Pleiadian Transmission: Health, Consciousness and Beliefs

Hello, hello, we are here and we are very pleased once more to continue to interact in this way with your civilization. There is an increasing resurgence of what you currently consider to be medical conditions that will only continue to escalate in the times to come. Certain individuals on the leading edge of the waves of energy will come to understand that the body is a messenger. Your physical bodies are designed for you to create a vehicle of light that is eternal and everlasting, and the body is a medium through which the contrast of pleasure and pain may shape your non-physical light body to a degree of mastery of certain concepts and themes. What you know to be as symptoms of illness and dis-ease are merely your physical body receiving the impulse from your non-physical self as to the certain belief patterns that are out of alignment with the eternal well-being you truly are. Rather than resisting symptoms or resorting to the use of chemical substances, you may accelerate the process of healing your physical symptoms first and foremost with a pure attitude of appreciate from each and every symptom you manifest as the messenger you have designed at a Higher level in order to experience fully that which you chosen in creating a physical body for the purpose of learning.

Often times many of you come to us with grave attitudes regarding the state of your body. We simply respond with humor, for we truly do find it amusing. And even those of you suffering from what you consider to be grave illness that could result in the termination of the physical body vessel are deluded in your perception of this condition as a problem. For if you were to leave your physical experience and return to non-physical, you would find great joy and delight in your process regardless of the circumstances you choose in order to terminate your physical life experience. You must learn to detach even from your life in form to truly experience total freedom in this incarnation, and many of you will choose in the times to come to give yourselves experiences of purification through what you know as illness that are designed to bring you to that place of trust in the part of you that is beyond what you know to be physical death.

Other forms of dis-ease are great gifts that you have designed at higher levels in order to learn what you desire to learn about the power of your consciousness. Every dis-ease is first emotional in nature, and through uncovering the emotional pattern you will notice that you have also created other circumstances in order to bring you to your exploration of this emotional frequency that has played itself out through the lines of time in many lifetimes. It is of utmost importance that physical dis-ease be examined from the perspective of the soul who has chosen to forego these experiences for the sake of learning. Through appreciation of the lessons learned, one may open the space to envision a different potential life experience. When you allow yourself to imagine what it may be like to live without a dis-ease and feel appreciation for that potential experience you are allowing yourself the most accelerated path of healing. When you attempt to fix or solve the dis-ease at only a physical level you push the emotional material that was the basis for the dis-eases manifestation back into the astral planes and demand that at a later time a similar physical circumstance will return in order for you to learn the lesson that was inevitable, simply postponed by a creative use of your own freewill.

Energetic healing can accelerate the process of physical healing , though often it will appear to enlarge the symptoms. This is normal and natural. As the energy on your planet continues to accelerate you will find more and more seeming abnormal dis-eases surfacing in waves, that will serve as metaphors for certain pockets of collective belief systems adopted by portions of your population. This is essentially the same mechanism through which what you know to be the plague has occurred. We are not saying there will be another plague. We are simply informing you that when certain diseases affecting only certain portions of your populace do manifest it is the result of deeply held beliefs showing themselves to be limiting in a way that some will choose to understand while others will choose to continue their journey in non-physical. Both options are equally valid.

Once again we thank you very deeply for receiving our transmission. Our love and gratitude is infinite and unconditional, and our energy is available to you consistently in each moment.