Learn IET

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)® was a method delivered from Archangel Ariel through Stevan Thayer who founded this modality. IET works with energy channeled directly from the angelic realm through a heartlink that connects practitioners with angels and allows them to send energies to and from the angelic realm. IET brings healing to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels through releasing stored imprints in the cellular memory map of the human energy field and filling those places with “integrated” angelic energy.

The 9 cellular memory points IET works with become stuck with negative energies over the course of this and other lifetimes. IET works to release people from these limiting energies and discover their innate innocence and spiritual power. Many people have experiences tremendous healing benefit and life changing results through IET alone.

IET contains three levels of practice. The basic level teaches a basic method of connecting with the angelic realm as well as how to practice IET sessions on themselves and others. The intermediate level teaches students how to clear energies through the auric field surrounding the body. The advanced level contains many practitioner tool kits that help practitioners discover energetically their soul’s purpose, develop a deeper awareness of energy and angels, and channel energy in order to manifest what they desire in life.

For us, IET has been a very powerful asset in growth and we continue to use the tools of IET in our daily life and practice. IET has also laid the groundwork for a much deeper communication with the angelic realm and aided in our ability to channel. We continue to teach IET classes upon request.