The Illusory Split between Spirit & Matter

Q: I went to a Christian Science meeting. And the doctrine was that all thought is God, and matter is corruption. Now I know that they’re from the Victorian. And so they went over to change the source text. And I’m having trouble. I’m struggling with this concept of metal being corruption or distortion. If all thoughts being from God, the science of curing the body is all in the mind.

P:  Corruption, we don’t resonate with that as a term.  DIstortion. There’s some validity to it. that everything that exists is a distortion. It’s a distortion from the one essential Source, but is distortion essentially bad or negative? No, not really.

You can apply that and you’re human terms, that you might not like things that are distorted. But that’s essentially what it is there was one Source, it was undifferentiated, it was endless, timeless, nameless. And without any self awareness or reflective capability, it was all one all love, all capable, though, without self awareness, it was somehow experiencing a sort of lack that birth, the desire for there to be manifestation.

So all realms of manifestation are in a sense, a distortion of that one state of completion or oneness as one Source. But that means that not only is our physical realms a distortion of that all of the non-physical realms are sort of distortion as well. But there is in religions, and sciences, and all sorts of theories of reality that you’ve created in your world, many  distortions of reality based upon your past and present perception of things.

And this split between the notion of spirit and matter is one of the most prevalent of these ideas. However, in the very most fundamental understandings of reality, this wasn’t necessarily the case. Thus, in initial understanding of elements, there was first the element of akash/ ether/ space, then that manifests into air which also contains ether, then that manifests in to fire which also contains all the others, then that manifests into water, which contains all of the others. And then it manifests into Earth, which contains water, fire, air and ether.

So the Earth, the most physical dense thing contains the spirit, whereas the spirit or the Akash, doesn’t contain the earth. And so you’re not becoming less spiritual. When you go into the space realms or the spirit realms, you’re simply shedding the realm of Earth. And there was always just ironically, as a sort of paradoxical reflection as the Source desired to have self awareness and knowledge, of what self awareness was, those beings that come to incarnate have the desire to remember self as source, in some cultures at some times, this became manifest as the notion that to go beyond the body and experience that liberation was the most important and pivotal thing that in coming to know spirit again, you are complete, and thus this manifests as human sacrifice and as the willingness to die in battle.

However, that later manifest as the opposite or the fear of death and the notion of the afterlife. that you are so far rewarded or punished. This was birthed more out of an idea to control people. And it isn’t necessarily on topic as much as it is a later manifestation of that sort of split between spirit and earth. But it’s a split created in the mind. That gradually became more and more prevalent as the mystical components of spiritual practice that brought people into altered states of consciousness, were gradually eliminated and removed from all such religious practices. And that brought you into a time of great materialism, both in your science and in your religions, in which religions insists that this realm is somehow separate from God, rather than this realm being the kingdom of God.

Abusive & Distorted Spiritual Teachers & False Gurus? ~ Duality & Separating the Teacher & Teachings

Response & Apology on the Post About Sadhguru

The majority of this post is just an edited transcript from a video response I made. Though the one thing I didn’t include is maybe most important and will just come here at the top:

What am I actually apologizing for? I’m not apologizing for defaming a guru. Actually, the text along with the video I posted was copied and pasted from someone else who shared the video. It didn’t link them by default and I didn’t know if they wanted to be tagged so I carried on. I don’t know if all of these claims he wrote about Sadhguru were true but I do know he illegally built over very important grounds for endangered elephants to build his center, I’ve heard him say some toxic stuff, and I didn’t resonate with his energy from day 1.

The part I definitely feel to apologize for is this: “If somebody is really into this guy it’s probably a red flag.”

And I’m sorry for this because someone who follows a teacher often doesn’t know nor see everything about a teacher, or they choose to see past it because what they are getting from the teacher is deep and valuable to them.

This comes to this controversial notion: can you separate the teacher from the teachings?

And basically this entry here is saying just that: we have to learn to not separate the teacher from the teachings, but at least distinguish between that which is Divinely spoken/purely channeled from a teacher and that which is negative beliefs and ego.

I don’t believe there are any perfect people out there. Immediately dismissing someone because they follow a teacher who has done something harmful is missing a lot.

Almost all of my teachers have had distorted human egos and have done harmful things in some way. I don’t throw them out of my life and discard their teachings because of it, because that energy and wisdom changed my life. It took me a long time to learn to not “throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

Maybe I’ll be on a different trend at some point, though for the most part I’ve been leaning towards more criticism than celebration directed towards major mainstream teachers because I think we’re still letting people get away with too much and really people live under this illusion of perfect people. They get caught up in the story that enlightenment and wisdom must be so far away and idolize celebrity gurus they don’t fully know while dismissing others in their immediate vicinity under this silly distorted notion that there are perfect people and teachings somewhere out there. This notion that their guide must be perfect in every way and cannot be a subject of criticism enables these figures to continue to do toxic things.

Is it certainly not traditional to have such a critical eye to supposedly sacred teachers?

Correct. It’s not traditional. Though those of us who have been involved in the spiritual community long enough have to be honest about how much abuse of power has gone on and recognize the traditional acceptance and subservience does not help us in a world where there has been so much deep abuse done by those bring through real wisdom and healing energy to the world.

So is it a red flag if someone follows one of these distorted spiritual teachers? No.

But it is definitely a red flag if they are unwilling to look at the shadows, blind-spots, and short comings of these teachers.

While there are certainly different levels of self-realization or vibration, we are all One and the One Source/God is in everyone. And no matter how deeply connected with that God someone is, if they inhabit a human body, they’re subject to the duality and shadow of human incarnation.

Ok, so unto the transcript from the video that is my initial response after reading all of the comments and messages that were sent after this initial share:

Hey everyone, Dante here, hope you’re having a great day. This video is a response to a response to a post about a particular guru that I reshared.

I want to start on this note by saying that we need to get rid of the notion of perfect people and I deeply accept that we are in the realm of duality. And this isn’t even something that is accepted in the modern fabric of certain spiritual traditions. But it’s nonetheless, very much it’s true that we are all human. And so when the solar aspect, the aspect of the light and the power within us gets really, really bright and really, really strong and somebody becomes this very influential public figure, often, the shadow gets amplified as well. And there’s no guru teacher teaching out there that is perfect. And that also doesn’t make all of their teachings and everything that they’re doing wrong.

To me these gurus or teachers are channels to this higher wisdom. This higher wisdom is something that is written about in spiritual books from time from for long, for a long time, it’s been known about, it’s been talked about. And all of this is essentially channeled, it’s a deeper wisdom that exists in the fabric of the universe itself. And anyone can be a channel for that wisdom. And just because they go into that state in which they’re connected with universal wisdom, doesn’t mean they’re not going to go out into the world and enter into a different state and enter into a different mode when that with different circumstances. So the same is true. For me, it’s very much true for me, I am a channel I’m channeling these guides that work with with me and through me. But we’re very different. I’m having my own life experience. And that’s part of the reason why I love channeling so much is because first of all, I know a lot of the things that I speak about what I channel, but when I’m channeling it comes through in a much clearer and more concise way. And also it leaves room for there to be this space between the message and energy I’m bringing and me as a human being and as a persona.

I do my best to be as transparent. I can be about my humaneness and my mistakes and My Shadows. And there’s videos on YouTube as well, I don’t do that as much on YouTube as I do on Facebook, just because I feel like YouTube isn’t really set up for that in the greatest way. And it’s not what I’m really interested in doing here. But on Facebook, I post about it from time to time. And I make mistakes, I made some mistakes a couple days ago, I’m gonna make some mistakes again. There are still negative beliefs and patterns within me as much as there are positive ones, I’m working my stuff out.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a teacher, though. I think we all want that perfect person, almost like the fantasy of a perfect parent we create when we are children to be there for us and to show us the way. But so far, I don’t see them. And I don’t think they exist. Even when I even my teachers have a lot of big blind spots. I don’t need them as teachers anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t honor and respect the time we had together. But for example, one of my greatest teachers definitely violated some people and crossed their boundaries. One of my greatest teachers also spreads information that isn’t true and is misleading and harmful to some people and keep certain people in this healing trap where they instead of going off and getting better they stay attached to him as a teacher. And, and this is alarming stuff. And I talk about this with the people who need to hear it. And none of that discards the truth that they are sharing and have shared. They were channeling it. They were bringing it through for the people that needed to hear it. And so that was just The way it had to unfold.

If we want to see teachers who are more accountable, we have to hold them accountable. And we have to be accountable ourselves and be willing to show up and give visibility to our shadow components, as well. That is creating a new trend, it’s putting a new energy out into the world so that that energy can repeat itself and spread. And in order to do this, you have to be willing to accept that duality of being a perfect spiritual being and being a flawed human at the same time. And it’s actually not that difficult to do that.

However, a lot of these spiritual teachers don’t do that, and don’t show up as a vulnerable human self. And they often put themselves on pedestals. Now, this isn’t so much about Sadhguru, as it is about accepting this, that these are flawed humans, and being able to be open minded when somebody calls into question, someone that you cherish as a teacher. And also, when you see these truths that can sometimes be very shocking about a teacher being spread out there, that you don’t throw out all of the teachings and you don’t make all of these teachings wrong.

I’m going to say just a couple words on Sadhguru. I don’t like the guy. That’s it. I saw his image, and I listened to some of his words, and I just was like, “Okay, this isn’t my teacher,” it just didn’t resonate. And when I was in India, I talked to different Indian people who did say negative things about him and said that he was a sort of Hollywood teacher that was just for these more upper caste, upper class people. And that in creating his center, he disrupted the natural habitat of many elephants. It was an elephant sanctuary, and that he just basically didn’t care and said, “This is where we’re building the center anyway.” Articles online share this was done illegally.

So this is all that I’ve heard about him. I was my feeling that this person is not right for me, and this person might be kind of off. And then I heard what are the people who I pretty much resonated with in all areas of conversation had to say, and then I saw somebody sharing some extra details. And I was like, “oh, cool, you know, that’s validating this intuitive feeling I have about this person.” And what I didn’t write with that post is that, well, maybe this person has some great teachings.

And I want you to see the way that I conceptualize things, just because somebody does horrible things, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a very intelligent mind, or they don’t have a deep spiritual connection. And some people are going to be like, shocked when they hear this and trying to wrap their minds around this is going to be something devastating or impossible. But I really mean it when I say it, that you can be both brilliant and amazing and horrible and toxic at the same time. And when you can really go deep into the acceptance of this, you will really deeply accept the duality of our human experience. And that will actually be the thing that helps you to lift yourself up out of being limited by the physical duality, more than anything else. We can’t go beyond something until we accept it. And by and large, people have not accepted that so many of these spiritual teachers are really flawed human beings.

And there’s the other camp of people that see them as these very flawed human beings and therefore can’t accept anything they’re saying to be true. When I discovered this myself and kind of realized that most of these people out there don’t have all of the pieces put together and I’m gonna wait till I find somebody who has it all together. And if you do that, you’re going to wait forever so I did encounter some new teachers that I’m working with him studying with at the time, and sometimes horrible stuff comes out of their mouthes. There’s some ideas that they have shared that are not resonant with me and I think, keep the world in a stuck place. And I am choosing not really to challenge them on it. Because I’m just at this point, seeking to learn what it is I’m seeking to learn from them, it isn’t my job to change their opinions about things. There’s things that they know that I don’t know. And I’m there to learn them. However, when it comes to a really big public figure, or when it comes to somebody who’s literally causing harm to others, because this example I’m giving them, the teachers I’m working with, they simply say things that I think, create toxic energies in the world, and they’re not actually directly abusing people. If they were someone that’s actually abusing people, then we need to raise our voices about that, anyway.

But when it comes to these big public figures, we need to bring awareness to their shadows and to bring awareness to the things that aren’t working with them. If we don’t, then we perpetuate this consciousness of putting people on pedestals and idolizing people and imagining fantasizing that perfect people exist. And, and this is something that I find flawed as well within this Indian spirituality, because there’s this concept that some of these people are not even people. Their soul is already liberated, that they are just the Supreme Soul, the Supreme God, enacting itself through the person,

They say this about Amma, but then people also say that, and when they get really in close in the inner circle with Amma, that sometimes she snaps and anger at her followers, and that sometimes she puts things in people’s heads to hook them to her to create a bond that is like an attachment to her. And this is something that so many teachers will do, as well as that they want to create attachments to their followers, so that it’s something that keeps them energetically bound. And we need to have awareness of all of these types of things. And as I say this, I’m not saying that Amma isn’t an actual saint, and an amazing teacher and a powerful energy. I’ve hugged Alma, and I felt something move in me. And I feel something through her presence and portraits and when people call her energy, and so she is that. And she also still snaps at people and does some things that we can question. We can question.

And when I say I’m not questioning my teacher now, it’s simply because all I’ve seen happen is opinions I don’t agree with and opinions I think are harmful. If there was something actually toxic being played out in the space, I would say something and I’m open to doing that right now. But anyway, and can we really open ourselves to this understanding that people can be clear channels for wisdom, but they can also be toxic humans. It is difficult for somebody to reach that high level of recognition and fame and not let the negative parts of their human nature caused them to act in distorted ways. Doesn’t mean that they’re any less spiritual, and it doesn’t mean their teachings are wrong. But if we don’t question them and question the things that we don’t like, then we are not really having a complete holistic awareness. I really challenge anyone who thinks that there are perfect teachers and perfect beings out there to open your mind to how much you judge yourself and how much you criticize aspects of yourself that are spiritual or aren’t spiritual. Because I think this comes into play a lot when we have this sort of deep sense that there is a state of perfection. And there’s also a notion that “I’m not there yet, and I should be there.”

