Always, Uncovering more…

Let’s move slowly; why must we rush? It’s all really here and now, and as that’s true let’s enjoy the process.

I received Yopo the other night; Yopo is a DMT containing snuff that creates an ayahuasca-like experience that is shorter and much more intense.

It was a relaxed evening and my intentions were for acceptance, clarity, and inspiration. Yet I drew the cards “pain” and “internal voice.”

I did not experience sudden downloads and clear messages. The sensation and energy was so overwhelming. I was able to sit up for a 15 min or so and spent the rest of the night collapsing onto the ground and purging, and spinning in circles in between. Afterwards I received some clear messages and was able to rest a bit.

It just so happened this ceremony I was waiting for popped up right after I spent the night before also sleepless. Perhaps it would have been “better” to wait though it seems perfect. I spent the entire next day in bed totally miserable.

Today I woke up and finally back to a relatively normal state… I was grateful.

My cuarandero told me my work was in forgiving my father. Really, more of that?

There is such a common distortion in forgiveness that makes it so we forget, or don’t look so much into those details of what wasn’t so nice in our past.

So instead I looked deeper. And the pattern of pain is in believing my innate preferences could be incorrect. I did some surgery on my solar plexus to remove all traces of such an idea. And instead I come to embrace every nuance of myself and what I am drawn to without trying to understand or change.

After this medicine, I wish to take it slow. I don’t feel like doing so much. I wish to be with myself. I don’t really care so much for these big groups and gatherings, though I’m happy to offer my own healings.

Awakening is to KNOW THYSELF.

And not all parts of the journey are easy. Those parts that requires the deepest investigation and greatest sensitivity are often the most rewarding.

We’ve done so much numbing to adjust to a way of life that is clearly unnatural.

Every stage of awakening brings a “de-numbing,” only as much as we can handle to make a new choice with empowerment.

Humans approach life in such a strange way. We grow the most through breaking from the way that things “should be done” and really asking ourselves that if we listened fully to our own uniqueness, how would we live and how would we express ourselves?

2019 Welcome

I took a little while to contemplate the journey, all of the shifts always taking place. So I bring in 2019 collapsing all of these different people, versions of myself in their own time and space, into a second to breathe in all that is my soul.

In every moment we are new people, not the same person we were in the moment before. Simply the same soul, the same consciousness. The person is entirely new with every shift in vibration. Almost everything changes.

The things that don’t change quickly and positively; those are where the work of acceptance come in. Until resistance drops away all challenge persists.

I look at all these people and smile and also don’t hide or shun the pain. I also see that social butterfly and its mixed intentions at a deeper level, of course wanting to love and be loved, yet also going outside perhaps because to be alone with oneself is perhaps frightening. And then there is the opposite aspect, the sage going within and cultivating and creating by himself, yet afraid of really fully exposing his own fear based beliefs about himself.

I ended 2018 with the most incredible cacao ceremony and channeling session. I get the message that in the energies right now, the power of every intentional gathering portal is doubled by the next one. I was so clear in my connection and open afterwards and went to a New Year’s Eve party. There wasn’t even /so/ much substances going on yet nothing felt right. The vibration of other’s using the festivity to escape themselves felt overpowering when I just wanted to stay real and true. Yet that form of celebration was just their truth. I’m sure a different version of myself would have understood it.

27 years of youth is almost 28, a big marker and I’m already in the process. While I contain all of the people I’ve been they are not me. You don’t know me unless you are right in front of me. I am coming to meet the real me by dissolving all my own filters and allowing. You only see the version of me your filters allow you to perceive. Nothing is hidden, simply obscured by belief.

Who I really am is beyond bliss. Bliss is the clearest translation I experience in the moments of purest connection. The masks I wear shift and change. They are still me. I am the All and All Its Parts.

And every single moment I’ve been alive is still here within me, and all that could be as well. I embrace All as I take this moment to reflect.

2018 has showed me my greatest power without a doubt. Jetting around the world like never before, I’ve been through Guatemala, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Cyprus, and now Peru where it feels like all the movement outside comes to a halt for some immense field of the deepest and smoothest transformation ever to manifest as reality.

2018 has also really threw me around quite a bit. I’ve come to really see people as they are. I’ve always wanted to see the best in people yet I will not limit my perception to not see their shit just as clearly, from afar and from near. 2018 has given me the gift of release from seeking love from others. Instead I will love all, to varying degrees based on my needs and preferences, and accept the love that is reflected back in only the forms I truly prefer. 2018 has reiterated more powerfully than ever that he shifts we make (and resist) can make the earth shake and the clouds rumble. And it has turned the belief that everything can be used in a positive way into direct experience that cannot leave me. Best year ever? Absolutely. Through all the waves I’ve expanded my practice exponentially and now my own personal upgrades are going to make what’s great even better.
Lessons come in spirals. We must actualize ourselves and live our dreams fully, allowing ourselves the full deserving and full expression of what is true for us. Since this journey began in 2012 I knew I wanted to be here in Peru. First I needed to develop the tools and see the world, expanding my perception and understanding. Now I am here today as a master in so many ways. On the surface such clarity, yet there’s still a dark bit in me… A circuit alive in me that believes there’s a right and wrong way to do things and still holds back this fullest self-acceptance that is the next threshold of my own awakening.

The Spirit of this land commands I shed all expectations of what happens next and accepts the complete mission I have here, inside and outside, and I embrace it.

I make no resolutions but ask Spirit to make clear my own goals for me. Yes writing a book. Yes expanding my channel. Yes exploring and serving and giving more. Yet what is most important is the most clear relationship with myself, a relationship that is a direct and perfect reflection of how powerfully Source Loves All.

my collage

Quantum Shifting My Addiction to Accidents

I am so happy.

I kind of love these moments when it seems like something has gone super terribly wrong, yet then it turns out all good. It really gets my gears into motion and helps me relax and surrender into natural wellness… and in the best moments bliss.

I arrived in Peru with so much enthusiasm. I’ve been traveling for so long yet in a way it’s the first time I can travel, like other people travel, with enough of a stockpile of abundance that working does not have to be my main focus and I can truly enjoy my own journey.

I was in awe in that realization and falling in love with Peru already.

So today I went to…the mall in order to get a sim card. Except I realized I didn’t have my passport as I waited for the phone store to open. I was panicked for a moment. I went back, looked at a place I’d stopped and it wasn’t there. A taxi driver told me to go to the radio station and make an announcement… It was pretty amazing that the people in the station thought it was a good idea and put it on as an announcement! I went to the police station and then walked home.

