness and light yet they lead us back to Oneness.

The magic is simple. Follow your own highest excitement and passion, whatever brings your heart to beat quicker, and allow no belief-system, obstacle, or relationship come in between you and what your heart is magnetized towards. Your heart knows. Each and every beat of your heart is asking you to move in the direction of your soul’s purpose. It’s in your passion and those moments when you feel the most love! Allow it and follow it.

For most people this idea can be applied, though personal assistance, group experiences, and restorative healing modalities are vital steps in allowing that heart flow to move your body into action with ease and support. Bliss Beings is intended to give you that support.

This is the lifetime that you merely remember. All is One, and that Oneness resides in the heart of each and every soul. When the soul you are connects with that Oneness, All is known, then experienced, and expressed at once in a flow of bliss that is your true nature. True healing is access  and healing happens instantaneously. All effort is extraneous. When higher dimensional components of self-integrate you effortlessly shift into a different Universe, a parallel timeline of reality.  As we bring awareness into those shifts, we come to see how vast and powerful our consciousness is, and we come to experience and express that consciousness as Infinite and Unconditional Love. In the old paradigm a teacher would use discipline and hierarchy to teach students of a spiritual path how to awaken; these times were of great density and distortion, in which humanity learned the lessons of manipulation and control through interfering with another person’s connection to Source. In the new times, we are free from this heavy distortion when we are ready to step into higher energies and personal empowerment. In the new paradigm, teachers teach students through a process of empowered reflection. By being an example of connection, alignment, and self-love, teachers wake up with others to embody their own Divinity and power.

Of course walking your own spiritual path and actualizing your dreams fully requires your embodied action, yet the first shifts you must make are inside. And the most important thing is your own willingness to fully feel what you feel, want what you want, speak your full truth, and allow that light within you to awaken.

As you do you will find yourself in a state of flow and ease. The more you listen to your heart and body and use that awareness as your true inner compass without doubt, the rest of your life will simply pan out with synchronicity and ease.

The only thing that gets in the way in this process is our own belief systems. Working these belief systems out on physical levels through practices such as yoga, massage, and energy work that release the body’s cellular memory, mental/emotional levels through subconscious dives into your own inner world and emotional patterns for reprogramming, and spiritual levels through meditation and other higher states of consciousness, we eliminate these patterns of thought and behavior and replace them with healthy, self-loving, and connected patterns of expression. The more work with do to develop healthy beliefs and behaviors the more we experience that life happens through us, not to us, and we continue expanding in a flow of grace. We come in touch with the natural bliss we are, and we realize that “be yourself” really is all you have to do to awaken.

On my path as I healer I help you be more of yourself. From the perspective of linear time it is a process of becoming. Yet from a higher perspective, it’s already who you are. You are already that Bliss that is simply the natural quality of Oneness. And you are in the processing of remember more and more of the bliss of your own being.

My gatherings, services, offerings, and teachings are all designed to help you wake up to that.