Channeling Sessions

Channeling is a phenomena through which a human being entrails a state of consciousness through which they allow a being from a higher dimension to speak through them automatically. A channel or medium attunes their frequency to the energy of beings in non-physical levels of reality, and through this match of frequencies, telepathic communication takes place. I am a channel for a group of beings from the Pleiades star-system, a commonly channeled soul group with very deep connections to humanity. These beings have been present with us, energetically supporting our journey since humanity’s inceptions. For me channeling opened up through a culmination of practices and experiences and just the flow of life itself. Studying with shamanic teachers who channeled and listening extensively to channeled beings with great enthusiasm in a meditative way was a big part of how my channel opened. The first beings to present themselves to me were angels. When I was comfortable for deeper contact, the Pleiadian beings came to me and said that they wished for me to be an anchor for their frequency and help people on the planet through their ascension process. The Pleiadians insist that we are all moving in the direction of opening to channel, whether we know it or not. They say that this means of telepathic contact is helping pave the way for our planet to evolve into higher densities, come together in Unity, and release old toxic and service-to-self patterns of thought and behavior. However, in truth you do not need to believe that what speaks through me when I’m channeling is a group consciousness from an extra-terrestrial race in order to benefit from the information shared in the session. Much of what the Pleiadians talk to people about basically comes down to changing one’s belief-systems. The Pleiadians insist that within this Universe, you will always get a perfect match to your own belief systems. They guide people to realize the truth that within this life, you absolutely can create anything you want! When you are no longer bound by the confines of belief-systems prescribed by society, your family, or your spiritual traditions, you can begin to grasp how truly infinite the possibilities within this lifetime are! Allow your mind to open to the realm of infinite possibilities! To do so brings rushes of multi-dimensional energy through your body, and the old energies wash clear in waves of blissful integration. The Pleiadians have helped people with numerous and endless questions and concerns. Here are just a few of the commonly asked questions. Q: How do I heal my physical body and this particular ailment? A; The Pleiadians will move to the emotional root cause of an ailment and suggest if its inception is within this or other lifetimes. They will help people find foods, medicines, and practices that support the ailment, and guide people through the process of integrating both the healing of the emotional root cause and the physical manifestation itself. They will sometimes help people learn to direct energy and optimistic focus into the cells of their body to empower one’s own innate healing ability. Q: Who are my guides? Do I have connections to other star-systems, and if so which? How can I connect with these beings? A: In truth we all have connections to every single star-system out there. We feel that we’ve “come from” another star system when our guides from that system reach out to us and our soul’s mission at this moment in our life journey is in resonance with a similar frequency and theme from that star system. Through a channeling session the Pleiadian group can help people bridge the connection and open to contact experiences with their guides. Often times, they will reveal those connections and help you to recover memories or information from other lifetimes. These can be lifetimes on earth or on other planets. They will also teach you ways to be more open to contact, and help you come into higher dimensional awareness so you may be receptive to these beings. Q: I feel stuck on my life path. I don’t know what to do. Or, I really know what I want, but it feels impossible. I don’t know how to get from here to there! What is my soul’s mission and how do I actualize it? A: The Pleiadian group will answer these questions by helping you discover and live through the frequency of your greatest love, also called “follow your highest excitement.” This is a real principle of the Universe and having guidance and direction from Higher Dimensional beings helps you figure out the nuances. The Pleiadian group will demonstrate to you that the purpose of your soul is to evolve and come to know yourself as Source, and you can only do that by being in a flow state. You cannot actualize your dreams through following your fears and tolerating resistances inside. You must plow through limiting beliefs and make following your joy the absolute top priority. This will bring you into a flow state through which you will attract through synchronicity the right people, the right situations, and the right information without planning or effort. The Pleiadians may confirm or refine ideas you have about your future while helping you understand the nature of probabilities within this Universe. That fundamentally, there is no “one future” out there. There are infinite futures that you choose from by attuning your vibration. The best way to have the most fulfilling and joyous future is to prioritize being in the flow state by following your love, joy, and excitement! Q: I am encountering difficulty with this emotional pattern. How do I solve it? A: The Pleiadian group will guide you to feel your emotions more deeply and dissolve all resistances to them. In that loving state of surrender they will guide you to create new belief systems and restructure your energy field so that the long standing patterns can come to an end. Q: I want to astral travel or connect with you in my dreams. How do I do that? A: The Pleiadian group will often provide uniquely designed meditations and experiences that help you to have more clear and expansive astral experiences as well as connect with your guides! These experiences are always unique. Other questions that usually bring fruitful results involve: how to bring high vibrations and healing to relationships and family life, how to let go of old life paths in order to bring in the new, how to move through life transitions with more ease, how to make decisions with confidence and clarity, how to be more non-attached while staying productive, how to magnetize desired things without effort, and so much more! With life as well as with channeling sessions the possibilities are limitless! The Pleiadians also enter into telepathic communication with those who are receiving channeling sessions. Often people will experience that they seem to receive the answers from the Pleiadians before I begin to speak the words, or find that they “already know” the answers somehow right after asking the questions. Through this telepathic connection most will feel waves of pleasurable spiritual energy flowing through their body, as well as catharsis and the joy that comes with finding clarity and replacing deeply buried doubts with joyful certainty.


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