In my mind it was so clear, how I took it out when I went to convert some money and left it there. Yet I was then thinking about parallel realities, having been focusing on this a lot recently and thought that I could just shift into a parallel reality by focusing my imagination on the thought of leaving it in the hostel, and through that changing the past. Who says the past is really real? As a three year-old I had a clear sense that there could have been many different pasts and that now was a different moment, that the past was somehow less fixed down… that idea was abused out of my really quickly, as someone really couldn’t handle little Dante responding “I don’t know” to every question about the past.

I came back to the hostel and sure it was there. Whether my imagination really shifted me into a parallel reality or not who knows. I think it did something.

I feel like I win the game now.

Self-sabotage in the moment I finally feel in the vicinity of the desired experience is a thing I just do so well. Stolen or lost things at the moment I’m feeling so high happens again and again.

Yet even though I wasn’t so pleased with it I didn’t keep myself in a low vibration state when I was convinced my passport was gone. I surrendered in a way. I knew whatever happened, was my perfect manifestation created right out of my own force of attraction and it’s what I needed to learn. I’m so glad it wasn’t a hard lesson. Because I really feel like this trip is about quantum reality shifting joy

A lesson is repeated until it is learned… and yeah I knew when this happened that what I was meant to learn was to really get myself to focus more here and now in physical reality. I’ve been drifting. And now I am wishing to fully meet physical reality and not drift away. The world needs me here!
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Saturn Turning ~ Life Transitions

I began traveling as a lifestyle 6 years ago in December of 2012, with semi-annual roots in Guatemala nourishing me and tugging at me from afar. Mostly I’ve gone around the world and visited and made temporary homes in 16 countries and 14 states. When I planned to leave everything behind my plan was to go to spiritual gatherings to bring in the new 5D age of earth with people around the world, and shaman from Mexico and across Latin America, and then through Central America to Peru to learn about shamanism and plant medicine. My intention was to break from this cloud of darkness around me that seemed to consume so much of the world I knew in Pennsylvania. I knew something else was possible, and knowing that potentiality gave me strength to make the scariest decision ever, to seemingly abandon all sense of safety and face the total unknown. It was not easy, yet the challenge was worth liberating myself from a deep, heavy depressive energy.

I never made it to Peru. I found great solace in Guatemala and I met a shaman who told me to stay, I had lot of work to do in the magical mystery school that moved into the Mayan village of San Marcos la Laguna. I traveled and returned and then felt the call to join my then-beloved across the Atlantic to his homeland and to travel across Europe. I stayed just a bit south from where I am today in Belgium. Amsterdam was a place that filled me with wonder then. Today while it’s still a very exciting place it’s mostly a place where some great friends congregate and I have nice connections. The conscious social vortexes are wonderful to visit are and the vibration of the Netherlands is comparatively high frequency so it’s a wonderful place to be!

Yet the awe and wonder that once accompanied being off in a distant land has sort of faded.

In the same way that years ago I felt a heaviness motivating me for a change, now I face a similar point in a cycle… the necessary growing pains that indicate it’s time for a shift.

I feel so chronically fatigued it’s incredible. it’s a tiredness that comes from never truly having my own space and spaciousness, my own nest. It’s funny when I read or just sense envy coming from my posts on social media regarding my choice to travel, because I as well experience envy… Envy of feeling quite deeply rooted. I have started longing quite deeply for my own place to create from, to rest in, to be myself, to set my own rules fully, and to have a wondrous haven that provides continuous clarity and safety.

The growing awareness that it is time for a shift has been an intense process for me over the past year.

The times that I tried to create a stable home or root myself to a particular place there were dramatic interruptions/eruptions. There were quite some wondrous symbols of my unconscious mind totally sabotaging and dis-empowering my conscious self’s intentions to create “home.”

As a Starseed I share in a collective feeling that is one of “not feeling at home” on earth in general. This feeling is there to motivate us Starseeds to create the Home we know from Source connection and or remembrance of/connection to parallel-dimensional incarnations where we are living such smoother, better, more loving and free lives with vast psychic capabilities and wondrous technologies and a deep connection with nature.

In order for my contributions to our new enlightened earth to anchor themsElves into reality, I myself must be grounded. I experience grounding only through time in nature and with my body through yoga yet I have yet to create that grounding in a home. Now that I see the potential that creating a home has tor greater self-care and well-being, more free creative expression, deep and resonant community bonds that grow over time, and blissness and abundance, I’m beginning to envision that life and I’m also feeling the gap… the shadow of constantly traveling and always bustling about.

I have to bring myself to focus on the light and remember the wonderful aspects that I’ve gained allowing the wind and my hearts compass to guide me around the world for 6 years. I remember when I met my former partner and heard his amazing journeys across the sea on a sailboat through many exotic places in Europe and South America. I fell in love with him and in love with the wind that would blow my sails across the world (and of course, Ik “wind” is is Mayan sign). In many ways he taught me how to let myself flow with the wind and navigate the challenges and I came to be able to do it on my own and found an incredible flow. Joy and wonder, the desire to explore and learn, to make connections and spread love carried me along the way to spread many activations and learn many lessons.

It was in Amsterdam I made the decision years ago to go to India… And wow, the journey that followed was the most challenging, beyond my mental/emotional/physical limits yet one of the most profound lessons ever.

And now four years later I’m here in Amsterdam again now choosing to plan the future of grounding myself. While I am imagining and feeling and planning the future of grounding and creating a home for myself here and now, I am as well feeling the strong call in my heart to seal this chapter of my life of journeying all around the world in perfectly with completing my initial mission.

This winter I am planing to go to Peru, and to go feeling grounded and secure and prepared. The heart’s desires are so powerful and important to and settle now before experiencing my only remaining deep longing for exploration and freedom would feel quite incomplete. I just bought my ticket to land in Cuzco and I feel very complete knowing that while I intend to truly plant new roots without letting the wind blow me around this spring, I finally get to live my initial dream that was part of my vision when I began traveling 6 years ago. I first flew to Mexico December 1 2012, and December 2 of 2018 six years later, I make it to Peru, where I said I was going way back then.

