The Illusory Split between Spirit & Matter

Q: I went to a Christian Science meeting. And the doctrine was that all thought is God, and matter is corruption. Now I know that they’re from the Victorian. And so they went over to change the source text. And I’m having trouble. I’m struggling with this concept of metal being corruption or distortion. If all thoughts being from God, the science of curing the body is all in the mind.

P:  Corruption, we don’t resonate with that as a term.  DIstortion. There’s some validity to it. that everything that exists is a distortion. It’s a distortion from the one essential Source, but is distortion essentially bad or negative? No, not really.

You can apply that and you’re human terms, that you might not like things that are distorted. But that’s essentially what it is there was one Source, it was undifferentiated, it was endless, timeless, nameless. And without any self awareness or reflective capability, it was all one all love, all capable, though, without self awareness, it was somehow experiencing a sort of lack that birth, the desire for there to be manifestation.

So all realms of manifestation are in a sense, a distortion of that one state of completion or oneness as one Source. But that means that not only is our physical realms a distortion of that all of the non-physical realms are sort of distortion as well. But there is in religions, and sciences, and all sorts of theories of reality that you’ve created in your world, many  distortions of reality based upon your past and present perception of things.

And this split between the notion of spirit and matter is one of the most prevalent of these ideas. However, in the very most fundamental understandings of reality, this wasn’t necessarily the case. Thus, in initial understanding of elements, there was first the element of akash/ ether/ space, then that manifests into air which also contains ether, then that manifests in to fire which also contains all the others, then that manifests into water, which contains all of the others. And then it manifests into Earth, which contains water, fire, air and ether.

So the Earth, the most physical dense thing contains the spirit, whereas the spirit or the Akash, doesn’t contain the earth. And so you’re not becoming less spiritual. When you go into the space realms or the spirit realms, you’re simply shedding the realm of Earth. And there was always just ironically, as a sort of paradoxical reflection as the Source desired to have self awareness and knowledge, of what self awareness was, those beings that come to incarnate have the desire to remember self as source, in some cultures at some times, this became manifest as the notion that to go beyond the body and experience that liberation was the most important and pivotal thing that in coming to know spirit again, you are complete, and thus this manifests as human sacrifice and as the willingness to die in battle.

However, that later manifest as the opposite or the fear of death and the notion of the afterlife. that you are so far rewarded or punished. This was birthed more out of an idea to control people. And it isn’t necessarily on topic as much as it is a later manifestation of that sort of split between spirit and earth. But it’s a split created in the mind. That gradually became more and more prevalent as the mystical components of spiritual practice that brought people into altered states of consciousness, were gradually eliminated and removed from all such religious practices. And that brought you into a time of great materialism, both in your science and in your religions, in which religions insists that this realm is somehow separate from God, rather than this realm being the kingdom of God.

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