What if there isn’t a state of perfection? What if we can keep getting better and better, but we’re always going to have a shadow? And what if shadow exists within everybody, and therefore, we don’t look for a lack of shadow, we look for the authenticity of teachings. Maybe Sadhguru’s teachings are brilliant. They could be, I’m not interested, so I’m not gonna find out. And also, I’m making this video because I got so many responses and am I interested in responding to all of them, I don’t have the time. Part of me following my highest excitement, as it comes to social media is getting more and more comfortable recognizing that I just don’t have the time to respond individually to every little thing that comes in. But this is my overall response. And I think this is what people need to hear that it can be this and it can be that. And the criticism is necessary as much as the admiration and the resonance and integration of powerful teachings as necessary. We can be open minded and critical at the same time, we can be open hearted and critical at the same time. And we can recognize that no amount of spiritual work or racist the human and I think anyone who claims that is claiming something very distorted. So that is the little message and let me know what you think. And I’ll maybe get back to you and maybe I won’t, it depends if it’s exciting for me. Okay, have a great day, everyone.

Love & Passion Are Your Intuition ~ Pleiadian Council in Bali

Hi everyone! Enjoy reading along with the transcription. For the longer sessions like this I simply don’t have the time to edit the AI generated transcript with everything else I’m doing. So I will offer 40% discounts on sessions for someone who wants to edit these transcripts with impeccable grammar and paragraphing and such. 🙂 If that’s of interest to you..

Hello, and we say you Good day to you at this moment of your time. We are the Pleiadian Council and we speak on behalf of the Galactic line supporting your world, in the process that many of you call ascension, it is a gift, it’s a blessing and an honor to establish contact with you and your world. For it opens a bridge between our realities that allows us both to grow through the mere reflections we offer each other and expand into a greater understanding of all that is. So we thank you, first of all, we are very excited to experience your reality and to support you, for as your planet evolves, it allows for you to gradually become also a member of the Galactic lions, of a number of different different civilizations united in peace, and the unfoldment of greater knowledge in this galaxy. We see our world on the precipice of many great experiences, and a shift in your overall frequency so that you might be compatible with a galactic immersion. And this is exciting for you, hopefully, the process of evolution is occurring more rapidly. And that is why you sometimes see greater polarization play out with energy shifting back and forth between extremes, until gradually you will find that stable point in the middle ground, though few of you have been able to find that solid middle path just yet. But it’s very likely to continue to grow towards that point soon. We support you mostly with our core message, we think this is the most important thing for all of you to understand. And it is the formula for experiencing more rapid evolution and for fulfilling your purpose. Many of you seek to understand your purpose, why are you here? Why did you come to earth, and you have many different teachings and understandings of this according to different traditions and frameworks of reality, though we put it in the most simple way you could ever understand it. And that is, the purpose of your incarnation on Earth is to be yourself. All is one and the one isn’t all, so you are an embodiment of that one source. And the more clearly you step into embodying what your own essence is, in terms of your own passion, what ignites love in your heart, and what helps you to feel more aligned with your own preferences and values, you will essentially be fulfilling your own purpose and this supports others in doing the same thing. And this isn’t to say that you simply sit around and say I’m being myself today I’m fulfilling my purpose. So that is why we share with you this formula that is to one step into your highest passion, act upon whatever ignites the vibration of love within you the most and do it to the best of your ability. Three have no insistence on a particular outcome. And this is the simplest formula to raising your own vibration or coming into alignment with source. This particular universe that you have incarnated into is based upon unconditional love. source itself is unconditional love. And when you experience love, you are in a deeper connection with source. When love is the energy that flows through your body, it creates a vast healing effect that literally detoxifies you, and causes whatever energies are of a lower frequency to fall away. When you are in the vibration of love, it changes your aura or magnetic field, it changes the core essence of who you are. And as this is the universe based upon principles of attraction and repulsion, you attract to you that which is at that same vibration of love, while repelling those things that are matching a vibration of fear. So, it is an action, day in day out. And many of you hear these ideas, and you frame it in the sense of your linear perspective of time. And this is what causes many of you to burn out, you have to remember that linear time is a real illusion. So it isn’t to say that two hours from now will not be whatever time it is in your world, perhaps in eight o’clock or something like that. But it is saying that in higher planes of reality, you don’t have time anymore. And so when you are intending to be a multi dimensional being and ascended being being connected with source and unconditional love, you have to be able to recognize that everything is here and now. So yes, it is relevant, that you might have dreams of who you want to become and what you want to develop in terms of your skills, you’re sharing and offering your relationships, and so on and so forth. Though, if you cannot bring that practically into the moment, you are not really present in the most deep way that you can be. And this is why the best way to apply this formula is to pay attention to the many pathways that are before your heart in every moment. And envision each and every one of them. Which of those choices that you’re about to take fills you with that soothing energy, and exciting energy, of unconditional love more than any other option. This is from the bigger decisions you’re making, like booking a flight to the smaller decisions you are making, such as which restaurant do you go to. And when you realize that it is this particular in every single moment, you will come to understand how much this frequency of love is your intuition guiding you to the right moment in the right time. The channel has had experiences and many others have had experiences of simply walking through their lives following the flow and deciding that they’re going to walk down this particular street just because they feel like it. And then they meet a person that becomes very important in the larger framework of their life, just because of these chance circumstances that happened when they were doing what felt right for them. So when you understand that this feeling is not something that is just trivial or that you’re making up and it’s actually your own Higher Self communicating to you through your heart, through what you love. That this is your intuition. And this is your intuition in the pure sense. Intuition is not being so psychic to figure everything out about every person around you, or what’s happening in the world. It might lead to those abilities. Though, the intuition that everyone has and is most important ly guided to attune to is that feeling of love. That is your personal intuition guiding you to the opportunities that are going to help you expand in the clearest way


to act upon what you love to the best of your ability means that you get your rational mind and your logic in alignment with your heart. So much so that you don’t hesitate to make the choices that your heart is asking you to make. So much so that you use all of your inner resources and your outer resources in terms of your networks, in terms of your data, banks have knowledge in terms of literally everything in the world around you, that can help you fill in the gaps. And you use this information and this talent within you to do your best. You’ve all been told to do your best. And it also involves this last step of letting go of insistence on a particular outcome. And so this is where the release of your attachments comes into play. This attachment to the outcome is a very distorting factor. You know that feeling that when you are holding on so tightly to what you think needs to happen, that you become nervous or anxious. And it’s like putting on blinders that narrow your vision. So you can make mistakes, or you don’t see opportunities that are there in front of you. And this energy becomes a repulsive frequency that pushes away the very things that you’re attempting to draw towards you. So this understanding that you are guided to do what you love for the sake of expanding the vibration of love. The purpose is to expand into the vibration of love, the goal, the intention, the destination, is simply a symbol of expanding that frequency of unconditional love. And when you really understand this, you will be able to step into literally everything you’re doing with a feeling of total relaxation, and surrender. Knowing that you’re simply letting love move through you to expand yourself and expand everyone into a deeper connection with source that is unconditional love. Letting go of insistence on a particular outcome allows you to understand that sometimes this intuition that manifests as love is guiding you to a dead end. So that along the way you see the path you’re actually supposed to take. Many of you get to your dead ends and claim that your intuition was wrong and misguiding you and somehow you made a mistake, but you don’t understand that your intuition was actually guiding you through the whole process through the whole process of getting to that dead end. So what did you learn in that process? Or what did you see in that process that was meant to be to guide you to where you’re actually supposed to be going, or what you’re actually supposed to be doing. If you really listen to that feeling of love within you, you never actually are misled. And anything that you define as a mistake is an opportunity to learn a lesson. That lesson is vital, because you need to master it in order to do what you’re intending to do. And some of you bemoan your mistakes, and create a sort of self defeated attitude that prevents you from really integrating them. So whenever you find yourself at sort of dead end or feeling as if you get something wrong, ask yourself the question, what did I learn from this experience that I would not have been able to learn any other way. And when you do this, you will be able to integrate the experience for the purpose that it manifested for you. And then you will be able to move to the next steps. This is the simplest formula for ascension. And there are many other Blueprints and maps and frameworks that help you to understand more nuanced ways of working with your energy system and so on and so forth. And these are all valid. You don’t necessarily need any one of them. In particular, though, if your intuition as in your love is drawing you towards one then you know it’s for you. We can talk a bit about those more esoteric subjects as well. But that is not the core of our message. Because the core is something that literally anyone can integrate Whether they are on a path that they consider very spiritual, or on a path that they don’t consider as such, when they learn to choose to do what they love more than anything else, they will still raise their vibration, and they will still support your planet in that process. And so understanding this, you can be a greater ally to many who don’t necessarily see the world the same way that you do, by being a deep embodiment of what it means to live through your heart, that energy transmits to those around you. And you will find that those in your family who might misunderstand you, and so on and so forth, still receive that resonance from your presence of learning to trust their own heart more, and learning to let love guide them more. And that is how your planet will grow. Because right now, as there are so many of you, raising this vibration of love, there are many others who have this experience of their own fear based belief systems cropping up to the surface. This is the natural process that happens that when you raise your vibration, everything that is of a distorted energy of a lower frequency presents itself to make you aware that it’s there. And this is happening at a planetary level. And that’s why it’s even more important to continue to create a stable integrated frequency. And to not let any of these signs and energies around you bring you to drop your maintenance of continuing to act upon this frequency of love and embody it. Now in your world, there are going to be a gradual, soft method of releasing the information about extraterrestrial life, that your secret governments already have a greater awareness about not necessarily secret governments, but secret or classified agencies within what you consider your governments know about. And some of this information is gradually already being released. But it isn’t making headlines, because that would be a bit too shocking. And that’s essentially why it has taken this long is because there are so many fear based ideas that still sit in the consciousness of the masses of individuals in your world. And if too much of that fear is provoked by, for example, many visible UFO landings and things of this nature in the news, it would destabilize your world in a way that would invite too much chaos that could lead to potential destruction. And that is not what we want to do to you. So, you will find that much of this initial release of information of a more extraterrestrial or multi dimensional nature that does come through your media will be both in the background, it won’t be what’s on the cover. And it will also be still tinted with those energies of fear. Because fear is one of the ways that people are used to receiving information unfortunately. And in order for them to really receive it, it has to sort of meet them where they’re at. But gradually this fear will be released. And in some 10 to 20 years, there will be a much wider awareness of the fully disclosed information of the interaction between our worlds. And I guess the best way that you can participate in this is simply by raising your vibration into the frequency of greater love. Day in day out. It isn’t as much a work as it is a learning to attune to what you love. Of course, there will be effort, but the flow of love when you have released your attachments will be


like a force that pulls you into a flow and you will find yourself flowing through life with greater and greater ease. Being able to know that when you encounter difficulties. It’s either because you’re not in alignment with what you love to do, or you’re holding on too tightly to where you think you’re meant to be going. So learn how to prioritize ties that feeling of love and learn how to relax and release, when that is what is most relevant, or it is always most relevant when you find that you are holding on tightly, and that your desires and intentions are guiding you or misleading you to hold on so powerfully that you cannot see the big picture, always open to expand to see all of the possibilities and all of that which is before you. And you will surely find something that carries your heart forward into greater expansion. So we will certainly share a lot more. We will allow you to steer us in which direction you prefer. With any of your questions, comments, musings sharings, or stories, we will open this grand dialog for you to begin whenever you would like.


Yes, so how do you differentiate between something that when you’re talking about the vibration of love, how do you differentiate between something that feels good and right in the moment? With something that expands you in the vibration of love? Because sometimes, the reason I’m asking so there’s that thing that would stand you is actually the thing that requires more work,


or more effort


in some sense.


Does that make sense? Yes. It certainly requires a discipline over time, though, when you’re passionate about doing it, the discipline follows automatically. So, yes, in order for that passion to build, you have to continue to return to it. So momentary pleasure that is distracting is not necessarily what we consider your highest passion. If you are using stimulation of your senses, in a way that numbs you to your emotions, that’s not the same as following your passion, it can still feel good. But in this process, what is happening is that you’re suppressing something or feeling rather than expanding into what do you love to do? And, yes, there are some exceptions. There are some moments in which your nervous system is so overstimulated, that using some sort of activity, or even a substance to calm yourself down, is expanding into the vibration of love. But if you do this chronically, as in, you need to do it all the time, or that you’re using it to push away emotions that need to be processed, rather than simply to stabilize your nervous system, then you’re not really expanding the vibration of love, you can understand that suppressing anything is not a self loving act, because you’re just delaying the integration process. Does that make sense? Yeah. All right.


I have a question. Yes. Is ascension supposed to feel so extremely painful? Or is it like isn’t necessarily supposed to feel so painful? Or can it be also a light hearted journey?