I am excited for this journey yet sometimes I feel concern for these upcoming months in Europe, wondering if it would be better for me to cut this trip shorter because I really long to feel at home. In this moment I’m feeling to keep committed to the breadth of it, in honoring fully this chapter of my life that is coming to a close to open a new beginning. I’m feeling ready to keep celebrating the magic that’s come with choosing a nomadic lifestyle, living from place to place feeling flexible with time and location and open to wondrous possibilities.
Traveling has brought me so many gifts of unique experiences in every chapter.. At this moment of time to wander through Europe as a magical visitor I have to remember the gifts I’ve received over these years.

Gift #1: A deep sense of connection to a global TRIBE!

Every place and land has its own unique spirit and every soul everywhere is even more unique and special… I’ve come to experience that there is truly no place I’ve been where there is not genuine love, wonder, and beauty. I would not want to settle in every place. And really very few of the places I’ve been have felt resonant enough for me to wish to make home. Yet every place has brought a sense of wonder and shown me how to connect with all sorts of people in equally deep ways and I’ve met so many people around the world who all have a place in my heart and to remember this always brings me to see the big picture. I feel connected to a true web of light that stretches around the glove and It brings me great trust in Humanity and in the Ascension Timelines we’ve chosen.

Gift #2: Incredible Adaptability and Non-Judgment (Gift/Lesson Fusion!)
People and situations are so different. Traveling can be intense and bring very unexpected challenges, such as losing all your things in a sudden theft while landing in intense new places, discovering you’ve had chronic parasites and healing them for months, moving to a new home on a volcano just days before it erupts. These are all very unfortunate things yet they’ve all taught me my greatest power to heal… And also my great power to manifest unconscious patterns of quite cosmic magnitudes! I’ve really learned that I create everything I can experience, and that I can only consciously create in cooperation with these more hidden/higher vibration levels of myself with very deep presence.

Many quickly changing situations as well as intense moments has brought me to be able to find the positive in the worst of moments and how to remain present

Adaptability also comes from really being able to sync in and connect with such a wide variety of people and find the truth and the love that is truly universal.

Whatever happens wherever I am I come to realize everything is really going to be OK, I can build strong loving connections with anyone regardless if our beliefs are the same, and there is good to be found in everything that happens. It’s brought me to truly, truly flow.

Gift #3: Freedom

To never know what may be coming next, to know and use the ability to totally change everything suddenly, and to structure life in a way to truly allow my heart’s desires to be honored has brought incredible freedom.

I’ve learned I’m free to live anyway I want, I’m free to create any sort of reality I want… To feel my creative power in knowing I can choose anything has brought me to feel from the system, free from the manipulation of others, free form draining energies.


Yet then that’s perhaps where the shadow also lies. As a child I never felt free yet I always knew I was very intelligent and very capable. As a child I only found freedom in other realities, first through video games, then through the internet, and in way, traveling has been the ultimate escape into another reality.

I feel so alien to other humans. Beyond being a Starseed (I mean I’m clearly aware I’m also an alien and am making a living through helping others discover their alien powers), something of this constant movement has made it feel hard for me to understand the lives of most people, as most of us operate form a stable base and live with routines and consisten communities.

The freedom in being a true global citizen has been compensated by never truly having my own place. It’s been wonderful to be adaptable yet it’s also come with not having an entirely solid sense of who I am as my present-reality circumstances in so many different places begin to influence me in so many ways. Yet it can only be gift in discovering that my personality is not something so static and fixed, while I am always the same me my personality can shift so profoundly under different influences and it’s been very interesting to play with that.

I’ll hold onto the power to play with that while soon remaining very grounded, to have deep roots and a safe haven to create a more lasting sense of home, familiarity, community… It’s the truest gift of self-love I can imagine.

I’m more than a bit tired these days yet I am charged with bliss and gratitude. This life I’ve experienced over these years has been incredible. It’s brought the most powerful and rapid lessons, and such incredible quantum leaps and growth. I’ve become an entirely different person more times than I can count. And paradoxically I’ve always, always remained my sElf, the same sEfl, same soul, same essential bieng.

I would say that travel has brought me a deeper spirituality, yet the most of my psychic development, self-care, deep inner-work and discovery came from immersing myself in conscious community and committing to staying and connecting with that conscious bright tribe. Spiritually I have learned more in San Marcos than anywhere, though I learned even more than I learned in Guatemalan gaining knowledge and experience and healing very deep layers through embodying that and teaching what I’ve learned to others. I would not have been able to let my healing, teaching and now channeling carry me through the world without the gates I unlocked in San Marcos, and in that sense the Lake has always truly held me wherever I’ve been.

I have to find a new spiritual home because basically Guatemala is just not gay enough and I’m fed up. Otherwise it’s totally hOme. That statement is just what human me thinks, because my Higher Self totally knows there’s a bigger reason for me to make a real home elsewhere that will only become clear when I’m there.

In terms of self-care and multi-dimensional expansion it’s always better to be grounded. These wonderful lessons and experiences and connections have been great and such important parts of my path and I know my soul is to do work (also from afar) to all of the lands I’ve walked and new ones I’ve never been. And it’s also thoroughly time to experience a settled home. I know the deep connection and balance will flourish in incredible ways from being home and all the creative energy and inspiration generated over these years will bloom, blossom, and flourish! I can’t wait! Yet I can, because first it’s time to make the trip I thought I set out on six years ago, which means another 5-6 months of moving all about… And in this time I’m now choosing more than ever to embrace…

To embrace mysElf! To embrace how great it is I’ve chosen this journey and the gifts it has brought me.

To embrace all of the beloved friends I’ve made and meet and continue to meet new, to embrace the wonders of meeting so many interesting and diverse people and activating a true web of light around the globe!

It’s time to embrace the unknown, letting it be fun to not know the details of the future beyond each weekend and let life be a dance

I’m here to embrace all of the pleasure this life holds to connect, witness, and explore… To be truly free in mind, heart, and body.

I’m here to embrace the power of PRESENCE. In realizing it’s time to ground I stopped feeling fully present. I went into lack consciousness about having a home, having roots, having stability, having space, having the opportunity for full self-care. With real long-term planning and visioning I feel at ease in coming more fully back to myself to allow the rest of this rabbit hole journey to be filled with just as much wonder and enthusiasm for the sheer magic it truly truly is.

I guess the biggest thing I’ve learned is how to..

Gift #4:The Power to Embody the Courage to FULLY SAY YES TO EVERY DREAM!

Fully say yes to showing up for the magic. Fully say yes to trust.

