Staying Clear of Toxicity

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Questioner: This this world notice is quite toxic the food, the air and the water relationships before and what what can we do to shield or protect or how to how to live in a healthy way in this in this times?

Pleiadian Council: There’s many things to do. And some of you when you discover all of the things to do, or that you can do start to have a great degree of fear of all of the toxic energy that’s out there. And this is the first thing that we would advise against, because once you start to open your eyes to see all that’s there, it can be shocking. So don’t have any resistance to the pain, and don’t have any resistance to seeing reality for what it is. Don’t even resist your own suffering. Because it too is part of the purification process that will free you from these limitations. As you let go of your own resistance, and come deeper into your heart, you will be guided to do exactly what resonates with you. So fear is toxic, and fear contracts.

Some toxins don’t even exist outside of you, but are produced in your body when you can’t digest. What holds back your digestion is the fear of the energy you’re consuming, or the fear that motivates you to consume excessively, or toxic substances. So the most important thing that you can do, first of all, is to raise your vibration and love. And that’s where the formula of choosing to act on your passion and choosing to let love guide you into that flow state is the primary thing to do. Then beyond that, you must seek out the cleanest food and water supplies. Many of you don’t recognize that the water that comes in from your cities or even smaller townships, is loaded with many toxins and the simple water filters you buy don’t really do it justice. So you want to produce some sort of reverse osmosis water or find out if there’s a local spring that you can get cleaner water from, or distill your water. And in these cases, you might want to also supplement minerals to make up for the water being stripped of such things. To eat very organic, wholesome foods is key. And to be mindful, of not over consuming as well. To breathe deeper, and bring awareness to your breath will support you through many of the toxins that come in through the air.

In terms of the emotional toxicity of the information, you have to understand that in this current model of your world, they sell you things based on your sense of lack and fear. And so, so much of the advertising that you’re faced with, is designed to inspire within you a sense that you fear your own lack, or that you don’t have something that you need to obtain. So, you have to learn how to pay attention to what this subliminal information feels like when you watch it. You may notice as you see the commercials or scroll through the social media or whatever it is, that there is this underlying sense of deep emptiness that is inspired, it is this emptiness that they seek to bring you to so that you consume. But this path of liberation is to stop trying to feel the emptiness and instead to surrender to it to trust that even within the infinite sort of emptiness of a black hole, there is a pathway into immense and endless light.

So this is why we began by saying by not having an aversion to the suffering or to the pain, because when you are immune to this feeling of emptiness and you instead learn how to raise your own vibration by making choices that raise your vibration into love. You will be very difficult to program. This is why they call it “programming” (such as on the TV.) It programs you to think and act in certain ways. And as you shed the conditioning that you’ve taken in through this programming, you will be immune to the fear and you will be able to choose love. It will bring you into that flow.

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