More About My Channeling Journey

Over the years I have developed a relationship with my guides from the star system we refer to as the Pleiades. These beings live around the star Alcyone, and they are higher-dimensional beings having a vastly different experience. These beings are telepathic in nature. They do not think in verbal language, and in their world everything they desire and think of becomes an instant experience. Everything in their world operates through synchronicity, and they know how deeply connected all in the Universe is. Pleiadians as individuals are so deeply connected to the collective consciousness of their planet that they always think, act, and speak in terms of what is best for the collective.

In 2010, I experienced a huge and sudden spiritual awakening. Through a powerful and unexpected experience, the veils between the dimensions became very thin and I experienced a deep connection with Source and higher dimensional aspects of myself that was so intense that I no longer felt that I was the same person. After this experience I had a deep spiritual desire that moved me to continue to expand my consciousness and know and experience more. Several years later I first made contact with the Pleiadians, and while this connection was subtle at first and came in and out of my awareness over the years, I sense and they suggest to me that they, as other aspects of my own Oversoul, have been working with me since that moment of first awakening, as well as during my entire lifetime.

The Pleiadians have been communicating with shaman and indigenous peoples over the past epochs. They were in direct communication with Earth during Atlantic, Lemuria, and the beginning of the Egyptian civilization. Since 2012 our planet has been entered deeply into the Photon Belt, a long winding spiral of highly charged particles that stretches through our galaxy to its Center and includes Alcyone, Sirius, and many other important stars. In these times of vast acceleration our planet is being “star-seeded.” Our incarnate soul is part of a larger Oversoul, and that Oversoul contains incarnate aspects across the lines of time on other planets. Many other aspects of our Oversoul are enlightened extra-terrestrial races. As we awaken and ascend, many of us are “downloading” these enlightened aspects of our Oversoul into our bodies and developing connections with these races including the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Essasani, the Yahyel, and the Lyrans.

As my connection with the Pleiadians developed, they told me that in many of my earlier psychic openings and meditations that they were already opening to me, sending my light codes, and helping me develop my connection. For many people, connections to extra-terrestrials and other higher-dimensional beings is already playing out now without their entire conscious understanding. If you have mysterious dreams or feel some strong and loving presence watching you or holding you in your meditations or daily life, you probably are developing these connections already.

As more humans develop these connections, we will open ourselves to more direct and pronounced communication with extra-terrestrials. The planet collectively is currently not ready for full and total contact with extra-terrestrials, and in order for us to prepare for that opportunity we must develop telepathic communications and live in love-based ways.

Connecting with extra-terrestrials telepathically totally changes ones electromagnetic field in profound ways. When I first began channeling I would feel “electrocuted” by the procedure as surges of energy would move through my spine and my brain would light up and tingle with energy. Channeling is always accompanied with high levels of excitement and love. Channeling is essentially a telepathic connection, and in vocal channeling the Pleiadians or other beings transmit blocks of thought that are translated in the channels subconscious into words. Not everyone’s purpose in developing these connections is to preform vocal channeling. Telepathic connections with extra-terrestrials can also bring about great and inspirational art, music, dance, ideas, spontaneous insight, or other forms of spiritual and artistic expression. We are all hard-wired for this type of communication, and opening these channels brings not a sense of “some other energy entering your being,” rather it brings a sense of “coming home.” It feels like coming home because we are so much more, beyond this one simple body, life, and incarnation. We are all of it, all of our incarnations and we are connected and linked in with the entire web of life, because we ARE that web of life, and it is an intricate web of light and love.

I offer group and individual sessions in which I link up with my Pleiadian aspects and allow them to speak through me. Regardless of the content of the session, through resonance participants receive high levels of energy that bring an expansion and integration of higher frequencies. In a session you may ask the Pleiadians any question you wish as if you were having a conversation with any sort of other person, keeping in mind that the Pleiadians are highly telepathic in nature and are already perceiving your thoughts.

On occasion the Pleiadians will ask you a question in response to help you refine your question and get to the root of what you are actually desiring to know. Many have commented something along the lines of, “They really know how to get to the question behind the question.”

The Pleiadians know and teach that the physical world is always the outcome of vibrational patterns of thought and belief, with their roots in our upbringing and other lifetimes. The Pleiadians can guide you in changing your patterns of thought and developing love based practices and behaviors that help you to develop and maintain your own connection to higher-dimensional aspects.

Often the Pleiadians can answer complex questions regarding one’s other lifetimes and connections to extra-terrestrials. Those who have had ET contact experience and other psychic phenomena often benefit greatly from these sessions as they provide a confirmation and an elaboration on what has transpired. Channeling sessions are very useful for those wishing to develop their own connection to extraterrestrials, and the Pleiadians tell me that as we progress there will be more and more contact facilitators emerging. A contact facilitator is one such as myself who enables humans to connect with extra-terrestrials and develop their own faculties of telepathic communication.

The Pleiadians have also been able to assist some with health related issues and emotional healing. On some instances, sessions with the Pleiadians have brought about huge and total energetic detoxes for individuals who were ready to release old and limiting mental-emotional patterns and step into higher levels of love and integration.

Often the Pleiadians will provide metaphors and symbols that we can use to help understand and integrate the energies they share with us. The Universe speaks in symbols, and as we empower ourselves as the creators of our own unique experiences of reality, we can more fully attribute love-based meaning and significance to the metaphors and symbols offered to us.

I have posted many videos and channeled writings of transmissions from the Pleiadians that may of great assistance to many. You can tune in with their energy through these resources and decide if a personal interaction with the Pleiadians may be of benefit for you.