I can actually see how this has brought me the greatest spiritually through giving me the lesson time and time again of

Have trust and faith in the path and surrender attachment to outcomes while doing everything possible to make it brilliant… What I’ve been able to create is immense and beautiful beyond what I imagined when I began. To share healing, ceremonies, gifts, and celebration around the world… Whew, if I believed in luck I’d say I’m lucky. What I truly believe is I saw what I desire and I aligned with it. I aligned with a flow of grace and the sharing of wisdom and joy. I never gave up when challenged yet rested when I needed to. I listened to my body, heart, and mind, and allowed them to cooperate and chose to let the path unfold.

Just because one wanders, does not mean one is lost.

I began lost, found mysElf and kept wandering.

It’s only natural. Saturn returns hits me in like 15 months or so. I’m ready to ground in this epic chapter of life while embracing all its wonder, magic, and also its absurdity.. It’s been seriously Kundalooney.

And as I land I know all of that ecstatic flowing joy will come together to create a great and powerful integration, the best gifts I’ve received from the Universe, and the best gifts I’ve ever given back to humanity, the earth, and to the stars.

With Love, and Infinite Blissings to Us All

Do You Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself?

If answered “yes…”

Is it true that you love yourself? Can you be sure it’s true? Do you love all of yourself, or just parts of yourself? Is loving yourself a mental concept or a perpetual action?


Most people know self-love is the most important ingredient in awakening spiritually and creating a better life. We all learn to love ourselves more all the time. As I continue to evolve, big blind-spots to love surface again and again. There’s always more love to share with oneself.

Everyone’s story is unique. The trend at this time on this planet is that in one form of another, parents and society ingrain patterns of self-hate when we are developing. Self-hate is a well-intended trip; it uses negative focus to help highlight what is “bad” with the intention that one may learn and make oneself “better” or “good. In actuality it just reinforces negative energy. Everyone in one way or another learns that giving to others is what is best, and focusing on yourself and what you want is wrong. Everyone learns, one way or another, that the purpose of life is “success” rather than happiness. Get the love you want outside by being an example of success!

While unknowingly subconsciously programming self-hate, my family instilled loving myself was just in recognizing and using my talents… The real truth was that love was only allowed when I was “good.” Good meant putting others before myself always. Good meant shutting up my truth because it might not go over well with someone. Good meant giving up what I wanted for what others wanted. Later it got even more complicated: in order to be “good” in the reality of one of my family members, I had to completely take their side and go against someone else within the family. And that’s when “trying to be good and selfless” turned into severely fragmenting my personality just to accommodate all of the manipulate people that would only keep loving and supporting I if pretended to be fully on their side alone. Yet I actually had no idea who to believe.

I was never taught to nurture myself. I was never taught to allow myself to want what I actually wanted. I was only taught to fit in and do what people do. Use my brains well and be successful. I started to undermine my conditioning early, and started doing radical and bold things, traveling the world and honoring all of my heart’s desires.

Spiritual awakening hit seemingly suddenly. And I discovered this realm, inside me and all around me, of Pure Unconditional Love which was palpable, sensational, and ever-present. 20 year-old Dante practiced loving himself finding his own truth, yet still that Unconditional Love which is the ultimate spiritual reality was only accessible to young Dante when he behaved in the ways that he believed were “good.” When I stopped doing all of my sadhana and meditation, I stopped seeing myself as good and stopped being able to love myself. I was still conditioned to give myself love “only if” I did what was “good.” Yet the contradiction here is that… yoga is meant to be an act of loving oneself, yet for me it became the permission slip I needed to feel love for myself. I wasn’t actively loving myself as I practiced. I was hating all of the blockages and issues in my body and following the motions and stretching and working so that I could just feel good about myself. I would feel so connected and in bliss only if I pushed myself and my body further than what I could actually handle. It took a while to learn how to turn my practices into real acts of love.

Later I learned to love myself unconditionally for who I am, to dig deep into my programming and beliefs and seed my subconscious with these positive thought-forms. I learned to keep my frequency high in appreciation and service. I learned to make myself the priority within my relationship. I used my gifts to make a difference and help people, and brought them that Unconditional Love. As they reflected it back to me, I could hold a bit of it.

My gifts have expanded over time though I’ve been also in very deep processes of release many times. When I’ve been “successful” in my mind, I’ve been able to feel love for myself. When I’ve failed, loving myself was the very hardest thing to do.

Perhaps 15 months ago I read in Teal Swan’s book: whenever you make a decision for the next entire year, ask yourself the question, “What would someone who loves themselves do?”

I followed love consciously since then, I used it as a tool to take my love to a new level. I have habituated a pattern, to always do the very thing that will bring me to feel the greatest level of love regardless of all else. I let that flow of love guide me. And it’s brought me deeper into love, feeling as if life is simply an organic flow.
Though the truth is, I’ve been terribly insecure. Minor rejections, especially for individuals who represent something to me for whatever reason, is a terror. I am also habituated mostly to give and give and give, to validate and validate and validate others, and let my amorphous truth and amorphous being meet them in some way. The level of love I’m able to share with myself has been largely dependent on how much love I share with others and how that love is received; if the love I share is not “good enough,” I’m certainly not deserving of this love… This incredible energy that is infinite and unconditional, what a ridiculous thing we humans do in cutting it off from ourselves. Yet that is the whole dance of separation we are bringing to a new beginning now in Unity.

I definitely love me, in theory. Though to love oneself is really an action. And to really fully master self-love, one’s own inner self… is the first priority.

For one year, my new question is “What would someone who loves themselves /first/ do?”

This came from a wonderful channeling session I received. The exact wording they offered was to “always give love to yourself equal or greater to the love you give to others.”

To always give as much love to myself as I give to others is a bit of a game changer… It means, when I send loving thoughts to someone, send the same loving thoughts to myself. It means if I hug someone, hug myself first. It means if I even smile at someone, send the smile to myself first. It means treat myself tenderly as a lover, to let myself enjoy and receive even more.

Though those simple actions truly just bridge the gap between two chakras inside… My heart that is radiant and open, never hardening, perpetually softening, must drop into my gut, the solar plexus where the energetics between “self” and “other” are stored and balanced.

I’ve opened my soul to great and powerful Unconditional Love. I’ve been pretty awoke for quite awhile. While many relentlessly search to find that opening, I share the love that pours through my channel endlessly with the world around me. I’ve learned to love some people demonstrating the most dense and ridiculous behaviors, because I know that loving is the only real solution. Yet for whatever reason, sharing that same immense love with myself has been taboo.

