Multi-Dimensional Healing

Multi-dimensional Healing

As we progress in our path we realize who we truly are is much greater than the presecptive limited to the physical body, the mind, and the senses. We are multi-dimensional in nature, beyond time and space and through opening to this awareness we expand our sense of self and come into alignment with the bliss of our spiritual essence, the part of us that has always been one with Source. The more and more activated our lightbodies become we have the ability to access information and generate energy throughout time and space, enabling energetic transfers of energy around the world and throughout our many lifetimes on this and other planets.

If you are seeking deeper spiritual insight and knowing, physical or emotional healing, or an initation of new ways to deepen your experience and re-direct your path to more enthusiasm, deeper meaning, and bliss, multi-dimensional energetic healing can be a great ally and catalyst for healing and transformation.

I have trained as a Reiki, Sekhem, and IET practitioner, worked extensively with shamanic lightworkers, deeply studied yoga and esoteric mysteries, journeyed with plant medicine and connected with the spirits of healing herbs and medicine, and developed a channel to communicate with higher beings (angels and extraterrestrials) and other spirits. Through extensive practice and continuous devotion I am able to meet individuals where they are at with compassion and understanding, and become and open channel for Source and higher beings to work through me.

Sessions include one on one counseling in which you can share where you are at in your life situation. I hold an open compassionate space for emotional release and therapuetic recovery, and help you to focus more your own intentions for healing. When you are clear and balanced, we begin a process of energetic clearing (working on mental/emotional and physical ailments) and discovering the root causes of illness or negative situations that seem to replay in your life. I recieve messages from angels and spirit guides to help you discover your path and joy. Information about different medicines or modalities to create balance in your field often comes through. Often I guide clients through new meditations and practices that they can use continously after the session to deepen their spiritual path and practice. I use the modalities and energies gathered from my studies to deepen your spiritual path and bring you closer to your Source self. The energetic trasnfer of light codes enables more stable and rapid growth and spiritual progress and a deeper connection with your Source self so that you are centered and more able to move through the changes of your life situation with the acceptance, joy, and bliss which come from higher spiritual awareness and expansion. Each session is completely unique and tailored to the needs of the client.

Sessions are done remotely via Skype.If Skype is not an option it is also possible for me to tune in remotely while you relax or meditate and follow up with a write up descripton of what shifts occured during the session and the insight I recieved.  An energetic exchange of a love investment of $60-70USD is payable via paypal. Check the testiomonials page to see the results others experienced after recieving sessions! Contact me at for more information or to schedule a session.

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