iDentify; 3- Layered Quantum Integration

I have been learning how to adjust my frequency though focusing the mind via a wide variety of spiritual teachings and teachers. Universal teachings and wisdom come through every teacher/channel in a unique way. Recently, my Higher Self presented me a model through which this wisdom can be applied with greatest ease. This is a unique new take on a Universal concept.
This is a process you have already done before. In fact, we are constantly going through this process. Bringing conscious awareness to this process allows us to consciously apply it to every situation in our lives as they manifest. While we go through the process sequentially to gain greater depth when it is necessary, this process actually happens simultaneously. Finding the layer of the process where we are not entirely clear through applying this process to a specific situation in our lives allows us to gain greater clarity and shift our frequency.
Every change is a total change. Every single time you change your perspective, you are an entirely different person, in an entirely different Universe. In truth, every nanosecond you are in a new reality. The best way to create a new reality is to just imagine it and feel it. This is enough to alter your frequency. However, to keep your frequency anchored, you must first identify what you want, then totally and completely accept what you don’t want. In this way, your new reality and your new Self are anchored and clear of resistance and aversion.

1) Identify (Positive Energy): Question: Now, Within All That Is, Who am I and what do I want the very most?

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What do I Want?
  3. How can I Serve?

2) Die (Negative Energy): Question: Now, if I fully embodied my most desired self, what might stop me, and what is the worst thing that could happen?

  1. What am I most afraid of?
  2. What do I lack the most?
  3. What is the very worst thing that could happen?

3) Decide (Oneness): Question: Now, In Total Acceptance of all Probabilities, what does my most preferred frequency feel like?

  1. What do I prefer?
  2. How do I want to feel?
  3. What is the very best thing that could happen?

Layer 1 ~ Identify ~ Now, Within All That Is, Who am I and what do I want the very most? (Positive Energy)

This part of the process is very simple; it is to identify yourself, your relationship to the Universe, and what you want from the Universe. Identify the specific desire you have. Some of us learn in our early conditioning that it is not OK to want what we want. We have learned that to do so is self-ish and wrong. In this process, you are asked to set this program aside. If you are incapable of doing so and cannot identify what you want and own your right to create it for yourself, perhaps some deeper inner child integration is necessary before you can fully apply this process.

Essentially this step is the quickest. Do you want to connect with someone, to have a new relationship or deepen an existing relationship? Do you want to quit your job and start a new career path? Do you want to go on an adventure? Do you want a peaceful meditation or an expanded state of consciousness? All you must do in this process is acknowledge what you are wanting, and identify yourself as the one who wants it.

Layer 2 ~ Die ~ Now, if I fully embodied my most desired self, what might stop me, and what is the worst thing that could happen? (Negative Energy)

This layer involves diving into the very depths of your greatest fears. Often, our greatest fears are about the very things we want the most. Consensus reality teaches us to stay safe by avoiding our fears, hence avoiding our actual desires.

In this layer, you ask yourself what is stopping you from getting what you are wanting. Face the real obstacles completely through acknowledging your feelings in relation to those obstacles. Do you lack money? Do you lack time? Do you lack confidence?

In this layer, you also must go forth and look into future probabilities. What could go wrong if you committed to the you that you desire to be? Look at every scenario, every potential failure that could result. Ask yourself, what could be the very worst thing that would happen if I went along this path?
Perhaps the path would lead to embarrassment, shame, or rejection. Perhaps the worst outcome would be failure in the form of total lack of resources and dependency. Go forth and witness these negative future scenarios. Once you have perceived what your greatest fears are about your greatest desires, fully feel the emotions associated with that negative probable circumstance.

Do you feel afraid? Do you feel alone? Do you feel abandoned, rejected, or ashamed? Allow those emotions entirely. Feel them as deeply as you can.

This layer of the process is called “die” because essentially inwardly admit total defeat to those probable circumstances and the emotions associated with them. You allow those emotions to flood to the surface, and you accept, embrace, and love the you that feels those emotions. You hold those emotions closely, and you accept them as part of yourself.
This process is in a sense the most important, because it is the part in which you release the resistance to feeling your negative feelings. When resistance is diminished, negative emotions instantly return to Oneness. The more you allow and accept your negative emotions, the less you will create a reality that is a match to them.