The core of it is simple: my inner-child learned that self-love was selfish and evil. I was never allowed to want what I want. It always meant I was selfish. For that word to be spoken would send little Dante into instant “conform for comfort” mode.

This pattern is getting brought to the surface to let it go.

I don’t think the words do it justice. You cannot communicate the difference between self-love and service to self at the loss of others quite well enough. To me “selfish” doesn’t quite do it. There’s so many different perspectives on these words. Yet for now it’s clear enough. Self-love means prioritizing your needs, desires, and emotions, without harming others in order to create your dream.

I’m quite tired of doing good for others so that I can feel good about myself. I’m learning now to do real good just for myself first. Already this deeper dive into how to embody this self-love brings so many shifts… And I know that this is just the beginning, and that this shift will lead to incredible changes in life and relationships. Love, love, love. You can only call it in by opening to Divine Love, and giving it to yourself.

Do you struggle with self-love? Where are you at in your journey? Feel free to share in this post, and if you ever want more support I offer support in developing self-love, healing the blockages and traumas around love, and learning the tools and understandings that can help you implement great loving change in your life. ❤ I’m still learning to love myself, yet I’ve come an incredible distance from where I began. I’ve anchored my being in my Source, which is Unconditional Love, and this presence allows me to drop in deep with you to help you bring that love to the places where there is pain and resistance… I can help you reflect on the past, remove the imprints from you energy body (chakras/aura), and help you develop new practices and understandings to facilitate your transformation to a life of greater love. Assisting people in this way is one of my favorite ways to serve… Feel free to reach out.

Today I’m going to love myself first. And same for the rest of the year. I’m very excited to see where this is all going, because it’s clearly better all the time.

Awakening My Inner Self

Last night as I laid in bed I rested my hands on my belly as I dropped in, felt a little ball of light like an egg form and drop in my sacral chakra. It’s a beautiful little egg of self-love that will grow and blossom as I rest with it.

Part of me supposes that perhaps this may be one of those kundalini initiations where an energy wave moves from root to crown one chakra at a time and hangs out till its finished in each one. My first month in Hawaii was a major imitation of the root chakra. Many say that the islands of Hawaii are a chakra system in themselves, the big island being the root itself… Whatever is happening, my root went through it.

For a month I’ve been through states of panic of varying intensities. Sometimes the fear was artificial, all mind stuff. Sometimes the fear was very real and a direct result of pretty damn intense shit going down.

After maybe a week in my little room on the hillside “pink hotel,” panic is finally over. It took so many waves of pain and total surrender to get there. Now the next steps begin, and I wonder what they may look like.

I hope that this doesn’t mean I have to spend 7 months in Hawaii, one for every chakra clearing each level. Though fully and totally… the sacral center is what needs to develop in me more than all else.

The darkest moments are the best teachers of self-love. If we can love “the worst” in ourselves, we can love all of ourselves. There’s no light without shadow and no shadow without life. I was going to write “I’m so in love with the amazing being I am.” To say that is trying too hard. This is about being real. I love myself more and more each day, and as I see clearly why I am as I am and how that creates my experience, I love myself even more.

My inner child learned to turn his sacral chakra into an antenna where he could download what other people wanted. My child-self learned to simply become who the people around him wanted him to be, and that was the only way he’s receive love.

I’m sure some members of my family will read this… and I will continue to be as blatantly harsh about how ridiculous my upbringing was, because that’s the only thing that’s going to bring the collective to end these absolutely ridiculous patterns we have inherited. Sorry not sorry. It’s an act of love.

My mother went so far as to create a terrifying alternate persona called “mean mommie” she would channel whenever I didn’t want to do what she wanted. My father would guilt and shame me whenever I genuinely did not want to be with him or give him my attention. I became a fear-based people pleaser. Who I was was not allowed or accepted by my entire family and cultural reality. I was a little gay human with a soul from an entire different star-system. This world never made sense to me. I know plenty of people who “had it worse” and lost even more of themselves. Even though I was forced into becoming someone I wasn’t, I still didn’t fit in. My weird was so weird that people still felt it, so by the time I was older I simply isolated.

I’m becoming more and more aware of how I change myself to match others. To some degree to chameleon oneself can be a wonderful tool in creating desired realities. Yet when done unconsciously or from a lack-based mind set it’s a train set in the direction of total self-sabotage.

I want a lover so desperately, I’ll become anyone in order to get “him.” Whoever he is. There’s a wonderful fantasy movie playing in my mind that’s taking auditions, if you want to sign up and see if you can play the role.

In my last relationship I was on the other side of the fantasy, and experienced how painful that overlay of realities really is in a way that is actually still affecting me today. My ex seemed like a free gift from the Universe that fell into my lap. He showed up and said that before I contacted him he sent out a letter to the moon requesting a lover and we’re born on the exact same day so it was all set up and meant to be. In 5 minutes the game was on. He was in love. I had been moping around, feeling overworked and annoyed that there’s just no gay dudes in this shiny woo woo hippie town. I gave it a go and just allowed him to enter my life fully and quickly, thinking I’ll just make the best of a total mess because the total mess really loves me and feels all right to sleep with.

In allowing in a total mess, I became one. If I really loved myself, I would have just ripped off the band-aid and tossed him out before he became a violent total mess. Instead I just allowed my own desires and inner being change to match what was happening, and it destroyed me.

I pause for a moment to question if I ever really loved him, and I decide that I did not love him. I was as much in a fantasy as he was. It was just a fantasy that I’d escape and have someone else. He didn’t love me either. He loved the fantasy he was playing out, a fantasy that ran parallel to what was actually happening without really intersecting.

I’m learning great lessons and they’re coming very quick. The self-love I need to have relationships that make sense is tingling in my belly as I write.

The creative juices to be who I am and want what I want are flowing. Nothing held back anymore, I’d love to be all of me. On a mental level I don’t care if people will like it or not. On an emotional level I’ll probably still be affected though I’m ready and willing to go through it.

I don’t really follow “Human Design” closely though I know I’m a “generator” with a “sacral authority.” And I feel that says a lot; it says I’ve literally given my authority away to other people in order to survive.

The truth is this world doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t know how to relate to it. The plants and the ocean and the rocks sure are pretty. Yet human behavior and the structure of this world I find very baffling. I know I’m not alone in that. Yet the further in my journey I go the less any of it makes sense.