There are moments of pain, though, it overall can be a light hearted hearted journey. The pain is the process of release. And it’s releasing the belief systems and the old identities and the old stories that aren’t really relevant for where you’re going. It feels painful when there’s an attachment to these beliefs and these identities. So, we say some of you talk a lot about ascension symptoms, and certainly there that terminology can be a bit misleading, because these symptoms do come with ascension. But what they actually are, are the purge of energies that you don’t want to carry with you or you literally cannot take with you into your ascension. So there will come a point in this ascension where you will be totally stable. So you might not I better term these ascension symptoms as energy purchase, because that’s essentially what they are. And when you address them in that way, you can better understand how to integrate them. Yes,


I have a question as well, which is related to the body, the human body, because I find it difficult sometimes to navigate with my human body and to, to treat it in a way that is beneficial for my spiritual and my physical self. Yeah, and to live a life that is in alignment with both because I don’t want to deny any of these parts, because I know I need a healthy body or I, it’s beneficial to have a healthy body in order for my spirits to be thriving. But I don’t want that to happen in a container that feels unsafe for my spiritual, self and soul. So what is your view on? Yeah, combining these two in a healthy way?


Combining the body? And what? And the Spirit like the Yes,


well, there is no real difference between your body and your spirit. The thing here is that when your soul leaves the world, your body and your mind, in the sense of your physical mind, or logical, tangible mind in this reality, don’t come with you. So, in this moment, your spirit is totally integrated with your body. And it’s a sort of ancient misunderstanding, you could say, due to the harsher nature of human life at these times, that the understanding of there being an afterlife was thought of as somehow much greater and more important than the present life. And this has led to many conceptions about the body, and the world and things of the body and of the world being fundamentally of a lower nature. And it isn’t necessarily so your body is guiding you, when there’s discomfort in your body. It’s inviting you to find a way to work with that discomfort. When emotions coursing through your body. Those emotions are invitations for you to integrate, and become aware of what beliefs and stories are causing this emotional disturbance. So the best way to integrate with your body is to recognize that everything that happens in your body is a signal or is a message or is it a request for you to become more aware? Thank you.


Similar question actually, leaving on the last one, which is my consciousness feels very outside of my body. And when I very much feel like my, just in the cosmos, and I’ve taken a step to be more grounded, but it’s still, I still don’t feel that I don’t feel my body. I feel I feel just expansiveness and it makes that hard. Like, being in this world.


Is it a pleasant? expensiveness?


Yeah, it is. And yeah, it feels like also like a denial of my physical body and the manifestation of reality.


Well, is it causing you to lose things or hurt yourself or anything of that nature? I mean, it’s causing me not to really live life really? Physical way. So do you find yourself perhaps exercising or doing healthy healing things for your body like the spa or the sauna often? But that doesn’t bring you more into your body.


No, I mean, I think the only thing that brings my into my body is seven. Yes. And I’m of service I’m more in my body. And there still seems to be like, very it’s still not there. I still feel like my head was nice.


It’s all right for your head to also be in the cosmos. When you live there guided by your heart, you will come more and more into the body. Perhaps the service is one of the keys that you see as what brings the most into your body. Because the human relational realm might be the most grounding thing for your body as you are constantly exchanging energies with other people simply by being in the presence of them. So you might want to explore this approach of using community and even physical cut to support you into anchoring into your body. Though, rather than seeing it in terms of being in here, and not out there, seeing it as being in here, let go of the not out there in the cosmos, because it’s never this, or that, it’s almost always this end. So you can be just as floaty just as in the cosmic vibration, as much as you are in the physical reality. And if you make that your focus of being physical in your body, then you can bring that cosmic energy into you and share it with others


to consider that you are a channel for that cosmic energy. And as you receive that do service you bring that energy with you? We would say that yes, physical touch and connection can be one of the most powerful ways to get deeper into your body


Yes, I thank you as well. I have a question I normally find myself or I find a hard time to navigate into Halloween my, what my heart really desires


I find it a bit hard to get my mind to my mind to understand where I am leaving in my workflow. So the fields the most expensive way for me, and what the world sometimes demands of me. Like, my question period is like, How can I really let go of the idea of myself, or what society tells me when I am actually leaving my fullest potential or that, or I feel that I am leaving that out of my life?


Yes. Well recognize that society’s pressures are for them. It’s not for you. And there really is no them because many people don’t want to have this pressure either. But the fact that everybody continues to choose to come into alignment with these preconceived notions of the story of life as it’s supposed to be, continues to cycle and perpetuate more people playing by the rules of society. So recognize that when you choose not to follow the rules of society, you’re paving the way for others to have that same freedom, though. It is a process nonetheless, of coming to navigate. In the meantime, shedding each and every one of those beliefs and stories. The most important thing to recognize that you will feel what you need to do, it will come to life in your heart. So develop that connection with your heart. Even maybe you hold your hand to your heart sometimes when you’re in this process of making these decisions or as a sort of stabilizing tool throughout the day. Bring yourself to your heart and notice which decision is my heart guiding me to take? Which pathway am I about to walk, your heart knows through that feeling, which one is okay? Or which one is the best highest pathway to support you in aligning more with love? And the more you choose that, the easier it will be to let go of those stories that tell you to To play by certain rules or to feel the expectations of others or society. Thank you. Because I think


that which certain things, are you having difficulty deciding about?


You’re asking me, yes. What’s an example of this? Yeah, lately,


I’ve been thinking about like money specifically, like, like, I find myself like, trying to create something to have some income, but somehow, I have, like, I don’t really need them, because I really need it because I am supported by life and by law itself. So yeah, I normally have peace, complete with myself, like, so I really need to create or to lose something in order to have money, but then I’m like, I’m okay, like I have somehow. So yeah.


clearest way of making money will always be aligned with doing what you love to do. So if you go out of your way to make money, but you’re not loving the steps that you’re taking to get the money, it might lower your frequency. And it might, in a sense, push away the opportunities that are really meant for you. So recognize that abundance and money are two different things. And abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. And, yes, money, in a sense, guarantees abundance. But that isn’t always true, when you put so much time into getting money, that you aren’t present with what you need to do, as in what your heart is guiding you to. So if money isn’t an issue now, open yourself to simply doing what you love. And knowing that the more time you spend on that path, the more you will develop skills, the more you will make connections, the more you will stabilize at a higher frequency that also attracts more wealth and abundance to you.


Thanks, yes, sir, thank you as well.


Question, allowed some questions, but is it really true that all possibilities are open to us in terms of different timelines in our life, basically saying that we can literally do anything, meaning it’s infinite timelines that are available to us at any point in time? Or is there limits to this?


There is an infinite amount of possibilities. There might be some limit certainly, like, if you’re not born in the US have a you probably won’t become the president of that country. And in fact, very few of you will do that. And so even if you’re born there, there’s only a couple of presidents. So there are these limits that certain things are not really within reach in a particular incarnation. But of course, there’s with within the framework of what’s before you, there’s infinite possibility, there’s infinite variations. And all of those timelines exist right here. And now, it’s simply a matter of which pathway you choose.


Thank you. And my second question is more so a bit of a darker one, why do is some of the most horrible and justices happen on earth to people, where, for example, there are acid attack victims in India, women being thrown acid on their face, you know, getting raped or, you know, like, children dying of cancer that are at young age and, you know, why doesn’t the divine be more merciful to these souls? That’s always bothered me very deeply. And it’s the only thing that’s always disconnected me from from connection to God is the only thing so to speak.


Yes, This reality and not just this planet earth is a learning ground, for souls and for consciousness itself. Source is undefined differentiated state, before there was anything physical or tangible that was manifest didn’t not know itself. It was a pure loving vibration, but it had no self awareness. So in order to exist in all of these different claims, love had also to manifest its own opposite of fear, and all of those things that manifests from fear, suffering, disease, conflict, hatred, and so on and so forth. So the most dense experiences manifest, as this was an opportunity for source to get to know itself. Through all of these challenging and contrasting experiences, it allows for souls to evolve through what they learn through the challenges. And while many of these things are not pleasant, it is chosen at a soul level, for the purpose of this incarnation to support the soul in learning the lessons that they have come for. In some frameworks, you can see this as working out the karma they’ve accumulated from other lifetimes. And that’s one way of seeing it. No, we would say it’s more of a way of learning lessons. And of course, it is not fair. Though. There are planets that are in even rougher shape than yours, we would say, in distant past times. And the suffering allows for souls to grow, for in the return to source that happens when the soul leaves the body, that pain is released. Anything that stays with anything that isn’t processed, rather, becomes that ghosts, that is a phantom. That is not necessarily the soul itself. But it is the unprocessed energy that could not come with the soul. And it’s returned to that Source consciousness. So in going through these challenging incarnations, it also allows the souls contrast that supports them in experiencing their liberation, they have come to know the suffering, so that returning to that unconditional love of source is all the more appreciated and integrated in a deeper way than if the soul had not gone through that at all. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you. Yes, I think.


So adding to that question, is it then beneficial to even help people out of suffering, if that is what they choose to experience, or that is actually what helps them grow the most and not to interfere with that divine plan of experiencing the other side?


Well, if that is what they choose to experience, then you can’t help them. So there’s a difference between the pain and the suffering. The suffering comes as resistance, you suffer when you experience pain, or discomfort, or undesirable circumstances, and you’re in great resistance to them. Though, you can have some of those same circumstances or that same pain and be open and in a state of non resistance, and it wouldn’t be as intense as suffering. Now, in terms of helping others or not helping them, certainly helping them is helping everyone because all as one. But again, if somebody is in a state of such resistance, that they’re not willing to release their own beliefs and identities that keep them in negative loops, then you cannot help them in a direct way. But you are always helping others by maintaining your own vibration of unconditional love and sharing that in the ways that you wished it.


Actually enough to just See, and you will magnetize the people that are seeking your help or that are benefits that you could benefit, or that can benefit from you.


Certainly, when you help others, that love is reflected back onto you, that energy comes to expand you as well. And that’s why this is something that is so revered by many seeking spiritual growth, for when you share with love. And when you give your love to others, then they return that love on to you. And so it is only going to help you, though. Do you need to help everyone? No, you will be guided by your own feeling of love as to who you’re meant to be working with and who you’re not. Thank you


you have another follow up question? Yeah. So you’re talking about the vibration of how to know when to stop. So I feel the past few months, like, in some way, I’ve been more connected to myself than ever before. And in another way, I feel that in the energy of my heart, I’m very shut down. I’ve been more shut down than I have been in the past. And I’m yeah, I’m not really sure what to do about that. It’s like, it’s just something I noticed, like my heart shut down. And like it’s mysterious.


Like, why or how to change it? Or


are you doing what you love to do?


I’ve been feeling phase since I’ve been in Bali. And in a sense, that was very much what was needed, what is needed. And so I’m very much in alignment with the meeting to happen right now. But yeah, actually, I do feel like I crave to be doing this, again, like I crave that.


So your heart is guiding you back into taking action. Creating. And the creative mode is one of the most powerful ways for the heart to expand and for love to expand within you. Sometimes the introspection and the rest is very important. We would say that sometimes what you call depression is a label that is judging a deep state of meditation, you often need to go into the somatic and emotional components of your negative beliefs in order to feel them. So when you think about releasing, in order to actually move those energies through you, you have to feel them, you have to let them express through you. They become stuck when you identify with them. They release through you When you surrender to them without making new stories about them. The stories can stay alive, the stories don’t have to go completely, but by allowing yourself to feel them and simply observe them be present with them. You will release the parts of the story that keep you stuck in the past. And that’s essentially what many of these emotions and stuck sensations aren’t. They are remnants of the past that are seeking expression so that you can be more fully in the present. And yes, sometimes in these processes you might feel that you don’t want to do as much because you’re guided to be more present with yourself yeah,


I have been for the first time in my life actually just dedicating my time so that you know


I guess it’s just a different stage now like I feel called to be doing something I love again. Yes.


I many cycles, hibernating and then blossoming again. On our way around. Oh, thanks.


Question. So, when it comes to romantic love, and like the love of our life, is it true that there’s just like one person that’s out there that’s made for us? Or are there like, multiple possibilities of some of the ones that we’ve like chosen and kind of matched with prior to incarnating on this life? Or is it just like that one person that is inevitably going to be matching with us to spend for the rest of our life.


There’s many potential matches. There are many different natures to these potential matches. Some of them are, what you would consider soul family, or they are members of that same oversoul. And so they feel as if you are, they feel as if you have known them before, because you may have shared other incarnations with them. Or you may simply see a deep reflection of yourself in them. So there’s many different beings that are a part of that same soul group are oversold, some of them become your friends, however, some of them can even be your enemy. It’s not to say that everybody was the same of that same soul group, it’s somebody that you become very close with some of the people that trigger you the most become the people who teach you the most important lessons of your life. And they may be a part of your soul group, in the sense that your connection with them changed the trajectory of your life. In the same way, you might have that deep love for a person at a point, and something changes and they become one of your greatest enemies. So it isn’t to say that everybody who’s a part of your soul group is going to be a best friend or a lover. Some of you choose the path of being dedicated in a deep and long term, or even Yes, as you said, an entire life monogamous relationship. And this is a wonderful way for two souls to walk together, these agreements have been made before incarnating. And for those who, to whom this is the most relevant pathway, the timing will present itself in the moment, it’s really meant to be, you can accelerate that by continuing to raise your own vibration and love. Though, certainly, if you’ve made that sort of agreement, you can delay it, but it would be require a lot of going out of your way to miss the opportunity. And others will have a very different pathway of having many different lovers throughout our life. And others will have a completely different story of not being very interested in that experience of romance and experiencing their needs for relationships in very different ways. For you do fundamentally have a need for relating with others and for connecting with others, but it doesn’t have to express as romance for everybody. Of course, those of you who choose that are few, but it is also a valid pathway. Thank you. Yes, thanks to you as well.


