Pleiadian Transmission: Instant Manifestation and the Power of Focus

Hello, yes we are here. We are very pleased to communicate with your civilization in this way. The times of tremendous change are far underway and there is no turning back. You are appreciated by all of existence for participating in this greatly powerful journey. We wish you to understand that it is soon going to be impossible to not create that which you think, instantly. We want you to understand that those of you who have cleared a great deal of resistance are already experiencing instant manifestation. This is merely the beginning. The link between what you anticipate and what you receive cannot become more clear for some of you. And many of you continue to focus upon what is out there, what is out there, what is happening with your so called governments and so called terrorists and so called economies. We would like you to know you are facing imminent collapse in many of these areas. Instant manifestation plays out in every and all realms. The collective will manifest the fear that it holds subconsciously just as instantly as you can manifest the life of your dreams if that were to be where you placed your focus. In these times you must come to understand that those who come to you and seem to drain you of energy are doing exactly what you are asking them to do through your subconsciously held beliefs and past conditioning. We are wanting you to see every circumstance as a means to clear the remaining emotional charges so that as the frequencies accelerate even more you will no longer create painful circumstances outside of yourself in order to realize what you are believing and asking of Creation. We are wanting you to realize that in the face of imminent collapse, the best way that you may serve your world is truly in being a bit more selfish. You have been trained that it is helpful and benevolent for you to be concerned about what others are creating for themselves. Why bother? Your focus on the negative circumstances manifesting for the purification of your planet will only draw you closer to a timeline in which the process is exaggerated and excruciating. There is another timeline that is easy, joyful, and in which you use your natural psychic abilities to create safe spaces of protection that will nurture you while your world collapses. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, we love you, and we are here with you.