Suggested Personal Practices Week 1

Suggested Personal Practice

Week One:

“Flow Journal”

Watch Module 1A “Entering Flow State & Living From Passion”

At the end of every day, take a moment to write for 5-20 minutes a recollection of your day and all of the major choice points. When you had free time, did you tune into your heart and allow the decision as to which step to take come from your highest excitement? If yes, what experience ensued? Did you notice or experience any synchronicities or connections? If no, what belief system did you encounter that brought you to make a less exciting choice? Can you find ways that this belief is false and untrue?

Weeks One & Two

Create a sacred space for yourself and begin meditating. Either follow the channeling meditation offered or meditate and connect with your guides in your own way. Start an audio recorder before your meditation. Start channeling for as long as feels right for you. For starting, I recommend anywhere between 2-20 minutes.