That we would encourage you to create a sort of distancing from the story of another person being another half of your soul. Because that is a story that is creating a dynamic of incompletion, and will often lead to a sort of codependent relationship. If you are not complete without the other than a sense of lack perpetuates within you. The soul group is very big and can contain hundreds of 1000s of souls. So you’re in what are you not whole, if you’re not aware of are connected to all of those other souls? Certainly not. Your soul is complete and whole as you are. And this understanding is restored through your healing process and you Your healing process completes as this awareness sinks within you in a deep way that as you are you are complete you are enough you are valuable and worthy of all that you could wish for. Doesn’t mean you will get everything you wish for but you will get what you need when you align with unconditional love and source




hi, as I mentioned all versions of humans,


genetically we are very similar, because there was a species of planning and beings that also intermingled with Reptilian beings, and became known as the Anunnaki. They are the creators of the human race, they splice their DNA with Sasquatch, like primate beings that existed millions of years ago on your planet, and created the first humans. So, we went on a different trajectory of evolution. And the beings you know, as Pleiadians now evolve from Yes, your own ancient ancestors as well. But we are not the most similar to you, even though we are very similar to you. Of the extraterrestrial beings.


The big question, how many rounds of or dimension dimensions of existence exists?


How many? How many dimensions exist? dimension in term that is density? Yeah, there’s an infinite amount of density. Though you could conceive of about 12 at this time. So there’s an infinite? Yes. It becomes much more abstract in your thinking as you get to the higher dimensions that you can even conceive of.


And even we cannot conceive of dimensions beyond that. But we know that they are infinite.


I have a question.


I would love to hear your view on healing other people. Because for me, my belief is not that anyone else can heal somebody else by doing something to them, but more spark the spot in themselves to activate this powers to heal themselves from within the like. Is it possible to heal somebody from the outside? Or is it always an action that just initiate something in the other person to heal themselves?


Well, healing is a co creation. And the person who is being healed has to integrate the message or the energy that is being transmitted to them through the act of healing, in order for it to be complete. So in terms of an emotional level healing, the other person is acting like a mirror that allows somebody to see themselves to see and understand their beliefs and stories in order to better release them and transform themselves. In terms of a sort of shamanic experience, the guide is supporting the person by being present and offering them a vibration of love and stability as they go through their relation, no journey with the plant spirit, or the other sort of spirit that is guiding them to release the energy. Even a massage therapist is pushing out the sort of stress and tension that a person is holding. But again, if the person does not really change themselves, and change the behaviors, and change the emotional tendencies that causing their body to contract, or cause their body to go into postures that are unhealthy, then that person cannot be healed. So the person in this sense, that is being healed has to be an active healer of themselves. But is the other person also necessary, certainly, in these sorts of circumstances we’ve mentioned and many others. So it’s a co creation, and some journeys of your own healing process, you cannot go through on your own. But you also cannot completely give up your will to the other person and expect to get better. You have to heal yourself, even in those co creative dynamics. Thank


you. Another question. All right. So, during a rough patch that I hadn’t seen in my life, where I felt like I was going to do a dark night of the soul. For the first time ever, I was in such a desperate situation where I reached out to a soul reader, and also a person that claims themselves to be psychic, who lives here in Bali. And they made very, let’s say, sharp predictions for my life in terms of the next near future. And it kind of contradicts the idea of there being pretty well and infinite timelines. So I’d like to get some perspective because it felt very limiting for me. So I regret almost going there. But it felt limiting to be able to receive a particular outcome on my life where I mean, no matter what I do, that means that that’s, that’s the way it’s going to unfold. And is that how it works, or


you always retained freewill, there are certain things that are anchored in terms of probabilities. That, for example, your world is set on a trajectory and the way that that impacts you is not something that you can avoid, but what you do about it is up to you. Now, in the case of psychic readers who give sometimes these very concrete and definitive predictions, especially if they’re negative, they’re often telling you the probability of where where you are headed, unless you make a change, some of them aren’t even aware they’re doing that. And some people receive these sorts of predictions and remain in a mode of panic that keeps them at that vibration. Sometimes you can receive this sort of prediction and understand that you have the ability to make a different choice and find yourself on a different trajectory leading you to a better outcome.


So the future is defined define in the sense that there are an infinite amount of timeline and they all already exist right here and now. And sometimes this reader is telling me which of those pathways you’re most focused on with your current vibration and current trajectory. And then by receiving the information, your vibration changes, and you move on a different timeline, sometimes it is a similar timeline, if it is a positive prediction. And sometimes it’s very different timeline, if it is a negative prediction. Everything is set in stone in that way and that everything that can potentially happen is already present as a written record in the field of all that is right now, but you choose which of those stories that you read and live out there


you have a message for this particular group of people


you are all called here to this place, because the nature of it is deeply soothing, the nature of it is connected with an ancient wisdom and the element of the water. So you will find that here, things flow with greater ease and you will be offered many opportunities. Many are drawn here, though only some are called to stay. So by making your home in this place, you also surrender to the trend is formative properties of water, the water is constantly purifying, and constantly flowing in the direction of where it can fill a space. So, you will find that in this place, you are always on the move, moving in a certain direction, always fluidly changing into something. And the process of transforming can be a challenge when you’re in resistance, but it can be a gift when you surrender to go with the flow. When you learn how to embrace transformation, you will experience a supreme level of happiness. And so, you were called here, because transformation is a deep aspect of your unique purpose.


Small question, yes, do pleadings experience for lack of a better word problems as well, or their issues, or their quarrels or, let’s say negative energies or emotions that are experienced in their plane consciousness, know.


Our ancient ancestors went through that experience. We understand these experiences as we momentarily feel that energy as we densify our vibration, so, we are quasi physical beings, meaning that we exist in a space somewhere between physical and non physical, and we can manifest as physical when we wish to and we can experience more astral or non physical states entirely when we wish to. So when we identify ourselves to be very much more physical, we can feel something like a negative, but emotion in the moment, but it is only a momentary reaction, it doesn’t stay a part of our system. In our normal state, we don’t experience any negativity.


How does a human ascend to become a plane and is there a process?


Well, you are the being that you are and as your soul leaves this world you will retain this individual essence of this soul while yes, returning into that oversoul where you can merge with and connect with your Pleiadian counterparts if you choose to experience it, another incarnation as a Palladian that is possible for you as well though it requires a certain level of vibration throughout this lifetime


and are there very many people on earth at the moment who actually satisfy that vibration last night or it’s rare?


There are some of you Yes, there are some.


Vibration in general is increasing at a collective level. More and more of you are becoming more stable in these higher frequencies


the frequency is that of love.


But there are thresholds as well. There’s levels of intensity of this love. There’s levels that are established by how much resistance one cell has the more you release the resistance the higher your energy goes.


Thank you. Oh, thank you as well.


Alright, if there’s any last questions, we can answer them or we can close with the final process. If you’d like


of squeezing one last question. Do you have any suggestions for someone with a very overactive Kundalini? What is your take on Kundalini energy? And how do we, how do I balance that, because I had a spontaneous awakening and a non dual experience, but ever since then it’s really caused a lot of cleansing in my being, but it’s been very intense. And I sometimes want to pause it, and I don’t know what to do about it. So, yeah, the


the sort of challenges of this are the purification that are taking place in the process, as more of this energy flows through you, it’s bringing to life, some of the emotional processes and the belief systems that are being cleansed from your body. So, to put your self in the position of allowing that experience to take place, allowing yourself to feel and be present with whatever arises and not resist, it will accelerate the process. And the synergy can create immense heat, it would be good to balance out with as much cooling energy as you can, spending time connected with water, doing therapies based with the water making sure that you stay very hydrated, this element can support much of that release process, you may also want to practice a sort of breath work that is not one of the commonly practiced breath works to expand your lung capacity or to master your pranic capacity or anything of this nature, but more of one that is to stabilize your nervous system. So, one method is known as the square breath with an equal inhalation, hold retention, exhalation and hold retention could be for part could be fixed part. But this form of breath creates a stabilization of your nervous system that will allow you to be more resilient through some of these challenges.


Oh thank you as well. And certainly yes, you can also practice positions like the child’s pose. Or even if you can, headstand and other inversions that let this energy circulate more gently into the crown of the head. And the idea being that when you give the energy a clear pathway to flow, it will not be held back by the resistances as much that cause Miss tension. So if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, allow yourself to gently nod your head to the ground and practice this form of breathing to allow the energy to circulate.


All right, I think we can close with a final meditation then allowing yourself to sit up nice and tall closing your eyes. Taking gentle breath breaths in and out through your nose as deeply as you can.


Focus on your heart where you see a brilliant glowing light


bring your awareness whatever sensation and energy is present in your heart and allow your focus there to expand that light. To expand your awareness of whatever sensation is present.


Picture roots of light that go out from your heart and down an owl through the base of your spine and out through the soles of your feet and into the earth.


See these roots of light weave through the roots of many other plants and mycelial grid of the earth. See the roots grow deeper and weave around minerals and crystals and metals in your planet.


See the roots go deeper and deeper to the underground rivers and lakes to the reserve, what you call your fossil fuels, this Black Lake is really


the remains of your most ancient ancestors. Filled with ancient energy, the roots go deeper and deeper to the magma, the literal BLOOD OF THE EARTH Earth’s Molten Core finally coming to the solid place beneath all of it and feel that the center is rotating and vibrating from the very core of your planet is a vibration. And all of these other layers are vibrating with that energy. Feel this vibration rising up from the earth itself. Coming through these roots and all of the layers of the earth into your body, through your feet through the base of your spine, you gradually rising up as your bone than your ligaments and your muscles, all of your cells start to vibrate


with the sound that the earth is creating very deep this resonance rise up through you filling your body gradually eventually reaching all the way to the top of your head


the crown of your head visualize a strand of light that flows through your entire body and infinitely travels down and up simultaneously. Picture that strand opening up and expanding as a column or pillar of energy that surrounds your body


allow yourself to visualize floating up beyond your body do this that travels through your moon travels through your thumb which acts as a central hub and then elaborate network of strands of light moving through this galaxy visualize going beyond your sun through this network to star the cosmos you could be a star from our world, like Alteon could be the stars of Sirius rotating around each other


could be Arcturus or any other system you feel connected with. You don’t need to know exactly what it looks like let your imagination to fill in the details


and feel that this is yes, millions of light years away but nonetheless intimately connected with you right here now.


Go beyond the star deeper and deeper with the center of the galaxy is a supermassive black hole the loss of that which is not so fully under The trust and surrender smooth the center of this black hole


moving through the darkness into a very tiny small point at its center that opens up into an endless and formless field of life


imagine the light radiating out from this place that seems somehow very dark pouring through these networks through the galaxy and falling like a waterfall into the crown of your head and radiating down your body


feel yourself filling with this energy it’s like a liquid light feel yourself seated in the waterfall with its energy flows into you fills you up


your imagination activated in this way picture yourself standing underneath the literal waterfall in a beautiful place


for you there’s a boat taking you down a rapidly moving river if you wish


you wish to step on the boat and even lay down Majan yourself flowing down this river and wonder its place no knowing that whatever detail your imagination fills in to embark upon this journey or what is relevant for you they can be reflections of your desire your knee your fear, the belief to be believed and the story is within you seeking greater awareness


Do you allow yourself to surrender to this journey to yourself becoming more and more like water


this energy of liquid light flows through you and moves you rapidly through a tunneling sort of experience where you’re showing whatever you need to see most.


Matthew wish live without washed ashore.


gradually returning to the world around you, deepening your breath initially at first yet remaining attuned to its energy of water, its energy of the flow and this is the energy that will lead you to your very own liberation


the energy that may carry you as you learn to let your passion guide you and simply trust you’ll find that life flows just like this river guiding you to the exact right places at the right time


we thank you very much for tuning in with us today. for allowing us to experience your reality once again. We wish you then a fantastic rest of your evening. And but you know that we are always with you. If you would ever wish to connect with us know that all as one we exist within you as part of your soul network, if you would so like to give us a call


Thank you. Thank you

Recognizing the Traps of Spiritual Narcissists & How to Get Out! Escaping Vulnerable Narcissism.

It’s all too easy in today’s world to become the victim of a narcissist, because there’s actually a lot of them out there. And there isn’t as many of them out there as there are those who actually get to positions of power and authority. Because there’s a connection between the way that our world is set up, and the values that we hold at a collective level, and the narcissistic personality. I’m not going to get into all of that today.

But today, I want to talk about how to recognize a narcissist ahead of time, and about why they do some of the things they do, and how we can essentially recognize it and protect ourselves. I’m going to talk about this specifically in a spiritual community, because that is where I’ve seen a lot of them and maybe can speak from most experience. So getting to meet one of these people will sort of come with at first, they might seem very open very kind. And they’re kind of testing you and trying you to see if you have that same kind of energy. And then comes the love bombing, which is showering you with compliments, “you are the most beautiful radiant soul out there, there’s no one in the world that has gifts like you, I just wanted to know that you have a frequency and a type of energy that is so special.”

