Pleiadian Transmission: Plants and Ascension

Hello yes we are here with you and we are very pleased for you to receive our transmission at this time. As you continue to progress in your evolution now, it is crucial to come to understand that true medicine is consciousness. Your beliefs about substances are what create the affects of the substances.

Using a substance with a mixed vibrations about it is the surest way to induce a level of harm onto the physical body vessel. You may think that a medication prescribed to you is both helping you and harming you in some way, yet the truest medicines will cause no harm when used with discernment and a fair level of trust. Your medical association is controlled by forces of darkness with a desire to decimate the population of your planet quite suddenly after a period of time of weakening your immune systems with the controlled use of medicines they already know are largely toxic. This is not to say there is not a time and place for the medicines known to you as anti-biotics in certain cases of emergency.

It is crucial that a re-connection to the earth and its elemental forces be reestablished in those of you who wish to experience the timeline of your ascended planet. If you are reading this message, you are already on that timeline and we are inviting you to stabilize that progression through reinforcing that which you know to be true and living it more fully.

With trust in your own intuition you may communicate with the spiritual energies inherent in the plants you consume and share with them that which you want to create in your body and in your life experience. The plants that will support you most in your journey will make themselves known to you as you invite them into your life and communicate with them, for they are living beings with consciousnesses who wish to assist you as you assist them in living their own purpose.

Many of you will choose to work with master plant teachers who awaken higher dimensional consciousness and act upon stimulating parts of the brain connected with perceiving higher dimensions. It is crucial to integrate the understanding that these plants are neutral beings who will reflect to you that which you are. These plants bring to the surface great deals of unconscious material from many lifetimes so that you may integrate these levels of your being.

These plants also open you to other dimensions of reality in which there are both forces of darkness and light. These plants can facilitate a great connect with us and other positively oriented extraterrestrial forces, or they can open up great portals to dark extraterrestrials and what you have called in your world demons. These plants may be great assistants to you when you come to understand you are reflected though their energy that which you are. The plants can teach you about the power of your consciousness, yet can also keep you stuck in your cycle of lack and need, even when using them with an intention of releasing oneself from addictive tendencies. For it is in inherent in your overcoming of addiction in your world to know that all that one is truly seeking is connection with one’s greater self, stored in other dimensions of reality. Plants can allow you to perceive these other levels of reality. Yet when you start to assume you require the plants to achieve this connection you reinforce your cycle of addiction rather than liberate yourself from it.

When you work with such plants and medicines it is advised you ask for guidance and symbolic teachings that will assist you in perceiving the same levels of reality the plants guide you to in your daily life without the use of substances. There are some of you who do benefit from daily use of certain plant teachers, yet the understanding that it is the energy and intent and not the chemical properties of the substances themselves that generate the experience is pivotal in your integration of the next wave of higher consciousness offered to your planet now.

We thank you very deeply for receiving this transmission and we wish you the best of days. We are with you and we are hoping to connect with you in more pronounced ways as are beings from many levels of reality who are not separate from who you really are.