The Universe responds to emotional frequencies above everything else. This is a process through which you adjust your own feeling state. The best way to feel better is to be OK with feeling terrible.

In this layer of the process, you entirely and totally accept that the negative circumstance that could manifest from following the trail of your desires. You do this for the sake of doing so, not in a rushed attempt to get to a state of peace or to ensure that these negative circumstances do not manifest. That’s why within this layer especially, subtle awareness is important. To allow negative emotion simply as a means to experience positive emotion rushes the process. To embrace the negative emotion and the negative probabilities unconditionally is to embody what some call Christ Consciousness, a state of total Unconditional Love and surrender to the Universe. This part of the process essentially says “Thy will, not mine.” It is the will of the Universe, not my small individuated self. All I must do is allow.

Layer 3 ~ Decide ~ Now, In Total Acceptance of all Probabilities, what does my most preferred frequency feel like? (Oneness)

Now that you have completely allowed your negative emotions and made peace with possible circumstances you do not prefer, you have totally released resistance. This is very important before you come to this layer.

When you proceed with the Decide layer, you open to infinite possibilities. You ask yourself, what is the very best thing that could happen? If it happened, how would I feel?
In this layer you simply attune to a new frequency. You use you creative imagination and let it run wild, and picture yourself having all that you want and more. Ideally, you picture yourself sharing that abundance and using it to nourish others as well as yourself. Ideally, you see yourself as connected to every other individual within All That Is, and you understand that you can most attune to the frequency of total joy and bliss when it is shared joy and bliss.
In this layer, you look past your present circumstances and the possible negative circumstances that you have totally, entirely, and completely died and surrendered to. Dying and surrendering completely to negative probabilities means that you are maintaining a frequency in which you know and feel you would still love and accept yourself and the Universe even if those negative circumstances manifested. I keep repeating this part, because it is very important! You cannot transcend what you have not embraced.

Now you play with your imagination, and get as wild and decadent as you can. Then you allow the feeling state of those imagined realities to fill you up with love and joy. You totally allow that love and joy to fill you, to enter you, to move through you, and to be shared with those around you.

The Universe provides manifestations that match the emotional frequency you have already attained and to which you have attuned. You must attune to that new frequency for the sake of feeling good, not for the sake of getting what you want. If you can attune to that feeling state unconditionally for the sake of doing so, you will be in the highest probability of actually manifesting what you imagined. You may even get something better.

This layer is called decide because you simply decide to feel good, and to maintain that good feeling frequency. The more specific the frequency, the better.

This is called a quantum integration process because you will enter into a new Universe attuned to your altered frequency every time you practice this process. The more you practice it, the more you will realize that by identifying what you want, dying to the possibility of your deepest fears, and deciding to feel awesome anyway, you continuously create yourself a new. And every change is a total change! Practicing techniques like this bring you to a state of feeling less physical, more energetic. This is simply one tool. I believe that as it refines itself and each individual alters this technique to meet their own understanding, it will be one of the best techniques out there.

I see the three aspects I have called “Identify, Die, Decide” as layers, because really they occur simultaneously. In fact, we go through this process constantly without thinking about it or bringing awareness to it. The technique I am outlining is a tool to use when you are feeling stuck, to clarify your process in one or all of these layers, and find a quantum integration. Remember, every time you follow this process, you will be completely different version of yourself, in a completely different Universe.

Once you become comfortable and confident in this process, you will start to notice how it happens “sequneteously,” as in the layers happen both simultaneously and sequentially. We go through these layers sequentially so that our 3D, time-oriented self can keep up with the process, yet actually, our multi-dimensional self does every layer of the process as one complete vibration.

This tool, like all tools, is a permission slip for you to adjust your frequency. This tool is totally complete and within its simplicity will bring you in touch with all aspects of your consciousness that require your awareness in order to make a shift. For those who are new to “shifting” this process is helpful.

People who have been doing this sort of work for years find their own methods. This process is perfect for those new to this sort of work, as its three layers totally ensure you are oriented in a clear way and have released the resistance in your vibration caused by aversion.

As this process continues to develop, I anticipate there being three more layers within each layer, to gain even greater clarity. Though first, we’ll start with this process, and as it is applied, the more intricate layers within these simple three layers will present themselves.