And I’ve seen the depth of the work you’ve done. And I really commend you for that. It’s these really kind of deep injections of a great sense of self worth. That comes right away from the get go maybe a couple hours or days into knowing the person. And why they do this is because the narcissist is seeking somebody who has the same dilemma that they have, but has a different approach to resolving it. This is the dilemma of lack of self worth.

A narcissist likely has a lack of self worth because they were pressured by perfectionistic parents and held to standards that they could not fulfill. There’s other reasons as well involving abuse and so on. But that’s a general I generally one potential source and there’s many others. Whatever the source, they don’t feel worthy, so they create a persona that is larger than life to compensate for that. Their perfect polar opposite is a codependent who is somebody who might have been conditioned with lots of guilt and shame for being independent from their caregivers for not fulfilling their caregivers wishes, or for not being the emotional support for their parents on some level. The codependent does not have a sense of self worth either. And they fulfill their sense of self worth by being a good person according to their own mentally accepted or spiritually accepted definitions of who and what a good person is. So they give too much of their energy to other people in order to compensate for feeling unworthy.

The narcissist draws in as much attention and affirmation from the world around them of how great they are as a way of compensating for it because they don’t believe it on an internal level, they need the external evidence. Whereas the external evidence for the codependent comes from people saying “you did such a great thing for me, thank you, you’re great.”

The narcissist likes a lot of attention and likes that affirmation. And so they will seek for somebody who is willing to be so nice and to be so giving and to be so generous. And most importantly, they’re going to look for somebody who upholds their narrative that they don’t fully believe, because they need somebody outside of them to reflect back to them this narrative. So with a narcissist, you’re going to see a lot of storytelling of the same kind of general idea. Like “we as part of this spiritual community or we as part of this business, we as part of this tribe, we as part of these people on the right side of history or the right side of whatever, are the ones who are doing the thing, making the world a better place. We have a mission from God. We’re the chosen ones, and I’m in as your leader, or the one who’s directing this thing. So don’t you agree with me?” And you need to tell the story a lot, and you need to repeat it, and they, they’re going to tell it and they’re going to ask you to then feed it back to them as if you’re like a parent or something. And, and so that’s the second major sign.

And of course, there’s gaslighting involve the gaslighting, of telling you something different from what happened. And in addition to this, the narcissist is going to make you feel dependent on them in some way, they’re going to work on the sense that without them, you are not enough.

There’s many different types of narcissists. So one form a narcissist is going to want to uphold that story that they are the best ever. And a more vulnerable narcissist is going to work to maintain the story that they are a victim to someone or something outside of them. So this narcissist may tell you the story of them against the world or them this against this other certain group of people and use you as their ally. And so when it comes to spiritual narcissist, there has to be some sort of ideology that makes this justifiable. And when we look at New Age communities, this comes back to the law of attraction taught in a very distorted way most of the time.

How to Navigate What My Heart Wants Vs What I “Should” Do?!

Q:I have a question I normally find myself or I find a hard time to navigate into what my heart really desires I find it a bit hard to wrap my mind, to my mind to understand where I am leaving in my personal so the fields the most expansive way for me, and what the world sometimes demands of me. Like, my question is how can I really let go of the idea of myself? Or what society tells me? When I am actually living my fullest potential or that, or I feel that I am living? Does that make sense?

P: Well recognize that society’s pressures are for them. It’s not for you. And there really is no them because many people don’t want to have this pressure either. But the fact that everybody continues to choose to come into alignment with these preconceived notions of the story of life as it’s supposed to be, continues to cycle and perpetuate more people playing by the rules of society. So recognize that when you choose not to follow the rules of society, you’re paving the way for others to have that same freedom. Though it is a process nonetheless, of coming to navigate.

In the meantime, shedding each and every one of those beliefs and stories. The most important thing to recognize that you will feel what you need to do, it will come to life in your heart. So develop that connection with your heart. Even maybe you hold your hand to your heart, sometimes when you’re in this process of making these decisions, or as a sort of stabilizing tool throughout the day, bring yourself to your heart. And notice which decision is my heart guiding me to take? Which pathway am I about to walk? Your heart knows through that feeling, Which one is okay? Or which one is the best highest pathway to support you in aligning more with love? And the more you choose that, the easier it will be to let go of those stories that tell you to play by certain rules or fulfill the expectations of others or society.

Q: Thank you.

P: Which certain things are you having difficulty deciding about?

Q: You’re asking me. What’s an example of this? Yeah, lately, i’ve been thinking about like money specifically. Like, like, I find myself like, trying to create something to have some income, but somehow I have like, I don’t really need them because I really need it because I am supported by life and by love itself. So yeah, I normally have these complete, like myself, like, do I really need to create or to lose something in order to have money? Well, then I’m like, I’m okay, like I have somehow.

P; So the clearest way of making money will always be aligned with doing what you love to do. So, if you go out of your way to make money, but you’re not loving the steps that you’re taking to get the money, it might lower your frequency. And it might in a sense, push away the opportunities that are really meant for you. So recognize that abundance and money are two different things and abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. And, yes, money, in a sense guarantees abundance. But that isn’t always true when you put so much time into getting money, that you aren’t present with what you need to do, as in what your heart is guiding you to. So if money isn’t an issue now, open yourself to simply doing what you love. And knowing that the more time you spend on that path, the more you will develop skills, the more you will make connections, the more you will stabilize at a higher frequency that also attracts more wealth and abundance to you.

Channeling Your Innate Value ~ Intro

Hello, we say a fantastic each and every one of you. We are the pleiadian Council and we speak on behalf of galactic alliance putting your world through this process you may call ascension. It’s always a gift and a pleasure to be able to establish contact with you in this way. So we thank you for being open to receive this energy and information at this time. We are very excited to get to share with you many ideas that will change the ways that your world works on a fundamental level. Because so many of the transactions and ways that people shape their lives. For literally almost every single person on the planet is somehow limited or defined by this subject of money. And in these materials, we will share with you just how this started in your world, and where the origins come from, and where this subject is going. As well as giving you tools along the way to support you in living, without any hindrance, without feeling like this tool of money holds you back. It ought to simply flow like water, it flows in, it flows out effortlessly. For like air you breathe in, you breathe out. It is a natural automatic process that you don’t even think about. And it can get to a point in which your passion brings you that to feeling that money is so effortless that all you have to do is allow your intuition, known as the passion and excitement and love guiding you in your heart, to bring you into the right moments and opportunities at the right time.

The money will be there when it needs to be there, you will be able to have that degree of trust that you can literally do what ever you feel deeply called to do and know that the resources will be there in the right space and moment. Ultimately, these materials lead you to contribute to this change in the collective of your planet as well, for that is essentially where your world is going. This is one of the most powerful ways of allowing yourself to have permission to break the rules that you learn about money. In the future of your world, this system will be entirely different. You’re a part of a gradual deconstruction process of the oppressive systems that exist on your planet, money being one of them. And that is of course, why money is something that you have so much fear and tension around. And why so many of you don’t resonate with people who have ideas that only celebrate the positive sides of money without exposing the dark shadow. And in order for this transformation to take place, essentially, you have to recognize both of these realities, that there is much shadow and distortion around financial structures in your world, but [money] itself as a tool to exchange value as a trading medium. That makes money a neutral energy and actually an extremely positive energy. Because as a neutral trading tool, it essentially allows anyone in your world to manifest whatever they would like in a moment, or in a period of moments. Of course, it takes some time for your shipping and everything we understand. But regardless, this ease of access is very much akin to what the energy of love does and higher dimensions for beings that don’t have physical bodies, still manifest experiences, but they manifested through the intensity of the love vibration that they emanate.

The same thing is taking place in your world. But in order for it to happen 90% of the time, there has to be some exchange of this money thing, in order for that manifestation that is ultimately happening through love to take place. So it is one distortion to love, yes.

Nonetheless, if you understand the essence of it as this neutral tool for exchanging value that, in and of itself will allow many of these dense beliefs to transform that we were leading to this understanding of where this money is going. What is happening to these financial structures and systems. It ultimately will be a gradual process. And one thing that you’re seeing now is that there’s much influence, leading money to be drawn away from centralized banks.into decentralized forms of exchange, this is part of a sort of natural need to chaotically break up the stagnant grip that few have had on these powers. And in the future, there will be a breaking down of the centralized grid. And there will also be a breaking down of so many things in your world.

Actually, in the future, everybody will have a universal basic income, and everybody will receive this on a daily basis as to their basic needs. This is not going to deny those who offer more to your world or choose to work more for your world to experience more money and more abundance if they choose. But those who do not choose, or those who are excited about something more introspective, will still receive exactly what they need. And it will be automatic and effortless. And there will be even such systems in place that will allow you to return waste and recyclable materials and get money instantly transferred into a digital sort of bank account. Your way of paying for things will be as simple as with a fingerprint, connected with this digital bank account that receives money every single day. Imagine a world like this where nobody has to fear or stress about how they get by. Because this is the essence of how your world ought to be, and how your world could be, if you took advantage of all of the resources that are there for you.

Though this will be a gradual process, there will be more primitive systems of universal basic income implemented in many places soon. There will be movements towards peace, and dissolving national borders and creating a unified world that will lead to this universal basic income being expressed to as powerfully and globally as it will be. There will also be one currency through your entire world by that time as well. As the world becomes more unified, as that unification is a prerequisite for you to be immersed in the Galactic Alliance and start to exchange with extraterrestrial beings. And it’s as simple as the fact that your borders and your definitions of this person versus that person in this society versus that society are very fear based. Still, you still view the world too much in terms of difference and “other” rather than understanding your inherent sameness. And until you are able to connect with the Source essence within all beings, and let that guide you to be peaceful amongst each other. You are still too immersed in fear to be able to exchange energy and meet cordially with such extraterrestrial allies who are patiently awaiting you. Now. It is also helpful to question and understand how did it get to this point, because actually, in many extraterrestrial worlds, we don’t use this concept of money at all. We have ways of exchanging energy. And we have ways of making sure that everything is accomplished for our purposes, and we don’t need to develop this elaborate financial system. In order for that to happen. It is a facet of somewhere else. And it is a sort of unique evolution in your world. It does trace back to your origin as beings created by the visiting Anunnaki who sought to mined gold.

So, there was a sense of desperation in these Anunnaki that they inadvertently program view with. their need for gold was not what many people crave gold for at this time. their need for gold was to stabilize the atmosphere on their planet which was getting very polluted, and going through a phase that it would no longer be inhabitable for them to exist upon. And gold powered technology that cleaned up and stabilized and added a great deal of breathable air into their atmosphere. Now, they did create the beings you now know as the modern Homo sapiens, who evolved in a variety of ways, from that very ancient time. And as they programmed you, they needed to make you a sort of humble servant. And so they activated certain genes, corresponding with certain neural pathways and ways of seeing and thinking that made humans bow down to the Annunaki as the ruling gods who would support the world.


But the Anu had to leave.

It was actually a split off faction of the Anunnaki, much like a nation state in your world, that chose to come to your planet and do this and win the rest of their society, something like the UN in your world, realize that they had done this, they demanded that they leave but they couldn’t immediately leave. And so what the Anunnaki did in order to support this human world in continuing to manage itself is that they established a ruling elite, they changed the genetic structure of the ruling elite, so that they could be a little bit different than the rest of humanity, who up to that point where program for many generations to bow to subserve, to derive a great sense of satisfaction from working in pleasing authority.

And so the ruling elite then came to replace the Anunnaki. But from that ancient time, the ruling elite through their writings and secret and hidden texts, created a way of attempting to keep their own grip on humanity. And this has very much been kept alive through secret societies and governments and many different aspects of your world that are hidden to so many of you. There is hidden symbolism in so many of the teachings and doctrines and documents around the financial structures of your world. That would point you to this understanding if you look closely. Now, regardless of this fact, there are ways to transform it, there’s are ways to overcome it, but this is why it has to be a fundamental shift of your value systems. Because the system of value you were conditioned with, that traces back to ancient times, is that my value is dependent upon what I am able to produce and create for others. Be it the gods or be it the so called Modern gods, of your politicians and leaders or your bosses and so on, so forth. So, this deeply held lack belief motivates people to constantly produce constantly do and have this background state of anxiety that prevents them from allowing their passion to shine through.

Remember that anxiety and passion are similar frequencies in that they are based upon the fundamental lifeforce energy that shines through a beam, but they distort that energy in different ways. Passion is the love based distortion, essentially, it is a positive sort of distortion. But again, we say it is nonetheless a distortion because unconditional love is the basis the essence of reality that has to transmit itself through many dimensions, and it always is a bit distorted as it reaches those.

Nonetheless passion is a clear and positive expression of that, which is nonetheless a distortion. And fear is a distorts this life-force energy in a negative way into anxiety, they both motivate you. But one is fear based and governed only by the physical mind. Whereas the passion, excitement and love is guided by the higher mind and expresses from the heart first, and then directs the physical mind, in order to make actions appropriately. Your old model is very much based on the fear, the anxiety and the subservience, it’s externalizing your value. And thinking that you are worth as much as you hold in your bank account or your worth as much as other people tell you you are, when really your true value, in essence, is innate and exists within you always.

