Natural Declaration of Self-Love

What you brought in my life in our session still resonates so strongly that I wanted to honor your gifts and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your, well I know, their words and the power behind them have pushed me over the edge of some place I was not trusting I could step over on my own. The declaration of self love has been made natural, the trust in this lasting process of daily purification through tears and release accepted more than ever, and the embracing of the uncomfy patches seems to break through resistances and doubts effortlessly. I have done so much work on myself over the last 20 years, so many healing sessions, and none of the words that were said are words I haven’t heard before and yet your purity and deep embodiment of those teachings, your readiness to live fully that Love and new paradigm, that rewriting of the outdated timelines, has helped me so much in creating a healthy distance between the pain body, the heavy mind and the little stories, and have compassion for all of it, for what they have made me into.  ~ Rachel ~ Healer and Spiritual Practitioner from France