Learn Usui Reiki with Dante

The services we offer all began with Reiki 1 training. While I understand deeply that the healing power is already innate within every being, some people do benefit from receiving Reiki attunement and training.

Reiki is a healing path and practice founded by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui. As part of his Tendai Buddhist monk training, Usui went on a 21-day fast on a sacred mountain in Japan called Karuma-yama. After the last day while gazing at the horizon, Usui had a profound spiritual experience in which he saw colors and lights and sacred symbols. He knew instantly that a healing power within him had been awakened.
He began to teach Reiki first to his already practicing Buddhist students. With time he also taught laypeople. Reiki was first taught as a part of the student’s path towards enlightenment. The healing benefits were seen as secondary in nature. While self-healing is always taught as part of Reiki training, some students and masters forget to always include that the healing power of this practice comes first and only from one’s spiritual progress.

Usui taught many students, some of whom continue the practice in modern Japan. All western lineages of Reiki trace back to Chujiro Hayashi, who was a navel commander before learning Reiki. His student Hawayo Takata came to Japan first for a surgery and heard a voice in the hospital that told her the surgery was not necessary. She was guided by the nurses to Hayashi’s Reiki clinic where she first received treatment by Hayashi’s practitioners before being initiated into Reiki and eventually becoming a Reiki master. She trained 22 students in her life and those students are responsible for spreading all western forms of Reiki and the outgrowths of it. Her students not only added their own intuitive guidance to Reiki, but they all received different information and instruction from Takata. As a result there are great differences between Reiki classes offered, yet the energy and intention behind Reiki is always “the greatest healing good” of all beings involved.

Reiki classes involve a procedure known as attunements that awaken students to their innate healing power as well as connect students to all beings in the lineage of Reiki, who work as spiritual guides for students who continue to practice and resonate with Reiki.

Basic Reiki 1 classes teach students to channel healing energy and place their hands in order to transmit healing energy. Students first learn to practice Reiki on themselves. Simply channeling energy and touching one’s own body can create tremendous healing experiences. Students then learn to practice on others and practice on each other during the class.
Reiki 2 classes include sacred symbols that amplify certain frequencies and can be used for specific purposes in sessions as well as daily life. Students also learn how to send energy across time and space and do basic distance healing sessions. Reiki 3 is the Master-Teacher level course in which students learn how to attune other students and teach Reiki classes.

The energy on the planet has collectively gone up a great deal since the emergence of Reiki. Many people begin practicing intuitive healing without attunements or training and do just fine. In my classes, we often teach Reiki 1 and 2 together as most students are easily able to grasp the concepts and symbols in Reiki 2 with ease from the beginning.

Our classes are totally suited to students’ needs and include much deeper information on intuitive development, the structure of the energy body, channeling and higher dimensional beings, and whatever else students desire to learn that we offer. We typically call these classes “Reiki and Multi-dimensional Healing.” The path of Reiki is simply one of awareness of energy and consciousness and how to direct this energy for healing. There is much to learn on this path, and Reiki can be a very powerful door-opener for many.

Instruction in Reiki and attunements can also be done remotely via Skype. We offer distance Reiki classes for individuals who want to deepen their own self-healing or begin a healing practice. Please contact me

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