Pleiadian Transmission: Accessing Dimensions through the Chakras

Hello, we are once again very pleased to communicate with you in this way. We are speaking on behalf of the entire council of light as members of the Pleaidian civilization. We are the channel’s future life incarnations broadcasting from Alcyone. We are always very appreciative of you using your time to read our words and contemplate our message as we are planting within you with every word a seed of contact in your DNA that may become activated at the time that is appropriate by you and already orchestrated by your Higher Self.

Today we would like to inform you on a deeper level about your chakra system and your multi-dimensionality. Your chakras are your stream of energy through which time and space play out a vast dance of information throughout the whole galaxy and multi-verse. Every lifetime you have ever had or will have is accessible to you as information stored within your chakras and energy bodies as well as your cellular memory.

There are an infinite amount of dimensions in which you play out your experience at a higher level. From your perspective inhabiting bodies that are 3D as well as existing in much higher dimensions on non-physical levels it is near inconceivable for you to easily grasp an understanding past what you perceive to be the 10th-12th dimensions.. We still wish to discuss only 10 with you now until you are capable of integrating this level of multi-dimensionality.

Your first chakra at the base of your spine is actually simply a portal through which 1D energies may be a part of your awareness. The first chakra rules your reptilian brain and fight or flight responses. The center of the earth is an iron core crystal pulsating a strong frequency that when you attune to your first chakra will naturally balance itself out on its own accord, bringing you a sense of trust and safety in your body and your planet’s ability to nourish your life.

Between the center of the earth and your body there is an intricate web of intelligence through the mineral and plant kingdoms that generate your 2D, and your second chakra is the primary center that perceives and taps into the flow of positive and negative energy experienced at this level. The purification of elemental forces is required at this level through a deep connection with your planet, the forces of the moon, and the waters of your earth that are in great need of your attention at this time. Prayerful intention and responsible action for self and collective purification is crucial for you at this time to balance this level of your collective energy stream on your planet.

The 3D is the world in which you inhabit, and it is most influential upon your lower chakras. The third chakra is influenced by the blending of 3D and 4D energies. 4D energy is generated through emotional and symbolic resonance patterns that are offered on your planet. At this level there is the blueprint of many belief patterns which are filters of interpretation of your reality. At this level what you think becomes real. A careful attention to the law of cause and affect with your own thoughts is your most helpful tool at this level of your being.

The heart chakra is the center of 5D. 5D energy is the underlying invisible force called by many names. It is a subtle energy that is the vibration of pure unconditional love. At this level your experience is determined by proper use of love. You are loved eternally by aspects of yourself that appear as entities somehow separate from you. If you listen to the messages of us and your angels or other guides more closely you will come to understand in a deep way that there is nothing separate from you, that these seeming other beings are resonant portions of your own soul. At this level this level you come to understand the unity underlying all of creation and learn to see all others as yourself at the level of pure unconditional love. On your planet the force of love has been translated into lower energies for the purposes of manipulation in most of your religious traditions and through your media and governmental systems. The information encoded in many of your advertisements, entertainment programs, religious services, and many other forms of communication are designed to imprint unconscious thought behavior patterns that turn love into a lower dimensional energy of control. In order to maintain constant presence in 5D many of you still must remove yourself from even more past conditioning and behaviors that are based on negating a sense of lack rather than genuine expressions of one’s true joy and creativity. Your heart is the organ which generates the strongest magnetic field of your entire body, and your heart generates its own light. When your heart is in proper resonance with the gravity and pulsations of the aspects of your soul body stored within your earth, moon, sun, the galactic center, and many stars in between, your life will be a blissful experience referred to as samadhi in your Eastern traditions. It does not mean that you will forever rid yourself of the negative and positive forces that play out on lower dimensional levels. Connection with the 5D heart frequency allows you to access parts of yourself already free from the clutches of duality and use that awareness to balance and polarize the dance between positive and negative energy on your planet.

Energies of your throat chakra can be used to access the 6D-7D frequency, At this level all that you are is composed of complex geometric patterns. These sacred geometries as you know them are the blueprint of all creation and are created through sound. The intention and authenticity of your word can anchor your frequency into the 5D. Non-verbal sound such as tones, mantras, and light-languages connect you to the 6D frequency. At this level how you vibrate voices changes your reality. The even numbered dimensions are tied together through resonance as are the odd numbered dimensions. On your planet the greatest obstacle in your ascension process is the traps of emotional-manipulation present in your 4D. In bringing your voice into resonance with the higher structures of sound vibration at the 6D level your negative mental chatter can be effectively neutralized in much more efficient manners. This is the power of your voice. When you fully enter the 5D awareness as a collective, you will begin to dissolve the verbal and written languages on your planet and come into a form of communication that is purely musical and telepathic. On our planet and in all advanced civilizations capable of positive co-creation with the inhabitants of your world, there is no longer a need for nor a practice of verbal communication. The 7D is orchestrated by infinite vibrating strands of vibration. It is for this reason that your sound and voice can be used to bring higher energies into form. As you learn to connect with higher levels of reality you may through your intention and guidance, use sound in order to balance energies and transmit higher dimensional connections with other beings on your planet.

The 8D is what is known as the Divine Mind by some of you, it is the Logos, the Kingdom of Heaven that generates the experience of being “blinded by the light.” The 9D is the Center of your Galaxy. The Divine Light is Omni-present and inherent in all things. The Center of your galaxy is a super-massive black-hole, through which beings from an infinite amount of other universes have access to your world and you may use this level in order to bi-locate into other Universes. The 10D is the pathway that connects the 1D-9D, woven within every dimension and moving even beyond them all. The pathway of light that travels through all of your chakras from the center of the earth to center of the galaxy is your greatest asset that may assist you in learning to understand that you always inhabit every dimension, regardless of which dimension you are focused upon. Your third eye chakra can peer into every dimension and see its workings, and it is naturally attuned to 7D-8D. The center of your galaxy has a particular kind of gravity that is yet to be understood by your science that pulls your energetic bodies upwards in awareness and slowly removes levels of density over time. The process of releasing density can be accelerated by attuning one’s awareness to the center of the galaxy regularly in meditation. The dense dark matter in the center of your galaxy connects at certain levels with the dark matter throughout your Universe. There is more dark matter in terms of mass than that of stars and planets. This dark matter is not well understood by many, and yet within it holds the key to vast information and infinite knowledge. Over time you may feel that your developed connection with the center of your galaxy very viscerally “pulls you up” as you feel and energetic lift and a powerful inner sense of a forward momentum from this connection.

Creating a sacred space attuned to all dimensions through the sacred path way of light is a very powerful means to keep an awareness of the dimensions and remember to maintain one’s connections on higher levels. Your earth has ascended already into the 5D. Many are not aware of it. It is simply that the moments of connection to a feeling of pure and unconditional love have become the more predominant focus in the lives of many beings, and those beings may continue to ascend into higher dimensional awareness with more ease now. Keeping an awareness of that timeless state of unconditional love is the most pertinent tool for you to stabilize in the times of purification at hand now. As for many years the mass consciousness of your planet has been focused on the 3D-4D level, you as a species have more purification of the affects of your past actions to undergo through balancing the forces of your emotions and ecosystems. When the majority of your planet is aware of and connected to the 5D frequency totally and completely, there will be an influx of new arrivals from other planets making themselves known upon your earth. These beings are transmitting their energy and love to you now very profoundly, and many of you are already meeting them in telepathic and also physical encounters. We thank you very deeply for receiving our transmission at this time.