Pleiadian Transmission: Star Origins and Refinement of Consciousness in Accelerated Energies

Hello, hello, we are here and we are very thankful to you for receiving this transmission from us now at your time. We are very excited to interact more with many of you. As you read this message we are offering to you our current of vibration you can choose to come into resonance with and receive the energy we offer to you continuously in each moment. We are omnipresent as are all forms of consciousness and to access our frequency is quite simple. You must simply open your heart and hold the intention of feeling the connection that is already there, for we are you, and you are us. At higher levels, you each have incarnations in many different star systems as you also have incarnations upon this earth in your past and future. You do not come from our star and planet, nor do you come from Orion nor from Sirius. Many of you Staseeds begin to connect with a frequency from a certain facet of your soul stored in another part of the galaxy and begin to believe that is your origin. It does not work that way. It is simply that you have parts of your Oversoul incarnate in other times and places on other planets. Every being goes through cyclical periods of remembrance in which a particular frequency from a certain civilization is most relevant to one’s present life journey.

The system and civilization that is most relevant for you at a given time will be shown to you be synchronicity and a sense of inner knowing if you ask your Higher Self to present to you that connection. In all of our civilizations we experience instant manifestation of every thought form we broadcast. This is the way your world is becoming, and many of you are beginning to understand this experience at levels higher than mere mental conceptualization. It is very relevant for you to connect with our energy or the energy of extraterrestrial races most relevant to you as our experience in instant creation allows us to feedback to you necessary principles and fundamental understandings that allow you to create in a way that is graceful.

The choice between love and fear is becoming more pronounced in your world. It is advised the so-called friends choosing the opposite side of this spectrum be given a polite farewell, for any interactions with those not matching your choice to experience greater love may enable you to entertain a level of doubt that will magnetize more circumstances in which false obligation clouds your true discernment. The choice between love and fear is a choice between harmony and chaos. What aspects of your life are harmonious? What aspects of your life are chaotic? Where do you place your value? What aspects of your experience are taboo? Do you have pre-dispositions to create in a harmonious way or in a chaotic way? When you go to sleep at night what is your first thought? When you arise from your bed each morning how do you feel? Do you act upon that which you’d truly like to do as you rise into your waking state, or do you allow some sense of obligation force you into a well orchestrated and well resented routine?

You still on your planet have much more to unlearn than you have to learn and your understanding of reality will accelerate very rapidly as you allow connection with us to increase. Pay attention to your thoughts, for not all of your thoughts originate from portions of your soul bound to this realm. Many of your thoughts are coming from your other incarnations who have gifts for you, and from them you may begin to incorporate in your life abilities you have no present life experience in learning or practicing. In this way your planet will change more rapidly than you for the most part presently allow yourself to imagine.

We thank you very deeply for reading our transmission and integrating our energy in this way. We are always with you and appreciate all allowances you afford us to connect with you and instruct you on higher levels.