Affirmations are common spiritual tools that use simple words and phrases to help one focus, clarify, and manifest. It is commonly taught that words can create reality. However, in this dimension, feelings and emotions create manifestations, not words. Positive affirmations can work magic when you can truly and fully feel that what you are saying is entirely true.

The phrase “I Am That I Am” is one name of the Divine. You can replace the “that” with any other word, for example, love, peace, truth, virtue, abundance, joy, ease, grace, gratitude, balance, safety, or any other energy you wish to cultivate. If you can fully say “I am love I am” and feel complete and total love, this practice is wonderful and very beneficial. If you use positive affirmations properly, they should bring to the surface the places within you that do not feel loved, abundant, and safe, for you to get in touch with them. As you bring acceptance, appreciation, and integrative energy into those feeling , you will release them and come to vibrate at a higher level. As your vibration raises, the circumstances in your life will come to match that higher vibration as well.

The common misconception in the New Age movement is that there is a wrong way to talk about negative circumstances. Every time you say the words “I am” you establish an identity, and attune your vibration to what follows. However, taking mental loops and side-steps in order to make sure you use only the correct magic words for most increases the vibration of caution and protection. Being in the vibration of protection will always attract to you an attack, disturbance, or distortion which you must protect yourself from. By asking for protection, you say to the Universe:”I enjoy the experience of having to protect myself from lesser preferred energies; please give me something that I can protect myself from.”

The greatest immunity to lower frequency energies is total transparency. Often times, negative affirmations and phrases are actually more helpful to bring us into a state of total transparency. In truth the reality we have manifested is exactly what we have asked for from the Universe. In a Law of Attraction based Universe, we have to be the vibrational match of every single circumstance we experience before it comes into manifestation. This means that inside on a subconscious level, we all have very good reasons for manifesting the circumstances we have generated. Within every negative manifestation, there is a hidden positive intention. Even in experiences of victimization, the one who chooses either the victim or perpetrator role gets something that they want from the role they have vibrationally selected. Owning that there is something to gain from a negative circumstance is a great portal to acceptance and surrender. For example, as I learned to work with energies in this way, I was taught to say “I love just having enough to get by.” What is it that you love about the circumstances you claim to want to change? Do you love being rescued? Do you love being independent? Do you love being right?

Another way you can clarify your vibration with a reversed affirmation is to say “I don’t love myself enough to…” In truth self-love is the key ingredient in all healing. The more you love yourself and the more you practice self-love in each moment, the more you will be a vibrational match to the reality of your preference. If you have something that you claim you want, essentially all you must do at an energetic level is to love yourself more. Self-love alone, connected to proper discernment and logical choices, will make you a vibrational match to the reality of your dreams. In order to get yourself into the habit of practicing self-love continuously, you can think to yourself, when contemplating the things you want, “I don’t love myself enough to give myself the relationship,” or “I don’t love myself enough to give myself the inspiring career,” or “I don’t love myself enough to give myself total enlightenment.”
When you say this to yourself, you come to see yourself clearly where you are at. When you accept where you are in this moment you drop away resistance. The more you clear resistance from your vibration, the more Infinite energy from Source you will allow to flow through you. When you realize that all you must do is to love yourself more, it becomes much easier to allow the Divine being you are to embody in form. Everyone can always love themselves more. As you continue to increase your level of love for yourself and for All That Is, eventually you will no longer experience fear and resistance, yet you will continue to experience more and more and more love. For most of us, this point when fear and resistance are totally gone is a bit in the distance, though here and now we can know it is possible, and the only way to get there is to love yourself more.

Let go of the fear about saying “the wrong thing.” You could never say the wrong thing! Practice total transparency and authenticity while applying pure positive focus. Look for the positive aspects of each and every circumstance and the positive intention you had in manifesting what has arisen. Remember that the Universe can only respond to how you feel. You change your reality by changing your feelings. Paradoxically so, the best way to change your feelings is to let go entirely of the tendency to attempt to change or suppress how you are feeling, and totally what is arising within you to be embraced. When this is done with Unconditional Love and non-attachment to all circumstances, you will change your reality in extremely miraculous ways. Your words can guide you there if you are continuously transparent and authentic.