I’m not here to get the old world and to express how much it bewilders me is part of my awakening magic. As a child I wanted to scream and cry because who I was and what I wanted were not acceptable. My soul really didn’t understand the concept of eating meat. I perceived it as violence. I tried to raise my voice and I was told shut up and eat it.

Shut up and eat this? I don’t know if that’s the right approach. Think critically, feel fully, and raise your own voice. Though I’m creating a new world, and if I have to rip some things open and heal some things with a razor-sharp tongue to get there, I’ll do it with a smile. I do not wish to shame anyone the same way I felt shamed into being a fake me. Yet there’s a harshness to this reality that aught not be down-played, and I hope all may see it clearly.

The Diamonds in the Disaster

I’m finding balance with this little excursion deep into the darkness… Thanks for all of the compassionate responses and beautiful love shared and kind birthday wishes.

(This post isn’t about the drama itself, it’s about the depth of the lessons gained from it. Long story short: Either someone I lived with stole my wallet from the counter or the fairies took it and hid it really, really well. We can never know though the feeling in me is still so strongly leaning towards the first one. I made what could have been a petty theft so much worse with my equally aggressive response. And this all happened right before my birthday. It’s been a pretty amazing ride!)

What disappeared is totally replaceable (and already has been/is being replaced) and no real damage is done on this level. The biggest damage that made everything explode and get even bigger was my own negative counter-reaction against what took place. I really made things 100 times worse than they needed to be (no exaggeration), yet even this mistake is not a mistake at a higher level… I see the gifts in everything.

If this post will be too long for you or too metaphysical for your liking the short answer is: “that really sucked but ALL IS WELL and time to move forward now.”
As someone who teaches and shares the message that “You create everything that manifests in your reality and for a good reason,” and having such an intense manifestation show up as a birthday gift for myself is a pretty epic thing to do….It’s actually the most remarkable thing I could do after a full and entire year of life with absolutely no major disasters/diseases/dramas. There’s certainly been stuff coming up, but nothing nearly as bad as what I did before and what just happened! And what an amazing way to demonstrate how to see such perceived disasters as the gifts they actually are!

Yet the truth is that every single birthday for me is a bit of a cataclysm. Birthdays for me are more like death days. They shake me to my very core and force my worst fears in my face so I can love them. On or around my birthday for the past four years I’ve either had a break-up/heart-break, or a theft. Perfectly planned and coordinated. Could it just be part of being a Scorpio? I would imagine it is much bigger than that… Though this year for me it was an especially Kali day.

There are at least 3 deep layers of frequencies/beliefs creating what is going on for me…

1) I’m so good at having things stolen. I’ve had packages delivered to my front porch and stolen. Now its items within my own house. It’s even happened that things were stolen from bags I’m sleeping practically on top of… I’ve had really important/valuable things stolen 5 times I can remember within 3 years. There must be some big pay-off in this. Though it’s not really about the stuff.

Having struggled so much, one of my strongest desires is to have total financial freedom. I want it so strongly. Yet I have this hidden belief that it must be better to be limited by my circumstances than to actually experience security and freedom. It’s like an invisible rubber band, and whenever I experience a sense of financial freedom, living my dreams, truly serving at big levels and being an inspiration, catalyst, teacher, whatever, there is always a massive tug that pulls me back to the ground, quick and hard, and I find myself heavily bruised and lost in the abyss once more…. because it must somehow be “safer” than flying to a part of me that still needs some attention.

Part of it is guilt that is triggered strongly when I’m surrounded otherwise by lack. The truth of the matter is the best way to help is to be the example of well-being, abundance, and freedom.

So many people have similar “invisible rubber bands…” Ways that they instantly bring their frequency back to square one, quickly, and painfully, because to be big and powerful has too many subconscious negative implications attached to it. I use money as my “invisible rubber band.” Other people will do it with diseases or relationships… As soon as things start getting “too good to be true,” a new allergic reaction or a sudden fight. Whoops! It’s a great way to sabotage all of that momentum.

2) For many people, suffering is the only way they know how to connect and experience intimacy. There’s nothing like suffering to bring people together. And perhaps I’ve kept this invisible rubber band to make sure I’m still experiencing intimacy. “If I’m not in tremendous pain and needing to get out of it, why would I let someone else see so deep inside?”

In less than a full day I went from blazing a super high frequency to the lowest low I’ve experienced in well over a year. It’s a pretty wild gift to myself!

One thing I didn’t expect blazing a radiant frequency was how people’s responses and expectations are so different. Those little twinges of jealousy and bitterness have sometimes been enough for me to choose to dim my light.

Plummeting into the depths is a good way to see which friends will stick around and which will back off until you’re feeling better… Yet it’s not a good enough reason to want to do it anymore.

Somehow with this frenzy that has arisen around and within me, I find that my congestion I’ve had for weeks and weeks is just gone. There’s much more than just congestion that was liberated from this.

3) Perhaps the greatest freedom and gift that comes with this encounter is facing an energy within me (and within everyone) I will lovingly call the beast… Primal aggression and violence. The potential for it is within all people.

In this lifetime I learned to just stuff this sort of aggression away very quickly, and in finding spirituality it became even more of a no-no to even look at. A yogi cannot feel aggression and violence! Push it down with a mantra.

When I first began this path 6 years ago, I had a dream once that I was Jesus, and I was murdering people in the name of God. It was a very disturbing thing for me to experience. I was seeing a therapist at the time who, although spiritual, looked at it with me a bit, but for the most part shrugged it off.
For years whenever I would feel anything aggressive, I would instantly dissociate from my body and from reality until it would disappear. Cannot deny what’s running inside you… If you do, it will manifest outside!

This primal destructive force can be used and channeled in a good way… I’ve let it in over time in very small doses… How much aggression is actually allowed? Each time I would allow a bit more and learn to work with it, my health, energy, and everything would drastically improve. It feels like this is the very last little bit of it.

I refused to love “the beast.” I refused to love the violent energy and see it as part of myself. And as such, I attracted a situation that matched the frequency of violence and intentional harm.

When I realized what had happened, the fear inside me was so powerful and strong that presence and discernment totally went out the window. This “beast” energy within me I denied became so strong that it took over entirely, and I wasn’t even aware of it. I responded with the same kind of negativity that was thrown at me, and I made it lots bigger.

