In Person Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions

Hands on energy healing sessions create an energetic space for clients to open up to their own higher dimensional energies, enabling expansion, spiritual awareness, and release of blockages and negative thought patterns. Before the session we discuss what spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical issues you are working with at the moment. After setting the intention and the sacred space, you rest comfortably on your back and I channel spiritual healing energies and transfer them to you by touching specific points on the head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, abdomen, and legs in order to stimulate and release stored energies. If you are uncomfortable to receive the energy through touch, I can simply hover my hands above your body. I then continues intuitively working on the areas which most need the energy. I work with several energy healing modalities including Reiki, Sekhem, and IET (check the Energy Modalities page to learn about these energies). Quartz crystals and minerals are placed on your chakras, around your body,  and at different energetic points in order to focus and amplify these energies. If you would like to go deeper with sound healing, toning and chanting are used to strengthen the energies.

Every session is a complete different experience and depend completely on what the client brings and is ready to work through. Most of the time, clients enter a state of deep relaxation and inner tranquility which makes it easier to do meditation and inner work. Sensations of warmth, magnetism, and energy moving occur with a level of openness to the energy.

All ailments stem from spiritual imbalances that develop through limiting belief patterns we inherit from those around us in our family or society. With connection to Spirit, an open heart, time, and patience all of these imbalances leave as we return to wholeness. All ailments can heal from energy work, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature. All that is required is openness to Spirit and a willingness to look at yourself and change.

Self discovery and insight,  heightened levels of body conciousness, states of ecstasy and bliss, emotional release and expansion, recovery of memories from current life or past lives, dreamlike states and trances,  images and colors, and out of body experience are all common effects during a session.

After the session I offer channeling and intuitive reading. During the session I recieve many psyhcic impressions about blockages in your auric field and together we can explore them, using methods to tune into different parts of your psyche or multi-dimensional aspects of self from other lives to facilitate healing and transformation. We work together with angels, spirit guides, and heart centered extraterrestrials and if you wish I can channel (translate) messages from them in order to gain more insight. I can share and teach modalities that will help you deepen your connection with Source, understand more clearly your own soul purpose, and facilitate and easier and preferable life experience.

Sessions can include working with ceremonial cacao if you desire. Cacao is a tasty plant teacher that facilitates healing work by opening the energy field and increasing subtle awareness. Check the cacao ceremony page for more information.

Sessions can last from one to several hours and cost $60 for one and a half hours, and $30 for every additional hour.


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