Channeling Course Layout

Week 1
Module 1A: Entering Flow State and Living from Passion
Module 1B: Channeling State
Module 1C: Crystal Column of Light Meditation 1
Module 1D: Crystal Column of Light Meditation 2
Suggested Personal Practices Week 1

Week 2
Module 2A: Light Language
Module 2B: Other Forms of Light Language
Module 2C: Light Language Activation
Week 2 Suggested Practices

Week 3
Module 3A: Healing the Emotional Body
Module 3B: How to Channel Anything
Suggested practices remain the same this week, visit week 2 suggested practices

Week 4
Module 4A: Getting to Know Your Guides
Module 4B: Channeling for Others
Module 4C: Maintaining a Love-Based State + Meditation
Channeling Meditation Short Version

Week 5
Module 5A: Inner Child Work
Module 5B: Inner Child Work Meditation
Module 5C: Inner Masculine & Feminine Energies
Module 5D: Inner Masculine & Feminine Meditation