All beings are one, the one isn’t all and the one is essentially unconditional love in your reality. And so, whenever you are tapped into that unconditional love, you are allowing value to express itself in your world. Your value is your essential nature. And when you return to that essential nature, as said many times, and you emanate the vibration of unconditional love, it creates a field of resonance that ripples out around you to impact everyone in everything. It raises their frequency and allows them if they choose to experience a greater immersion into unconditional love as well. This is value expressing itself. And so it doesn’t matter. From this understanding, if your value is making little art projects, or your value is running a massive company, if unconditional love radiates from you. And impacts others, your value is being expressed and is deep and important. So by sharing all of these limiting stories, about what is success, about what is valued, about earning your worth, and so on and so forth, you will change the nature of your world, leading to a world in which they understand that everyone has a value.

If everyone is given the safety net, to be able to do what they prefer to do, and what their heart guides them to do. Instead of doing what they are pressured into doing, that people will unite. And this force of love that will be awakened within people will bring things together cohesively. You demonstrate that by living your own passion, and letting go of the rules that you’ve been conditioned to accept. So these are the essential ideas of this program that we will share with you. And that the channel and his friend will support you in getting a better grasp on and going deep into the nuance of your belief systems and your traumatic experiences that led to the development of these belief systems. Or perhaps the simple levels of conditioning, the learning that led to these patterns and undoing it, erasing it and replacing it with something about higher frequency nature that will not only change your life and allow you to flow with greater money, value abundance, but will let other people be able to ride the wave that you create may changing the current.

So one final thing we’ll add is that money is perhaps the best expression of abundance in your world. Because it gives you such ease of access manifesting anything almost instantly. Though, abundance and money are not synonymous. And having this understanding will allow you you to actually have more money. Because when you recognize what abundance is, you will be able to understand that you can get some of the needs met that you would otherwise pay for in other ways. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Abundance is the ability having the resources to enact your passion fully.

Some of you will find that simply simplifying your definitions of what you think you need, versus what you actually need, will allow you to have much more abundance, and others of you will find that returning to a more holistic understanding of reality. And understanding that your individuality is not the most real experience that you are interconnected beings. that the individual is a sort of hallucination that you’re having much like time is a hallucination that you are having temporarily in physical reality. As you awaken to this, you will feel more comfortable opening yourself to the support of others opening yourself to the support of the universe. And in these cases, abundance will come to meet you when money cannot. And having these sorts of experiences is what will lead you to have trust in fully transforming your beliefs and fully transforming your own trajectory in this incarnation. So we think that gives you a good gist of what’s included in these materials. And in these materials will go in much greater depth. And as well, you will have the support to go through your own journey and process to let all of these ideas taken. And allow them to bring you to your own next step, and your planet as well.

So we can answer some questions that you have in relation to this subject at this time. And we’ll save other questions for other times.

Q: Hello. I do you have a question? Thank you so much for this transmission in this subject. So I’m on this topic of planning for the future. And we are so conditioned to plan for instance, for retirement or when we quote unquote, stop working. And so based on what you just shared, how much what is your guidance about planning, making such plans for, quote, unquote, savings for retirement, and when we stop working, I mean, is that somewhat futile and will inhibit the abundance piece. If that makes sense.

P: You can do this planning in a year based way or in a love based way. If you’re focused on the idea that you might not have enough at that later point in your life, it will create this anxiety that blocks your ability to move in the direction of your passion in the now. But you can also do it in a love based way. Having consideration having compassion, and a sense feeling excited about the ways that you can maximize that retirement fund without allowing it to bring you out of the present moment. So the love based way is in the present moment excited about what’s taking place now. But excited about creating the level of surplus. The fear based way is focused in the future. It’s taking energy away from the now and making this illusion of the future much more important when the future is certainly illusionary because there’s an infinite amount of potential futures. And you go through so many shifts in your fundamental vibration all the time, that it’s near impossible for you to fix upon one exact future. And when you’re in fear, you’re often attempting to do that you’re attempting to micromanage. To the degree that you can pick out that very perfect future reality. And all of your energy leaves the present moment. And you destabilize yourself. So you need to bring yourself fully into the present, and recognize in the present, you have everything you need. And if you can continue to create that bat, equal flow of balance, bringing in greater abundance, greater money, and enjoying your life as much as you can, it’s very likely that you will be able to continue flowing towards that more abundant future.

Q: Yes, thank you for clarifying the love based versus fear based, because I think I have struggled lately with understanding what that what that boundary is. And may I ask to that, to that, what you’ve saying things like planning for invent what we consider investments to enable abundance or resources to enjoy, what we want to now is that also hindering the loved base piece, if we are concerned about what kinds of quote unquote investments we have, in order to bring resources to enjoy things now.

P: That can also be expressed in a love based way or in a fear based way. So there’s a great tip and investing that many of you know, but few of you deeply understand and have integrated. And that is do not invest what you’re not willing to lose. And you can rely on certain traditional investments or more stable sorts of investments without as much fear. But again, as we’ve said, In your world, the financial structures are changing. So there’s opportunities to gain more with greater risks. And many of you are very excited about this. But simultaneously, you get very attached and you distort that excitement into anxiety. So to not invest what you’re not willing to lose, really means that you go into these investments, from the baseline without holding on to the outcome at all. You see it as an experiment, you see it as a game, you are able to be immersed in it in an intuitive way, while simultaneously detaching and seeing that this game you’re playing called Investing is a learning process, like many in life. So some of you are more suited to this than others. And those of you who are naturally going to succeed more, or those who have the skills in terms of logic and mathematics, as well as have that ability to see it as a game to see it. It’s fun. If it is inherently exciting for you, it will be something that you can play with in this way. However, those of you who are simply catching on to a sort of fear of missing out in terms of investment opportunities, and attempt to learn something that is not your natural excitement, will find that some of these plans backfire.

You can of course, receive help from somebody who is excited about it, though, notice your level of attachment and honor yourself in the process. For if you create a feeling of being unstable or shaky inside by investing more than you are willing to lose, then you will most certainly disrupt the flow of your passion on a day to day basis and disrupt your true state of abundance by playing with this investing game.

Q: Ah, thank you so much for putting that into perspective and relating that back to the basic formula of letting go of your expectations or that really helps me to not separate money from everyday life because, you know, so often we categorize money as a very separate entity from our day to day. So thank you so much cleaning cancel,

P: We thank you very much as well. Well, either that remember the nuance that it’s not letting go of your expectation, it’s letting go of your attachment to your expectations, you expect things every single moment, you cannot expect the things that you expect. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a daily schedule, you wouldn’t have a routine. All of this is based on the energy of expectation. And expectation is a helpful energy in generating excitement, like you’re expecting to go on this trip, and you’re expecting it to plan out this way. And that’s something that’s exciting for you, and you have to have some degree of it, in order to step into it. It’s the same with manifesting a dream board vision or anything of this nature. You have to feel excited about it and expect it to a certain degree. But then the issue is when you attach those expectations, when you think that you need to get something very specific in order to feel happy or fulfilled, when you think that if you don’t get your initial expectation that the whole plan is failing. So it’s remembering that expectations are meant to lead to excitement. Not the other way around. Excitement should not lead you to expectations, excitement and passion. And love is the goal, the expectation is the vehicle. So it’s like saying, when you’re heading out on a journey, and the car breaks down, “I expected to go in this car, I needed to go in this car, I don’t care if there’s this hovercraft here that it’s going to take me there 10 times faster. My idea was that I had to take the car, and therefore that’s the only thing I’m supposed to do.”

Now, remember, your expectations, the specific things you think need to take you to the destination or just the vehicle. Greater love and excitement is the destination. And it’s a destination that continues to expand. Every time you arrive at the destination of excitement, you realize that more excitement is another step along this pathway towards excitement continues into infinity. You’re simultaneously always on the journey, and you’re always at the destination. So allow your expectations to be the vehicle. And when the vehicle breaks down, don’t bemoan it. Don’t complain about it, don’t get stuck in it. There’s always a new vehicle waiting. And if you don’t find one, just walk a little bit and you’ll find the next vehicle. So that’s what we would say about that. So continue to be very excited, and let go of your attachments without like letting go of your expectations because you can’t really let go of them. You’ll always be creating them.

Q: Thank you so much. Oh, great. Thanks. It was well. My gratitude and love are unconditional love.

Q: Thank you very much from bringing this wisdom to us. Yes, it is very enlightening for me. And as usual, the second step is to bring this knowledge to to work and simply simply use it. So I would like to ask you, what kind of tools should we use? Or would you like to show us how to use this knowledge.

P: The tools we’re going to be sharing with you are very some of them have to do with testing out how much you already think you are worth. And by playing with these definitions in a variety of ways, and seeking to show you the ways that you already understand your worth, will then bring you to focus upon expanding the worth you already feel rather than getting caught up by the lack beliefs and fear based ideas that strip you of the worth. Other sorts of ideas we’ll be playing with involve bringing you into a state of awareness in which you imagine so completely, that you have all the resources in the world available to you and then guiding you to Understand, what would you do with that energy. Because if you understand what you would do, if money wasn’t a problem at all, you have a much greater key into what your passion really is.

Some other tools we’ll be playing with our involving bringing you to understand the difference between your passion, your anxiety. And this is a very important thing. Because many of you don’t understand the subtle nuances of when you shift from the passion train to the anxiety train, you get so locked into doing certain things that you were once passionate about that you can’t feel in your body, that what once brought passion is now bringing you anxiety. So you need to learn how to take a break in these moments. And we will focus on this as well. it will also contain some sort of coaching or help to stay on on positive or more useful vibraitons. Yes, we will be doing those sorts of exercises in the upcoming program. And for anyone, it is helpful to do these sorts of experiences as well whether they choose to join or not.

Q: And can you name some exercises,

P: We gave some examples. They all revolve around again, self worth understanding what your true excitement is, and opening yourself to greater self love. They’re a bit too complex for us to explain in the short time that we have here. But this is what these practices revolve around.

Q: Thank you for this transmission, Well, I was wondering also does it addresses like, you know, buying compulsively or buying you don’t need? I feel like, sometimes I buy stuff and I don’t need it. I mean, I recognize that moment. Obviously, I’m choosing it. But I don’t know that’s an interesting thing for me.

P: Oh, yes, we will discuss this as well in the program a bit. And we can go deeper into it as well. In the discussions that we have, though, the fundamental understanding of this is the nature of how your consumeristic world works. And learning to recognize that when you do this compulsive buying, you’re operating under the conditioning of the world that you were raised into. So by creating a sense of lack, and insufficiency, you will have all been programmed to overcompensate for that by consuming more. But the consuming is like filling out hole that’s infinitely deep and can’t be filled. The more you take in, the more the hole expands, it stretches. And it’s infinite nature cannot be comprehended by attempting to fill it. Instead you have to recognize there’s nothing to fill. Instead, there’s a fullness of love inside of me already. So when you step out of the consuming mode into the creative mode, you switch from anxiety into love and excitement. You to switch from feeling you don’t have into understanding that, rather than consuming you’re here to create love is this creative energy that expands and ripples out. So then the tools that you buy, instead of becoming objects to consume become tools, they become vehicles, they become pathways that allow you to expand your excitement. So it’s very important that before you buy things, you allow yourself to return into a stable frequency, you maybe take a minute of a heart centered meditation, where you focus your awareness and your heart, and you focus your awareness on breathing, and you return to remembrance of the aspects of your life that are most truly exciting for you, that expand within you the sense of love, expansion, compassion, and excitement. And then, as you have done that, really start to question “Does this thing that I want to buy, expand the parts of my life that I have excitement and love for? Or is it just another thing to put on the shelf.”

And when you learn the difference, you’ll be able to make sure that all of your purchases, light you up with joy, and you continue to expand your gratitude for that which you have purchased, much past the time you have bought it, they’re no longer will start to be things in your space that you’re wondering, why do I have this? When do I use this.

And instead, everything you have, will be incredibly useful. And it will expand that sense of gratitude. But it has everything to do with the energy with which you buy it. So this is the most important thing to bring awareness to. Do you feel a heart centered expansion of love in your movement towards buying something? Or do you feel a fear based sense of false need? That feels like an anxiety and an instability that you attempt to compensate for by buying things? The difference and frequency that you feel in that moment will be what shapes the life relationship of you in that purchase?

Q: Wow, thank you so much for that.

P: You’re very welcome. Yes. And in the materials and our work together will also illuminate the ways that this conditioning towards lack is ever present in your consumeristic world. This is a false notion that is not only robbing people of their centeredness and love and compassion. It’s also gradually consuming so much of your planet that you are harming it and harming yourselves in deep ways. And by breaking out of this pattern, you’re helping your world break out of this pattern. But also you need to learn how to break out of this pattern in when you offer yourself or market yourself because so many of the teachings out there are still based upon hooking people into fear. But instead you can raise people into love and experience even greater wealth and abundance simultaneously. So this is a huge shift that your world is in the midst of moving from the fear based consumer mode where they hook you with fear into the love base creative mode, in which all sales and transactions are an exchange of creative energy that is expansive.

