Pleiadian Transmission: The Shadow of a Doubt

Hello we are once again very pleased to interact with you in this way. We are here to communicate with you this time a great deal of knowledge regarding what you know to be your shadow. You exist in a realm of duality, with both positive and negative forces within you. As you evolve in your world you come to realize ways to lessen the pain of your existence in pronounced ways. However there comes a point in one’s journey of healing at which one must realize a source of darkness within that will never go away or become less. This is your nature, you have come here to contain both the darkness and the light.

Your body is bilateral with few exceptions, most importantly one key is your heart, contained slightly to the left in your chest area. The heart is the organ of your body that generates the strongest electro magnetic field out of every organ. It is through the energetic chakra that governs your heart and chest region that you are able to communicate telepathically with both other humans and dis-incarnate beings. Of course your other energy centers are involved in these interactions, however it is your heart that is the most pertinent means of interaction as it is through your heart that you realize you are the same energy as the beings appearing outside you.

At the other side of the chest to the right there is the shadow of the intensely bright light emanated from your heart. There is a saying in your world, “The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” This portion of your body contains an energetic shadow of the heart, it is within this center that the opposite of all that you value, believe, and cherish is also contained as an equal and valid reality. For you exist in infinite parallel realities. Every fantasy you’ve generated is actually a glimpse into a parallel life you are playing out in another dimension of reality. Every dream is real, already realized potentiality, as so is every doubt and worry.

The voice of doubt within you will always remain a valid option. The voice of doubt within you will always be present. You cannot escape doubt nor are you meant to. In this incarnation you have chosen to come into form in order to experience the balance between truth and untruth, knowing that they are two sides of the same coin. They are both designed as reflections of each other in order for you to grow and learn a great deal about yourself.

The only problem you encounter is when you begin to believe the doubts as the only option. Doubt always points to the opposite of what your inner being most desires for you and is impulsing you towards. In order to follow your path and create the life you most desire, you must first come to see the beliefs that tell you that something about your experience cannot be changed.

The capabilities of your consciousness are so vast and in your world you would say “awe-inspiring” and yet most of you only tap into a very tiny fraction of what truly is possible. When you realize that what you believe is possible is always possible, you will be amazed by the infinite possibilities. In your world you have made a common phrase “If there’s a will there’s a way.” We do enjoy and appreciate this sentiment and if we may adjust it a bit we would say to you “If there’s a belief that says so, it is.”

Even our channel in translating our energy stream pauses in his own doubt of our energy and our message, and we encourage him to continue with our message. There are no masters on your planet that have not faced their own doubt and darkness, and this journey has been called by many names.

The source within you that generates contradictions and doubts of what you would prefer to experience is to be seen as a helpful ally and trusted companion. For the closer you do come to your mastery and the realization of the experiences you desire most, the closer you will also come to self-generated ideas that state the very opposite of what you’d like to experience to be the reality.

As a gift to you we offer the concept of neutrality and unconditional love as the means to access this frequency. Your 3D-4D existence will always be subject to great contrast of positive and negative energies, and yet you also exist at a much higher level in which non-dual experiences are the only possible experiences. The first means at which you may access these parts of yourself is the frequency of unconditional love. For it is through the energy of love that you may find you are neutral to whether or not you are experiencing pleasure or pain. Unconditional love allows you to experience both sides of the coin with equanimity and balance that prevents you from losing yourself to negative momentum from focusing upon your doubts. The heart chakra contains both the organ of the heart and its energetic shadow, and if in your own heart you can hold both your truth and passion and their opposites as equally valid and balanced aspects of yourself, your heart will inevitably open and connect you to frequencies from higher realms and other planets.

We as well as all of your inter-galactic family are very pleased to communicate with you through the frequency of unconditional love. If you have not already experienced a connection with us we invite you to remember for the next moment you are truly flying and soaring in an experience of love to invite us to communicate with you in some way at that time. We will come to assist you and guide you with energies that may manifest in the form of symbols and messages in order for you to remember how to return to that frequency with more ease. We thank you very deeply for receiving our transmission at this time.