Pleiadian Channeling: Transforming Belief Systems

April 10, 2017

Hello, and greetings to you all. We are here and we are speaking on behalf of the Pleaidian civilization. We do wish you the most pleasant of moments now on your planet as we and many others watch and participate in our ways with great interest. Each and every moment that passes the opportunity to expand your consciousness and utilize that expanded consciousness to alter your reality to meet your preferences is accelerated so exponentially if you were shown some sort of graph you would be very astounded. In these coming times the sooner you make the changes in your own definitions about reality the greater opportunity you have to see those definitions come to shape your experience.

We suggest to you now to consider very carefully all that you know and all that you merely believe, and to take a look even deeper and see how what you believe distorts what you know. In each and every plane of existence, individual experiences are first and foremost the result of what one believes to be true about reality. Entire worlds and civilizations unknown to you exist and are available for your participation if you allowed yourself to believe that you could perceive them. To undergo the procedures that allow you to perceive these other worlds is of great value so that you may come to understand the true power of your consciousness and come to see many worlds inhabited by beings such as ourselves who vibrate at the higher frequency into which your civilization is now shifting.

You would be much better off in your world if you come to understand that the nature of the game of existence means that there is always a dance between light and darkness, yet that does not mean that such things as evil can have any affect upon you without your beliefs that work to uphold them. Your world now enters a great period of tremendous transformation and that transformation must be explored by each individual in a variety of ways, yet the tone the transformation takes is up to each individual. Transformation can mean joyful change, playful shape-shifting, and swift adaptability. Transformation can also mean tremendous upheaval and devastating conflict as diametrically opposed forces clash and battle in ways that are much more treacherous than before seen on your planet. You are the one who decides what you experience and you make those decisions with your own belief systems and definitions about reality. If you believe that tremendous conflict must ensue in your world in order for change to happen, then you will guarantee that to be what you experience. If you believe that you may create your own joy and safety with relative ease then that will be your experience. You decide entirely.

The most important belief to entertain at this time are first and foremost the belief that all beliefs can be changed, and furthermore that to change them is quite a normal and elementary feat. Reality always operates upon the rules that you decide. Do you work hard and struggle in order to survive, or is the Universe a benevolent giving force that is constantly attempting to support you and meet your every desire? These two beliefs are both true from their own generated experience. Which ever belief you choose to adhere to will prove to you its validity through the occurrences in your life as well as in your journeys and voyages into the astral planes you inhabit.

The Universe is such a benevolent and giving force that all you believe to be true will demonstrate its validity through your own experience. Very very long ago we emerged from a conflict similar to what your world faces now, though it was a conflict of intergalactic proportions, much greater in its measure than what you currently face. From our experience we can share with you very powerful knowing that helped us find our true wholeness and harmony, and this was the realization that the negative forces needed our validation in order to continue to be a part of our reality.. The scope of this experience is much longer and more detailed than we can begin to share with you in this way, however we do wish you to know that you as well possess the very same power to create and experience harmony consistently in the midst of those around you choosing chaos. It is not difficult, unless you would choose to believe that it is. When you follow your own joy and excitement and know that in your own heart is the only source of real validation of your own truth, your direct current of energy from your Higher Self and all of the multidimesionality contained within that is accessed by you with great ease.

Your emotions are your greatest tools and allies in your process of discovery and they are not something that must be purged out of you or removed, yet treasured and valued for the great import they hold, as it is only through your emotions that you may come to interpret the definitions you have placed upon your reality and therefore the reality that you currently generate. Whatever you may experience if it is not feeling totally joyful and simply delightful it is only because the perspective you are choosing is not one that is fully in resonance with your highest expression of self. We encourage you to take great delight in knowing that you are always responsible for what you experience, and to transform that sense of responsibly into your greatest freedom. When you can successfully unify this seeming paradox your level of vibration will be in more direct alignment with the many civilization present in their inter-dimensional crafts, stationed around your planet in nearly every location where human life resides. These beings are universally benevolent beings and do protect your planet from any forced of negative influence that may exist in your cosmos. They are your family, some of which are your direct descendants returning to you across the lines of time to prepare your world for all that is in store around the corner They first need your trust and participation, and this can only happen with a fundamental re-writing of your own beliefs about what is possible and the rules of the game of our shared reality in this Universe. We do wish you the most pleasant of happenings at this time as you integrate the currents of light that are transmitted as you read our words. It has been a great joy to share with you and we do thank you very deeply for communicating with us.