Q: Yeah, I mean, I think that’s so so wonderful. I mean, it’s a whole new way of seeing things and perceiving things that it’s just going to it’s going to change everybody’s mind and it’s definitely made a difference of what you just said. So what I’m learning a lot

P: Yes, it will change your entire world. We’re excited for it and right grateful that you’re able to experience some of that shift already from the simple thing we have shared.

Q: I’m just curious. regarding the things we use, we buy, and we oftentimes then keep, keep them around. I’m really, when I’m dealing with this stuff, I see potential in everything, how to how to use it, how this think me can be possible, and they can be useful for me. But many times, I do not use it in such a way. So I just keep many things around as a potential for me, but I don’t use them that often. So how can you help me with this?

P: Think in terms of abundance of space, the abundance of space, in your mind, is your ability to be able to empty your mind of thoughts of obligations and different things, and so on and so forth. By releasing your attachments, you can create space in your mind. And in the same way, your physical space reflects that mental spaciousness for when there’s too many things around you, there’s too many things that you’re reminded of, there’s too many ideas that are constantly coming to you. And all of the objects that you have around should have some degree of usefulness. This usefulness isn’t just the practical usefulness in that it allows you to carry out some sort of necessary action, but it’s useful in terms of expanding your vibration of love. So do you love these things? And do you love what they allow you to do? Or are they just there, because they might be useful. If they might be useful to somebody else, sell them to them, or even give them away. If you never, ever use them, just get rid of them. And it’s better to find a source for them that somebody else could benefit from. Even in just giving them away, you’re expanding the vibration of abundance, because abundance, so much comes from the free flow of giving and receiving. When you’re able to give freely, you also open yourself to receive freedom, it’s this energetic, two way street of everything that you put out comes back to you. So sometimes many of you are holding on to things that are not really for you. And by allowing them to go to the source, or, or to the destination to the person who really needs them more than you do. You create the space for you to receive the things that you really need. The clutter around you does not help you focus. Now that isn’t to say that everyone is totally distracted by some degree of clutter. Many of you who are deeply creative beings will create a lot of clutter, because you’re simply too focused on what you’re excited about. But you don’t really pay attention to these subtle details of how you leave a physical space in the process. And that is all right. But having too many things is one way that this clutter starts to become something that diminishes their abundance rather than expands it.

See a parallel between attachment to my expectation and also it’s similar to be attached to things, because with all of those things that you bought, you expected that it would be useful for you but time proved that it wasn’t necessarily useful for you. And the fact that it’s still sitting in your space is the embodiment of your attachment to that outcome

Q: Okay, thank you yes.

P: We’ll say finally that one great key into mastering abundance is learning creative energy. And you use many metaphors. When you talk about money, “it flows in and flows out, I am liquidating assets, they froze my account.” All of this relates to money as a source of liquid, and water relates to your second chakra. The second chakra is an unconscious center related to feeling emotion, creativity, and sexuality. So you can note the link here that many use sexuality, or a feeling of desire in order to sell things to you. Now, here’s the thing is that when you master this creative center, you can have a greater grip on the flow of money, and in the experience of abundance, but it has to do with switching away from the consumption of filling yourself filling your gut, filling the sacral chakra with something and instead, expanding the sacral chakra to create, what can you create your love and your excitement, our creative energies, they are expressing a form of creative growth into your world. Where as the fear based model that you see so much in your world presents this idea to you that people can be very happy simply by having a lot of something, though, you have to read deeper through the lines, to see that. So many of the people that have so much are very unhappy, because their fear of what they could lose now becomes greater than their love of what they have.

And this is one of the greatest definitions of happiness, whether you have a million dollars or $100. If your appreciation of what you have, is bigger than your fear of what you will lose, then what you have will expand and your heart will expand. If your fear of what you will lose is bigger than your love of what you have. What you have will shrink. And most certainly and more quickly, your love will shrink and you will contract emotionally and spiritually. Though, this shift into creative energy helps you to understand that every moment has creative potential. Every interaction has creative potential, your life is creative potential. So when you allow yourself to expand into that, and let that guide you to love and allow yourself to appreciate everything that you have always then you will live in a harmonious flow and you will give and receive in a harmonious flow. You will allow new ways of sharing and exchanging energy to be birthed in every moment, through your creative energy and through your love. And as you do this, your entire planet will most certainly change. So if you want to dive deeper with us, you have the opportunity to do so. And we hope to co create an exchange with you that way. We wish you then a fantastic rest of your day and see you again whenever you wish.

Love is the Basic Key for All Growth & Healing 💫 Doing What You Love Brings You to Another Dimension

Love is the Basic Key for All Growth & Healing 💫

We are the Pleiadian Council. And we speak on behalf of galactic alliance of many different beings throughout this galaxy supporting your planet, in a process that you may call ascension. It is an evolution at a planetary level of the consciousness of individuals coming together and coming closer to the vibration of the one Source or Creator. 

it is a gift and it is an honor and a pleasure to be able to establish contact with you in this way, for when we exchange between our worlds. There’s a tremendous inflow of information and energy between our respective realities that allows us both to grow. So we grow and learn through this experience in the same way that we hope that you do. And for this we, we send our gratitude to you.

So we come with hopes of supporting your world through the great process of transition, but you are within now, there are many changes taking place very rapidly in your world. And some of you may wonder, “is this something to fear is this something to fear,” because fear is a message that is so commonly shared in your world.

It is an energy with which you receive all information in a way. You are manipulated subliminally, with hidden keys and tricks that hook you into fear, unconsciously, and use your fear to convince you to buy this, do that, think this. And the time of this is coming to an end, for those of you who would choose that, because your planet is upon the precipice of a great shift. And that is why you’re seeing so many different kinds of experiences take place at this time.

The opposite of fear is love. It is not anything other than love. And love is not just something you feel when you are attracted to another person or you have formed a bond with them. Love is the very nature of this universe and of the reality that you inhabit. And this is why when you feel great degrees of love, you experience a genuine multi dimensional transmission of energy. When you do something that you love long enough, you lose track of time and space. It seems as if everything is flowing in perfectly and naturally, it seemed as if you remember something outside of what you experienced in this incarnation, talents awaken within you.

You may know this experience when you’ve lost yourself doing something that you love, it feels as if the world around you simultaneously fades away yet also your sense of who you are expands. Some of you may not have fully grasped this, but you may have also experienced this through your love of another meaning. It is an overwhelming experience that brings you to feel an expanded sense of your own self. This love is the nature of this reality. And when you experience more love, you come into closer contact with the One Source or the Creator. The Creator is not the sort of creator that has been imagined by so many of your texts in this world. It is a creative consciousness that exists within all beings. And by raising your frequency by simply doing what you love, you come closer to that one Source.

This frequency of love connects things. It brings everything together. It is a holistic experience. When you love someone, you feel deeply connected with them. When you do what you love. It creates ripples of connection that bring many other people together and brings together the many different aspects of your life.

Fear divides, fear separates. And you must recognize that it’s only recently in your world that you’ve actually got beyond so many different fears, fears of people, because they are different races, fears of people, because they are a different gender. Actually, you may recognize that you have made progress, but there’s still a long way to go. Though. If you look at your recent past, you see how ugly the fear can be, and how it can literally hurt you. If you don’t pay close attention, and see beyond this illusion of difference.

Distinction is innate, that every one being that is incarnate into this reality is unlike any other being that exists. But difference is really an illusion. Because there’s one fundamental law, there’s many other laws, but the most fundamental law is that All is One. And this is why, when you see some event happening across the world that evokes great pain or great love, you can feel that emotion flooding to you, from so far away. Everything is made up of the same field of energy. And what happens to one being is happening to every being on some level.

So love is this remembrance, that you are part of that same field of reality. And when you do what you love, you allow for that energy to ripple out supporting many others, in having the same opportunity to raise their frequency and love and dissolve the illusion of difference. You are all one thing, you are all one planet and this universe is one universe. And that is why we are interested in your world, and why when you started to develop certain destructivs powers, like atom bombs, there were many very interested in your world. Because when you have great destructive power, that power not only affects your planet, but it affects the rest of the galaxy.

You’re becoming incredibly more powerful as a species. And now, one thing that is very interesting is how you are developing so many of these new technologies that are intelligent, and somebody who are fearing this, some of you are getting manipulated by your news to fear the other beings visiting your world like ourselves. And we have more things to say about this if you would tune into our other messages. But today, we will only say that the fear is an illusion. And if you continue to let them play with your fears, and continue to believe the internalized voice of fear that exists within you, you will not only rob yourself of opportunity, it will wear away your health, it will wear away your relationships, and it will wear away at your financial life as well. This frequency of love is holistic, and it brings everything together. When you spend time in this frequency of love, your body adapts to it. Because you as beings have cycles, you only repeat the patterns that you’ve played out before

So it’s never just “I’m giving myself this one chance to do this one thing.” Every time you say this is what I’m doing. You’re inviting that same behavior to repeat again, you can’t get out of the loop of repetition in your world. It’s impossible, because your beings of cycles. So whatever you’re feeling right now, you’re inviting more of it into your life. When you do things that make you feel contracted and make you feel afraid. You’re inviting more of that fear in your life. And you can say “yes, I know that this job makes me feel terrible and like total sh!t, but I’m going to get a great paycheck.” And many people have already experienced they do this for 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and then they have that great paycheck. But until they die, they still feel like sh!t, because that’s what they chose to do.

So you have to expand your awareness of frequency and understand that this is the only moment that fundamentally matters. If what you’re doing now doesn’t bring you to feel expanded and joyful, what you’re doing is not the best thing you could do.

So allow yourself to understand that your reality is fundamentally emotional in its nature. And when you choose to listen to the emotions within you and let them guide you to what ever brings you to feel the most love out of all of the potential choices, that energy will perpetuate itself naturally.

If you can follow the next three steps in this formula, mostly we’ve been spoken, speaking now about the first step in this formula we share with you that is: act upon your highest love, also described as passion or excitement. The next step is to do it to the best of your ability. That is self explanatory, there’s details, but we won’t speak about them now. The final is letting go of your insistence on every particular outcome, let go of your attachment to your expectations. Because in this holistic universe, the frequency of love will naturally bring in more things that resonate with that frequency. Some of you may have heard of a law of attraction, it works through this. It’s really a law of vibration and resonance, but attraction is a great way of putting it for some of you. Now, when you have insistence or attachment to the outcome, it’s diminishing all of that vibration of love and reverting it back into fear. This happens because you’ve been conditioned, or you’ve developed beliefs that cause you to fear and try to grasp, grasp so tightly to what you think you need, rather than allow the universe to bring you what you actually need.

The idea here is that what when you let go, you allow yourself to relax, and then you open your mind to different possibilities. A simple way of explaining this to you is, you’ve all experienced moments in which you’ve been looking for the glasses that were already on your head, or the keys that were in your hand, or the thing that was in your pocket. Because when you get so attached and fixated on what you think you have to do, you totally lose awareness of what needs to happen. Now, this plays out in a much bigger sense in your lives as well. When you’re so fixated on a particular goal that you don’t immerse yourself deeply in the love and joy of the present moment. That is a healing vibration, and does ripple out to affect everything else in your life. So when you act upon your highest love to the best of your ability, without insisting on a particular outcome, the holistic universe will work through you to bring you the things that truly represent your needs and your love and allow you to maintain that high frequency state. And as you do that, because you are one with the world around you, the other beings that are just mere reflections of you will start to do the same thing and experience the same thing. And this is how your world will change is changing. There are many different changes taking place and we’ve spoken a lot about them and other transmissions..

Pleiadian Council on Deconstructing Negative Beliefs

Q:I’m wondering what is then efficient method. Once you acknowledge a fear based program running in your consciousness or in your behavior, how to deprogram and choose a love based action or belief?

P: Well, we will say that there are generally two ways that you want to be able to work with together a complimentary. And here [in context of a yoga center] you’re already learning one of them. This path of meditation removes the belief systems from your being, if you do it properly. So if you tune into a negative thought, we would then invite you to notice where it sits on in your body. And then bring all of your focus away from the mind into that level of sensation. Observe where there is tight sensation or uncomfortable sensation in your body, while keeping your focus broad, and being aware simultaneously of every region, every part every crevice of your body, from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers, to the crown of your head, and all of the hairs that dangle from it. Allowing yourself to be aware of that sensation, focusing on your breath, and visualizing your breath as light. See this light, moving that energy from the place where it is stuck to the far reaches of your body until it dissolves. If you simply stay focused on the level of sensation, and allow yourself to pay no attention to the thoughts, the thoughts and the beliefs will themselves fall away.

They stick around in your body because you pay very close attention to your thoughts, and you start to mistake your thoughts for reality. When thoughts are not reality. Thoughts are the result of the beliefs you’ve been programmed with, and the beliefs that you’ve generated yourself based upon experiences you’ve had, when you stop focusing on the thoughts and bring yourself to face the emotions and sensations with a true attitude of non resistance, meaning being willing to experience them and face them for as long as it takes without fighting them without making them wrong. Then the belief and the emotion itself will integrate the other pathway to dissolve the negative beliefs. And it is complimentary, meaning you need to be proficient at both of these to be the most accelerated at the process of your own personal transformation is to mentally deconstruct them. [With time, you will be able to do this in your mind alone, but at first the best way to do this is to] write down your thought. And then write down the feeling that follows it, then write down the next thought, then write down the feeling that follows it until you get to a point where it either exhausts you, or you feel like you’ve uncovered something that feels like a core, it feels like you’ve got to the center of something. And then look into all of those thoughts. And write down the literal opposite of each and every one of those thoughts. Some of them will be simple, like the thought, “I am not worthy,” becomes “I am worthy.”