It took me a while to even recognize that, but I did…A wise one showed me the way. I said that I was feeling so much violence within me, yet I knew I would never act on it. He pointed out to me that I already did act on it. The intensity of the moment was so strong I didn’t even have the presence to step back and realize that in the moment.

That realization took a bit of time to integrate but did bring the greatest liberation. It’s somehow mind-boggling to me now that I continuously was faced with this energy within me in an easy way, yet I simply just poofed it away into fairy-dust and unicorns because it wasn’t nice to feel aggressive. It was evil. It must mean that I am simply a vampire or something…. Nope!

To embrace the power of the beast, to know it exists within us and is a part of us brings a deep power and strength. To see something as part of yourself is the essence of love. And when this deep primal energy and all of the darkness within is truly and fully loved and embraced, one is also empowered with a greater sense of choice.

Sometimes playing things out with physical reality and traumatic moments is the very best way to move through big unseen layers of density. If it happened, it’s a gift, and there’s a brilliant lesson within it.

Yet come on guys… It’s super true that every manifestation is a purification and an opportunity to grow, yet keep in mind when someone is really in this sort of shit step one is COMPASSION. I am grateful for everyone for how they responded and held space for me. I am a bit more grateful for the ones who held that space of compassion and asked permission before downloading layers and blocks of their own advice and telling me what I need to do/look at, when I didn’t even ask. I get that it’s all true. And I know who to go to when things come up, for me. If you have some epic advice that will help someone, just ask them before imparting it. It makes a big difference. When you feel like you are drowning in a cesspool there’s some truths that are of course true, but are not helpful.

I would like to hope that by sharing in this way when really dark shit emerges that others realize the choice they really have… If you don’t want shit like this to happen to you, don’t do what I did. Instead look at your own shit before it hits the fan. There’s always a way to catch that shit with a bucket or something. There really is. And if it does hit the fan, the only remedy for splattered shit is love…

It is possible to emerge from the cesspool quickly and I would like to hope that I’m headed now, above, and beyond, and ready for the best year ever. This really sucked. And there’s no reason to be upset with the Universe nor myself for what I manifested and how I responded. The only thing to do is to be in the eternal now and appreciate. And really cut that “invisible rubber band” by exposing the limiting beliefs for what they are, seeing those wonderful intentions within them and allowing those intentions to grow instead into forward moving jet engines of bliss.

To be 25 truly and fully WAS the best year ever. And I’m sure one day I’ll write pages and pages of what the journey of really stepping into the magic in the way I have in the past year is like. For now just gratitude. Those who have shared this year with me know… It’s been a big one. Many waves and ripples are continuing to flow from such epic play/work this year, and the next year is going to get even better.

Nothing brought me more into my heart than my super sweet friend Gen blessings us with a Kali mantra on the ukele… Somehow Kali has always been the most comforting of the deities to me. Is that just part of being a Scorpio too?

Kali really represents what what happens when the primal power with is channeled into Divinity… When that deep dark urge can be owned, Kali allows us to transform and grow, to release from the limitations and soar.

Whenever I feel that energy within me, I will remember the power of Kali and call her forth from within me…

One thing very interesting in this whole drama is that one thing that is missing is one of 77 Frequency Tarot cards… The card that is missing is “Play.”

Before this even happened one day I realized that all of the stuff I was doing started to feel somehow mundane. I diverged from what I want to embody, and have let something other than joy lead the way. It’s strange that in a place almost designated to dive into that bliss and love that my playfulness seems to vanish. This is a mystery still unraveling in every moment as I just choose now to fully and entirely nurture myself in the ways that I’ve been neglecting…

Seeing the gift in the disaster is certainly a form of alchemy… and within this disaster, there are quite a few deep and beautiful gifts.

This new year of my life in the Dreamspell calendar comes with kin Yellow Spectral Sun:

I dissolve in order to enlighten
Releasing life
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided my my own power doubled.

If this is just the beginning of a year of “releasing life,” I suppose I must start celebrating now. Kali Ma is there within every single drama and disaster to show us that light…. So I’m grateful for the transmutation, in whatever way it plays out. Somehow or another, I’m interpreting this to be a very, very good sign.




55 Days in 5 Countries

55 days in Europe in 5 countries… (Sweden ~ Norway ~ Germany ~ Holland AND Denmark, only if you count landing in the airport)… Another 55/5 synchronistic realization to top off this journey.
cacaoc ceremony mahara 2
I’m sitting now in Schipol airport in Amsterdam. it’s always so interesting to sit and sum up these journeys sitting in the airports.
This moment I’m in awe. This moment I’m on fire, in a very calm and soothing way. Life really seems to just happen through me.
The heart is the best book keeper and secretary can have. When you can listen clearly and hear the yeses and nos in the heart and drop resistance and hesitation flow is incredible. There was certainly much planning involved in making this all happen, yet ceremonies and gatherings seemed to pop up and come together so effortlessly and magically as everything really happened at the right place and right time. The journey started with one invitation to teach a course, and I was asked to be part of a magical and prosperous WhatsApp network that brought me directly to my soul sistar who, having never met me before, buried her keys in the ground outside of her flat the day I arrived in Malmo while she went off to Stockholm for a week. And from that moment there has only been continuous ease and wonder. 
What you put out comes back. When you trust the Universe you are trusted deeply by others. Put out pure love and pure love is returned, amplified, multiplied, clarified. This journey has been for the most part a shower of healing and abundance. I’ve met so many amazing souls and we have reflected to each other so much beauty and compassion.
There have also been some rather tough lessons about boundaries and I’m learning the importance and power of stepping into greater levels of transparency… It comes down to simply and shamelessly speaking one’s true desires without insistence, dropping the masks that come from “trying to be a good person” and instead resting in intrinsic benevolence. I’ve also learned how in certain moments, words just waste energy. Words that someone is not ready to hear are better left unspoken. Words that are not entirely transparent are better unspoken.
I love how the body is such a tool for feedback. I had a gum infection for several days after some interesting conflicts bubbled to the surface. Apparently in Dutch there is an expression that translates to “walking over your gums.” It’s a pretty spot on way to describe how I was attempting to resolve conflicts to which there need not be a resolution.
To be OK with things not being OK is a sort of magic. Constantly I see into the insanity and distortion that is our modern world and the cultural assumptions that keep people in inner bondage despite the outer comfort. Yet in this moment what seemed to trigger me and bring me to think that the world is going in the wrong direction just seems likes a joke. A pretty lame joke, but a funny one nonetheless.
I am blessed to ride this wave of light. On one level it is choice. On another it is grace. Truly, we cannot have one without the other. This is the best moment ever. And it always is.
The magic around the corner will take me and so many in the light tribe far beyond all the magic of the past. I am so excited to return to Guatemala, yet in a way feeling a degree of shock already at the intense change of pace… From the constant movement and constant focus in holding space for others and manifesting magic on the move to creating again outer stillness and routine will be very comforting.
I wished for a moment to stay longer in Amsterdam. While every destination has been magical, Holland has topped it off. The exchange of energy, gratitude, and bliss has felt so natural and safe with everyone I’ve met here and the love brings my heart to warm and tingle. Yet I’m quite certain it’s right I’m leaving now. I’m out of chocolate, and it’s getting cold. I am also a bird, and birds really dislike these sorts of temperatures.
I have much to look forward to on my next journey here and I’ll look forward within the now to all the beauty to come.
For now it’s 11:11 and I have a lake to return home to, and retreat to pilot, and a magical lay-over in between!
Thank YOU to each and every soul I’ve played with along the way! I love you all so much and excited for our journeys to meet again in later nows!
cacao ceremony mahara
Tak! Chus! Doei! ❤

