Channeling Your Innate Value

Join for a four week container in unshackling your beliefs about self-worth and money.

Today in this world money is something we all have to deal with, yet at the same time we live in a world where financial institutions and corporations use dark tactics to manipulate the consciousness of the masses to the extent that, as we all know, 1% controls 90% of the world’s wealth.

This program is not a get rich quick scheme and it’s not there to teach you money-mindset tactics that worked in the old, fear-based consumerist model. It’s about changing your mindset fundamentally into a creative mode in which you are connected to the Infinitely loving, giving, and creative Source.

The Pleiadian Council reveal a formula for raising our frequency and reaching higher states of consciousness and manifesting our dreams with greater ease. The basis of this formula is acting upon whatever lights our heart up with loving excitement more than anything else, in every single moment. These materials are based on this understanding and guide us in applying this formula to find avenues of income and abundance that truly fill our hearts with love.

They also speak very much about the process of dismantling our conditioning around money. We learn many false beliefs in lack from an early age bringing us to feel lack, unworthiness, and limitation. Not only do these beliefs cause us to hold ourselves back from doing what we love because of a false sense of lack, they impact our fundamental sense of self-worth and our inner sense of value.

The message of the Pleiadian Council and other channeled beings challenge these notions at a very fundamental level and brings us to understand our innate value.

Innate value is not something taught to us in a world that depends on our endless cycle of work and consumption to continue to keep the leading 1% in charge. This isn’t a program to teach you to climb the ladder. It teaches principles of self-worth, interdependence, passion-driven action, and much more, that bring us abundance while propelling us into a future where the oppressive hierarchy of the past transforms into sustainable and fair solutions for all.

The course will include

~ 6 audio recordings from channeling sessions with the Pleiadian Council and questions from marketing and personal growth coach Michael Lasson, as well as the written transcripts from these sessions
~ 4 live group coaching containers on zoom with Dante, Michael, & channeling wit the Pleiadian Council supporting you in integrating these materials and applying the understanding to transform your own life
~ Ongoing community connection and support during the 6 week time period of the course
~ Recordings of guided meditations and practice exercises to dive deep into transforming your beliefs and integrating new attitudes and frequencies

$143 ~ Recordings & Transcripts Only
$440 ~ Live Channeling & Coaching Call Group including Recordings & Transcripts

Dates of the Calls Sundays April 9, 16, 23, & May 14
Time to Be Determined to Accommodate the Majority of the Participants (North American & European Timezones Will be Prioritized)

Recordings & transcripts of all live calls will be delivered promptly following each live session

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See a video of the Pleiadian Council summarizing this program and all it will unlock, and read along with the transcript here:

Channeling Your Innate Value ~ Intro