There can be more complex examples as well. “I don’t deserve love at all times.” becomes
I do deserve love at all times. I do deserve love, and there is no time.” Take every part of this negative thought and look to the opposite of it. And then we want you to write down evidence as to why this new positive thought is true. I deserve love… are there not people who love you? It is impossible to have or experience something that you don’t deserve. So this is something that you might want to explore externally with somebody or even a channel being can support you in this process. But the idea here is that when you find enough evidence to support a positive belief that counters the negative belief, you will come to eventually see that negative belief is totally absurd. And when you recognize it as absurd, you’ll throw it out.

So both of these processes are in a way, destructive and constructive simultaneously, you have to destroy your own resistance, you have to be very much willing to feel the emotions connected with these beliefs, and not fight them or push them away. And then you have to actively deconstruct them and create something new from the energy stored within them. Yes, so this process will help all of you. And it’s something that you all to learn how to do, because so much of the experiences that you have in your life are based upon these emotional stories, that loop in your mind. And when you learn how to deconstruct them, and see from other perspectives, you will find new ways to navigate every circumstance that arises. You will find you have literally unlimited potential. It’s to the degree that as we’ve said before, you could literally change physical reality. There are masters in many traditions that have had incredible experiences, of levitation, of changing their shape of manifesting flowers and other items out of nowhere. This is what is possible if you learn how to master your own mind. So it starts with the small things and first of all, you will be able to overcome your issues of anxiety, depression, confusion, not knowing where to go or what to do. And eventually, you will be able to create things that are super natural, if you’d like. Or you can also insist on your limitation. It’s totally up to you.

On the Formula & The Emotional Guidance System

So we will share an introduction to some of our ideas before we allow you to ask whatever you’d like. And the basic premise is something that we call the formula. This is a teaching that is not unique to our world, or us as channeled beings, there are others who give you this principle, it is a simple way that you can accelerate your process of awakening and return into a positive state, regardless of what you’re currently experiencing.

The basis of this idea, first of all, is that this entire universe is built with unconditional love. The intention of the one creator or source is unconditional love. When you go beyond a physical reality, this unconditioned love is all there really is. As souls come to incarnate into density, you were given the gift that sometimes doesn’t seem like a gift of the distortion of duality, and the distortion of time. Duality gives you contrasting experiences of positive and negative, dark and night, summer and winter, day and night. And these contrasting experiences, more than anything else allow you to understand that you have the power of choice.

Choice gives you freewill in a world that many things are also caused by fate. And this seeming duality is what allows for soul evolution to take place. Thus, you are always making choices. Now, you don’t necessarily understand what choices you are making and why. And this formula allows you to recognize the choice and a leap in every moment, and direct your choice to the highest potential outcome, while releasing an energy of insistence. This will accelerate the engine of awakening. So the formula is to act upon your highest love, passion or excitement, to the best of your ability without insisting on any particular outcome. In there, there’s three parts to this. They’re all equally important.

The first is to act upon your highest love or passion. This is an energy that you will feel in the center of your being. This heart of yours is the receiving antenna. For energies that come from your own Higher Self you could say this higher self is your individual soul connection with the source. And as light sources unconditional love when you are experiencing energies that resonate with that, that feel like love. That is a sign that you’re being guided by source in that moment. And as you attune yourself to make choices that are aligned with that frequent feeling of love. You attune your whole being to that vibration. You allow for your energy field to resonate with that. And as reality doesn’t necessarily exist on its own. It is interwoven with your being. As you resonate these positive frequencies, positive experiences are so relate due to manifest. This frequency of love also allows for stress, anxiety, and fear to dissolve from your mean, for these are energies that distort and hold you back from seeing everything that is before you in front of you.

So, acting on your highest passion or Love is not something that means having a five year plan or a 10 year plan, or even a plan for tomorrow. It can lead to that. But it’s best expressed here and now in the present moment. And this formula means that if you do have such a thing as a five year plan, and tomorrow, you’re feeling changes about it, that you have no insistence you let go and you allow yourself to be redirected. Because all of these concepts of having to plan for the future and plan for this and plan for that are much generated by your mind. They are based upon concepts of what you think you have to do that often disconnect you from this heart level experience that is always centered an unconditional love. So in every single moment, when you see all of the options before you which of those options resonates most with that feeling of love, which of them do you feel viscerally as a sensation of expansion, warmth, softness, or openness, or the release of tension from your chest that spreads through your body. make that choice, follow that path. There still might be some fear or resistance presents. But you will know that that feeling generates the most expansive feeling in your heart, then therefore, the action associated is the best pathway to take.

So step two, the formula is to do it to the best of your ability. And this is most simple to understand Park, it means “Do your best.” That means don’t give up it means apply all of your intelligence and use all of the resources within you and outside of you to carry this action out in the best way that you can. It means to keep your eyes open. And it means to be willing to ask for help. Because there are others who can support you in the ways that you might not necessarily be able to completely master or carry through this thing that excites you the most. So it means to be open. And yes, simply do your best.

The last part is to release all insistence on the outcome. It means to have what many of you understand as non attachment. It means that you are willing to accept when your expectations are not fulfilled. But it does not mean to not have expectations because it is impossible not to have expectations. Every day you expect certain things to happen. It’s a part of your life. And your expectations set you up to take the right actions at the right time. They help you to plan the ways that you have to plan. But it is your attachment to these expectations that robs you of the joy in the moment. And this feeling of love and passion is literally guiding you to all of the experiences and opportunities that would serve your soul growth more than anything else. Though sometimes source works in indirect ways. Sometimes you think you’re going to one destination. And source gives you this feeling of love, which is your intuitive guide to head out yet all of a sudden, there’s a crossroad that you come to. And this feeling of love and passion in your heart guides you to take a turn that you weren’t expecting to go. And when you get to your new destination you find that there’s a greater treasure that you discover that you didn’t know you were heading towards

in the first place. But if you get very attached to the plan and your presumed trajectory that you start off your journey with, you won’t be able to see those forks in the road and you won’t be able to see all of the opportunities that you attract to yourself along the way. It also means that you let go of all of these definitions that you have been conditioned to see the world through, of good and bad and of right and wrong of success and failure. And this success and failure is one of the biggest ones you have to overcome. Because you often fail to recognize that you will fail thousands of times before you meet your expectations in the way that you assume they should be met. And every time you fail, you learn lessons that set you up to move in the direction of what you really would love to experience. And without these lessons, you would never have been able to get there. So this life is a journey of growth, a journey of coming to gradually understand. And when you accept your lessons, and you are willing to use all experiences that you don’t prefer, as lessons, you will drop your resistance and you move in the direction of what you truly need. And love quicker with out anything holding you back. So it’s simply accept what happens not only accept it, but find reasons to celebrate it, find reasons to see it as a good thing. Because there’s always a positive use, even for negative circumstances. And you will perpetually forever be in a positive experience, when you learn how to use everything that is in some way negative as a positive learning experience as a positive means to continue acting upon what you love to do, and letting that frequency of love guide you. What is the purpose of all of this the purpose is to be who you are.

All of you are the one source, we have some universal laws that you can listen to in our other transmissions, we won’t talk about them today, because we have other things we’d like to share. But the most important one to recognize is that all is one and the one is in all. So, this One Creator Source is present in all of creation and you are that source, you come into this dimension of physical reality, which distorts that in the knowing of self a source, it creates illusionary barriers. And you get to enjoy the experience of dissolving these barriers, bit by bit, allowing that awareness that you are unconditional love to inundate your being gradually with time. And as you do this, you will dissolve all of those negative experiences. It is a process it takes time. So the purpose of this existence is to be who you are. And that is to be source. And it is to be exactly the unique being that you are for every being is a unique expression of source unlike any other. And your passion or your love is what guides you to be that perfect embodiment of source.

The purpose of your life isn’t to accumulate a whole bunch of things and then give them to the next generation. The purpose of your life isn’t to prove to your neighbors how great you were, the purpose of your life isn’t to enjoy all of the sensory experiences and that alone, some of you have conceived that the purpose of your life is all of these things, but you can enjoy all of it. And you can achieve all of it and you can manifest all of it. But what you’re actually here to do is be love. And this formula is what guides you to do that.

So, we will add a final little note today before we attend to your questions and this is all negative emotion is one certain manifestation of fear. That is a distortion to this unconditional love. These emotions serve a purpose for you actually. These emotions are there to support you in transforming your experience and moving through your life in healthy ways. These emotions guide you how to respond to other people and how To respond to events, though many of you get to an experience where certain negative emotions become your default state, they are always in your face in your body, and sort of sabotaging your every step.

So, why this happens is because you start to suppress these emotions. And in suppressing them, you develop negative beliefs about yourself. Some of these negative beliefs are taught to you in your childhood, by your parents and your schools, and are learned through traumatic experiences that you have that lead you to jump to negative conclusions about who you are. And as you learn these things, these emotions become stuck in your body. So there’s a way to use these emotions in a positive way. And we will talk a bit about the three general classes of negative emotion.

All unique expressions of negative emotion fall into one of these three categories. In all of these are a level of fear. And fear is a false evidence appearing real. It is a lie constructed in your mind.

So the first would be emotions of anger. Anger is the emotion of protection. You might feel anger in moments in which you’re threatened. For example, in time as long ago, before humans develop in a modern way, when you could experience the threat of animals, or something attacking you. Anger is an extreme expression of fear that gives you rushes of adrenaline that allow you to fight back and develop a certain superhuman strength. So whenever you are feeling anger, it’s an attempt to protect yourself. And thus, anger that you express in a healthy way, creates healthy boundaries with others. When you continue to suppress anger, you also suppress your own power. You don’t allow yourself to set up the healthy parameters for engagement, that bring you to feel as if you are honoring yourself. So learning to work with this emotion of protection involves then being able to stand up for yourself and say, what feels right for you and what doesn’t. It means to not allow other people to drain you of energy, because you feel anger because you are on some level feeling threatened by them. If you suppress the anger, you continue to engage in this sort of parasitic way. Having a healthy relationship with anger also means that you recognize that sometimes the threat that you are experiencing is imagined. So sometimes you experience perpetual anger based on an illusion. And in other moments, in other situations, you will have to recognize that what you imagined to be threat threatening isn’t actually there isn’t actually real. The next category of these emotions would be sadness. Sadness is the healing emotion. You feel this particular flavor of frequency as a way to release and restore and rest. This emotion guides you into a deep level of self compassion. Whenever you are feeling some level of sadness, it’s because you are restricting yourself from a level of love. Because you don’t believe that love is to be yours, or you are believing that in order to experience love, you need to recover your connection to whatever has been lost.

And so for this emotion, you have to return your awareness to the universal love. You may have experienced love through moments of the past but The past is no longer here in this moment. It exists in the eternal now. But in the present, you cannot recreate that experience. But you can recover that sense of unconditional love by letting go of your attachment to that one source that you thought the love had to come to you from. You release this emotion and transform it into deep unconditional love by allowing yourself to be present with it. And allowing yourself to turn this love back onto yourself.

The last category is the emotion of anxiety. And this emotion has everything to do with the attachment to the outcome, and the insistence on getting what you think you need. When you’re feeling something caused by this anxiety, you have to accept the present moment reality. And you have to learn how to release what you think needs to happen. Allow yourself to take space, allow your grip to loosen, allow for that space to guide you. Into moments of complete surrender. When you attach to the outcome, you inevitably push it further away from yourself what you desire could be yours. But when you create such a pent up energy, and think that it is your only source of love or happiness or salvation, you often repel it with your energy.

So mastering this emotion has everything to do with learning how to attract to you the situations that you prefer, rather than grasping for them. Knowing that everything will come towards you, if you don’t force yourself to hold on to it. And by recognizing that all of these emotions are there to show you, either to stand up for yourself, to turn love onto yourself, and recognize that you are the love you seek. Or by letting go of your clinging to the outside world and recognizing what you need is within you. You will be able to find peace and find centeredness in every moment, and fall back into that remembrance that you are your source. And if you are your force, all of this play in this expansion that you experienced by moving in the direction of what you love, is just the game. It’s a way to expand but you allow yourself to innocence, transcend it, while being within it. And that love of source floods through your body and reminds you that you can enjoy this realm, while still being connected to something that is far beyond. And as you live in that way, both in this world and in connection with the spirit world, your connection with guides and subtle energies, your ancestors and those who have departed with the spirits of nature and a world of living light around you will open up and you will never feel alone ever again. If you choose that experience, it is there and available for all of you to enjoy, and to celebrate, and to use together to transform your world into a place where none of these fear based emotions manifests at a collective level. But in order for you to get there, you have to learn how to defeat and overcome and transmute these emotions into love on a personal level.

And this is essentially why we we are here to teach this to your world for as your world transforms. All that is in this entire galaxy transforms and this is a gift to us and all other beings that inhabit this vast universe and even multiverse. So we thank you for allowing us to share this message and allowing us to get the experience of meeting you and now we asked in which ways can we be of service to you with any questions, comments or sharings that you may have today?

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