Remote Energy Healing & Akashic Reading Sessions

Healing and spiritually evolving essentially comes to loving more: loving Oneself more, loving Others more, and loving One’s Source more. Love is a “Lifting Of Vibrational Energy.” Many conventional approaches and other spiritual approaches will take clients on a journey of trying to figure out what is wrong with them that essentially leads nowhere but a perpetuated, confused, and often fearful loop. I promise you that the start to every solution in your life starts with love, and love starts with loving yourself. This session and interaction is designed to allow you a space to love yourself more and gain deeper insight into where you are getting stuck so that you may hold yourself with total compassion. These sessions are opportunities to feel truly how much love there really is for you, as one complete facet of an infinite web of a Multi-Verse composed of love and light.

For those interested in direct contact and guidance, the other sessions I offer are Skype sessions. These sessions simply involve energy work, written dialogue, and channeled intuitive information. These sessions are similar to remote/distance energy healing (Reiki, etc) sessions, and combine energy healing with intuitive guidance and loving presence.. I have studied and taught Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy and practiced Sekhem over the past years. I have done many distance sessions and noticed directly the power of these modalities even over a great distance. Through work with many other intuitive people, new modalities, certain ceremonies, my distance healing practices have evolved in unique ways and I know the power that is transmitted with my thoughts and “prayers.”

For those who may be willing to make the changes, I offer love activation sessions. If you are interested in one of these sessions, you may write me and briefly describe where you are at with your life and what you’d like to achieve. If you want to make transitions in your life or relationships, or if you are witnessing some stuck patterns of behavior and belief, these sessions may help you to discover love-based insight that leads to positive change and transformation. This can include some issues involving health, as diet, nutrition, and plant medicine is a big part of my own life-style, and I may be able to sense necessary lifestyle changes or plants and herbs that may enable more health and vitality.

When I go into contemplation for someone, I will often see images and get messages. Sometimes I can interpret what is presented to me, and sometimes I am simply given a vision that will have personal significance and meaning only to you. After conferring with you I will do remote psychic surgery and transfer unique light codes, and write several paragraphs about what I intuit during the session. You will be encouraged to take time to relax, connect with nature, or meditate the day of the session to receive and integrate the vibrations and insight I offer. Information channeled in the sessions can relate to other lifetimes and soul aspects, connections to specific guides and beings, karmic layers of limiting belief systems. helpful changes and new emerging life paths, and much more. In the write up, I also include a channeled personal message that uniquely serves individuals in integrating their experience.

These sessions will take roughly half an hour to 45 minutes of contemplation and writing each session. Personal investment for this session is $44-66 sliding scale, simply pay what you wish within that range. Sliding scale investments allow you to decide for yourself what is truly most balanced and bring equal opportunity to all interested in sessions.

Personal testimonial about this session from Marc Morris, from Paris, France:

“I just had an “energy activation session” with Dante. I didn’t have any precise expectations, except welcoming whatever is coming to me. I was very stressed for different reasons before the session, and as time went, I just can say that I was feeling like a lot of tension was releasing from my body, in a very subtle, and yet, very direct way. I felt like my mind was clearing up, allowing me to expand harmoniously. Dante also did a write up of the session, which felt to me authentic in every way. It was very enlightening, and he addresses issues he couldn’t know from a just a “physical” point of view, as we don’t know each other: I barely gave him information about myself.

I’ve seen some healers in the past, but there was always something feeling wrong, because to me, they weren’t in love with themselves. Dante is, and that reflects perfectly in his work : sharp, loving, non-judgmental. Even if you are new to this world of “esoteric spirituality”, give it a try with Dante, as his advice also applies to the everyday life. To resume, it felt like it was what was needed for me at that time.”