You Don’t Have to Finish Everything You Start 💖 Letting Your Heart Guide You ~ Pleiadian Council Channeling

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Hello, when we say fantastic day to all of you on your world, we as the Pleiadian Council speak on behalf of the Galactic Alliance. And we are always very excited for you to receive our messages for it allows for an exchange of energy to take place between our realities, and for all that is to expand. So our gratitude to and today we begin with this message be open to your path leading you somewhere different than you expect to be open to not necessarily finish everything you have started.

In your world, There is a certain level of conditioning that encourages you to see every project to completion, to make sure that you fulfill all of your intentions to finish what you have started, even to seek closure as it comes to a particular project or engagement. But none of this is necessary. All of this is a construct.

Obviously, many of the most powerful and life changing things that have taken place in your reality, were the completion of projects. Yet, sometimes, your attachment to that idea of seeing a project to its completion brings you on a path that doesn’t really fulfill you and drains you instead of supports you in expanding and passion and unconditional love. It is this story of needing to finish it that is essentially based in fear and puts on a pressure that distorts your perception of being aware of what your truest passion is.

So let’s refresh you on this formula of acting on your highest passion to the best of your ability with zero insistence on any particular outcome. And this has so much to do with that last part of insistence on particular outcomes.

But just as much what you need to understand more than that, is that passion, love or excitement are your intuition. This energy of unconditional love can manifest in a variety of frequencies, almost all of those frequencies that guide you to what is going to help you both evolve spiritually and manifest more of what your soul’s intentions and desires are expresses as one of those three frequencies of passion excitement, or love. All of these frequencies you feel in your heart and create an expansion that ripples through your body of a positive flowing energy, that if you act upon it continuously, will bring you deeper and deeper into a flow state and a healing state. So, this feeling is your intuition. And it often guides you on many different pathways, you might set out on some journeys to then recognize that you don’t feel as excited about going where you thought you were going. But all of a sudden, there’s a crossroads that leads you somewhere different, somewhere more exciting. And when you get mentally fixated on the plan that you set across for yourself, you deny your intuition. And you don’t let yourself take this new diverted pathway that might lead you somewhere better. Sometimes the universe is very supportive in the ways that it offers you a roadblock and the road that you thought you were going to take, you cannot take. And oftentimes the universe has a higher plan for this sort of a situation that will bring you to somewhere even better. But when you get again, mentally fixated on your own idea of what the outcome is supposed to be, you won’t be able to appreciate and bring passion, love and excitement into this new pathway that you are forced to take by the universe.

It isn’t to say that every time that you encounter an obstacle, it’s always going to be more positive than what you thought you were going to do. But more of the time than not it is. And all of the time, that diversion can be used in a positive way, when you work your way into seeing potential positives, and choosing to take the steps forward in ways that you feel passionate about. Now, as it comes to the idea of completing projects, oftentimes, the project is right when it is complete. And sometimes in the process, what is happening is that you are learning many vital lessons about yourself. You’re learning what excites you, and what doesn’t, you’re getting a sense of if this project is something that will fulfill you.

And if it is something that won’t, you’re getting a sense of how the other people in that project, if it is a group project, work on seeing what their belief systems and what their underlying motivations are. And if they are not congruent with yours, then there’s no point in seeing the project to completion. And when you know what it’s going to be energetically unfulfilling or even draining to you. You are getting to see and sense so many different levels and layers of information in this way. And as you do that, you will be able to approach a similar project or even a different project with a new attitude. And more understanding next time, the lessons you are gaining are supporting you in following your passion in a different way. And sometimes yes, this project that you go about on leads you to learn so many different things and find a new doorway that you never thought was open before and walk through it into an entirely different project. Sometimes the creative momentum that you generate through working on this project ripples out to people around you. And it supports them very much and allows for many other connections to take place in the greater web of reality. And that is why your intuition guided you to it. If you felt love excitement or passionate about it, you were intuitively guided to it, if not for any other reason but to learn a lesson. And when you recognize that your intuition in these forms never leads you wrong. It sometimes just leads you to lessons and those lessons are valuable. You will not allow yourself to lose momentum as you continue to learn lessons in this way.

So this is one of the many stories that you need to transform to be able to respond to everything that happens in your life. As you walk this path, you will always be led to crossroads. And your attachment to the outcome brings you to hope so much that this project will fulfill itself exactly the way that I thought it will. It leads you to think that you have to complete every little thing that you start, or go exactly where you said you were going, just because you said it. And when you start to integrate these concepts more, you will become more comfortable and more excited about leaving things open ended, you will be able to work on a project not with any attachment on a grand vision or even a sense of where it’s going. But work on the project simply because it’s it’s exciting for you in the moment. And in the moments when you’re not excited about doing that and you won’t necessarily do it, you will be able to go on a trip without a destination. And simply enjoy the open journey and wherever it may take you. You will be able to enjoy relationships without a specific idea of what kind of relationship that you and that other person are meant to have. But nonetheless, enjoy the moment with that person, more than anything else, deepen into the loving connection, more than anything else. All of this is bringing you back into the moment, because the mentally constructed story of the future is what brings you to either raise your frequency or lower your frequency. And whether it raises your frequency or lower your frequency depends on your attachment to that story. Being non attached to that story will give you a positive sense of trajectory that allows you to sink into the present moment, knowing that this present moment leads to the future, but is complete in and of itself.

You can surrender to the present moment and enjoy all of the sensory input and information and frequencies of energy that surrounds you in the moment and allow that energy to expand you and raise your own frequency and to greater heights of unconditional love. Knowing that that’s possible in every moment. It’s possible, whatever outcome comes, the more you surrender to the moment, the better the next moment will be, the more you are able to appreciate when you got appreciate and savor in this moment, the more you will be able to do the very same thing in the next moment.

So get prepared and get excited to decondition yourself. And instead prime yourself to be ever more prepared to take in the beauty and love of the moment. And as you do that, you will be naturally more inclined to your intuition. And you will be able to accept when your intuition says take a different path path. When your intuition says that’s great, what you put on the canvas now throw it all away. When your intuition says you filled that empty page. But now start a new empty page that’s totally unrelated to the last one. Let yourself be that spontaneous. And your intuition will guide you to very expensive and enjoyable things and that energy will ripple out to everyone in your reality. So this message comes at the time of a solar eclipse. And the eclipses are a sort of shadow cast on your sense of self in mind. And in this shadow, there is a powerful opportunity to release psychic information from the depths of your being is brought up to the surface in the energy of such an eclipse. And when you know this, and you can use this in a powerful way you are able then to cast out the thought forms and attachments and identities that don’t serve you anymore in order to raise yourself into that openness and spontaneity in the moment. That love that can truly be experienced in a deep way in the moment. We hope you’re able to do this and you’re able to share this with your world in your own Ways, our unconditional love to you and we wish you a fantastic rest of your day then.

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