Channeling Transcript

So this is the core of our message and everything else is based around and we will add another nuance to that today about passion and the way that it leads you into discomfort… because what seems comfortable in a sense, is what you are used to. And if you are used to stress to move away from it might feel very uncomfortable at first might feel uncomfortable because it starts to seem as if you were doing something wrong. You were doing something different from what others are doing. You are doing something It might lead to results that don’t lead to your integration in the world as you know it. And that is ultimately true, because you’re passionate will lead you to create another world. And in again, this frequency of passion that will create the new world based on this higher frequency of love, that literally puts you in a different dimension of reality. This discomfort is something that you must learn to treasure. Because when you are feeling the discomfort of expansion, you know that you are breaking the old patterns. One way that you avoid this discomfort is by drifting off into disassociated realities. Your world is filled with that, from the movies and films, and the distractions of your telephones and so on and so forth. You are constantly bombarded with information that takes you away from the present moment. You may even use the company of others as ways to bring yourself to disconnect with what you really want inside. To sit with what is present and alive within you is, again uncomfortable. Yet, when you allow yourself to do it. You open the door to breaking through those inner barriers. Sometimes, it is easier to distract yourself with fantasies. And there are whole realms of philosophy and thought out there that are all about the fantasy. This is not a fantasy. No, we are real. You don’t necessarily need to believe in us. But you can feel our frequency if you tune into it. Even if you don’t believe we are real, you can focus more upon this message. Fantasy is helpful when it leads to action. Though oftentimes, you move into fantasies that have nothing to do with what is actually alive within you in your life. You can go into astral states, or otherwise known as imaginary states to connect with real beings and presences there. Though, if you are not intentionally focused on receiving a message about how you can bring that higher dimensional energy into your physical reality. Those tools themselves can even be fantastical distractions that help you escape discomfort. grow comfortable with discomfort, learn to celebrate those moments in which you feel yourself coming to an edge of resistance within yourself. Because those are the moments in which you will experience the greatest growth and transformation. One reason why you might choose fantasy over reality is because you don’t actually believe that reality can offer you the things that you want and desire. And therefore, if that is your belief system, the natural thing to do is to escape into fantasy, because fantasy is the closest thing that you can possibly experience to your desire according to that negative, outdated belief system.

And so we say this to you because we want to remind you that none of you and no one on your planet is doing anything other than what you believe to be the most helpful and beneficial for you. Even the habits that you consider negative on some level, only continue to play out within you because something within you that is unconscious or subconscious still believes that behavior is helpful. So have great great compassion and great great love for yourself and everything that you do. And instead of shaming yourself or judging yourself, ask yourself why do I believe that this behavior or habit serves me and if you can get in touch with why it really serves you according to those beliefs, you will be able to change that behavior and find something that actually serves your intentions and desires more than anything else. We say this to you that you cannot possibly have a desire that isn’t meant to be. Everything that you desire in this life ought to be yours, and can be yours. If you really bring yourself to focus on your true passion and the path that leads you into that manifestation, though, in order to do that, you have to, again, face that discomfort. So, look at all of the things in your life and all of these people and activities that you fill your time with. Which of those represent reality, and which of those represent fantasy. Ask yourself these questions over the next couple of days in the next couple of weeks. And begin to sort through all of those different experiences. Bring yourself to prioritize those things that help you to truly connect with your inner reality, and your inner feelings. Allow yourself to sink deeper into what you feel and what you want. Everybody wants more love, and more love as possible for all of you. So draw yourself into those situations in which the love is highlighted, and you feel deeply connected with those around you. If that isn’t an opportunity for you, you can take time to really reflect on what you would love to do. And make sure that you take those actions and move towards community connection, and creative expansion for that as the way forward. None of you can actually do it on your own. And while you experience a deep connection with yourself, when you meditate in solitude, the real healing and transformation happens when you come together with others who share your vision, and who have an open heart to receive you, and all that you desire. And all that you fear. Do not fear your fears, for they are there for a reason to. And again, like everything else, your fears would not be present, if you did not believe them to be helpful for you on some level. So instead of judging your fear, ask yourself, why is this fear useful for me, enjoy the presence of whatever is alive within you. And recognize that because you’re aware of it, it is healing. Allow that to help you deepen into every feeling and every sensation with love. And in that state, you can release to can transform and you can again, follow that formula of enacting your passion to the best of your ability without insisting on an outcome. And it will bring you deeper into grounded reality where love expands through you and you don’t need to necessarily do anything to affect the world around you. With your loving presence. We thank you very much for allowing us to share this message with you. And in return, we asked in which ways can we support you with your questions, musings and sharings?