The Fifth Element with Teal Swan (Part 2)

20171014_150211I have been so blessed that was appearing hidden or fragmented. What do we all really want? The simple answer after so many processes is nothing more than greater connection. How do we get more connected with ourselves with each other? Authenticity. To be totally vulnerable, totally true to ourselves with no f**** given if it’s wrong or unspiritual or may not grant us approval from others… Because once we approve of it within ourselves, we become a match to that so craved outer approval.

The whole time a part of me questioned the processes, thinking they were just too simple. I didn’t learn anything I don’t already know. Yet I realized within infinite complexity our questions and our pain boils down to really one thing and that is self love, a love so strong that you share yourself and all that you are and all that you want just as it is. In truth part of me was a bit traumatized from the last time I found myself at the seminar like this. After this experience I feel embodied in a way I’ve never felt before.

I’m excited to follow my heart and share this wisdom and love with many to come. I got a lot of downloads that will be a part of my offerings in the future though most importantly found greater ease with in myself. The last time I went to something like this instead of actually feeling the wise guru super star guided the group to jump through mental hoops to raise our frequency so we knew how super cutting edge we really were. The whole energy in the room was filled with this sticky infatuation like when you think you’re falling in love with someone. Teal explained so beautifully that the “butterfly” feeling we are so addicted to is just a sure sign we are headed in the direction of pain. Whoops! Seems all those addicted to the spiritual by-pass teachers eventually fall into a hidden hole in the ground or run into an invisible brick wall by always chasing the “feel good vibe” even when they feel like shit.

Teal gave such a beautifully simple formula for actual success without fragmentation. You can be outwardly successful with pure positive focus alone, yet you’ll have that sticky “butterflies in your belly” feeling constantly and through continuously avoiding discomfort eventually you’ll manifest a disaster. If you want to actually be successful and comfortable and whole within and throughout it, then focus positively continuously, until something negative arises, and then put every ounce of your focus on that negativity. It’s not hard. It’s not even frightening anymore once you get used to it!

Even before this workshop it was through Teal’s wisdom on YouTube alone I could pull myself from the spiritual by-pass loop that is so prevalent in some circles. To be in her energy field and surrounded by so many genuinely compassionate people was a deep and fresh breath of air.

It’s true we’re in a world that is for the most part practicing disconnection and by-passing. Teal herself made clear that the Earth is headed in the direction of a wake-up call. Of course things are getting better and the earth is ascending, yet also the density is really, really coming out. I’m excited for it. All it means is more work for me, which as a full and true “processing junkie,” I fully enjoy.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Teal and all involved. Best weekend ever!



The Fifth Element with Teal Swan ~ Earth


When i first saw Teal Swan’s famous “F**k the Law of Attraction” video I was in huge resistance and turned it off a few minutes through… When the wide-spread spiritual by-pass teachings only left me spiraling I felt some aspect of Teal reach out to me on the astral planes and telling me “it was time.”

To be honest when I go to other workshops in recent months I’m usually either bored or dreaming of how I’d lead the workshop instead. Though I’ve been watching Teal several times a week for half a year now, and our tours seemed to intersect in Munich.

I went to the workshop today without a ticket, and simply focused on spreading good energy and connecting with people, and shared honestly that I couldn’t really afford a ticket and could only come for two of three days anyway. Magic strings were pulled. I got a super reduced rate and was able to sit in today for the Earth element workshop.

We did channeling exercises to hear what our own bodies have to say through another person’s mouth in small groups. Of course my group tuned into my open channel, and 3 of 5 people asked me to be the channel for the messages from their own body! The messages that came through really helped them, and my mind was open to new possibilities of what I can do with channeling.

We did another exercise to tune into our own resonance, what is a yes and what is a now through our body, through immediate sensations though our spine. The simplicity of this activity frustrated me but I cooperated. Hours later I realized that I had denied the “no” feeling response in order to “do the right thing” or to “do what lightworker/spiritual/compassionate person /should/ do” several times in the past week, and all that ensued was chaotic and amplified that initial bad feeling I ignored… Until it exploded. Today it was so big that I didn’t know what to do. Yesterday I put it on the other person, the one my body asked me to say no to, and immediately that blame and projection came back to me from another angle. What you put out comes back, and in these energies it comes back /really/ quick. Luckily I also learn really quick!

All of these practices we shared today were a part of connecting with the earth element. Out of all the elements, I have a lot of resistance to earth both consciously and subconsciously. There’s so much resistance that I bought elemental wind chimes, a set of four, and mistakenly bought two waters and without getting the earth.

I’ve resisted the earth because of a false belief that being grounded and in my body meant hat I had to co-operate with the rules and conditions of the old world. I don’t fit into mainstream, modern society.  Never have, never will. I barely even fit into the spiritual market place. Yet I didn’t come here to fit in and meet society and the old world. I came here to create the new world. I came here to help build the very foundation of it. I came here to write a new set of rules and conditions for existing in physical reality and upon planet earth. To be grounded and connected to physical 3D reality doesn’t mean I have to admit defeat to the conditions of the old world… More-so, it means that I’m much better equipped to start sculpting the new one.

Thank you Teal and all the beautiful souls involved! I’m really excited for tomorrow.