How to Navigate What My Heart Wants Vs What I “Should” Do?!

Q:I have a question I normally find myself or I find a hard time to navigate into what my heart really desires I find it a bit hard to wrap my mind, to my mind to understand where I am leaving in my personal so the fields the most expansive way for me, and what the world sometimes demands of me. Like, my question is how can I really let go of the idea of myself? Or what society tells me? When I am actually living my fullest potential or that, or I feel that I am living? Does that make sense?

P: Well recognize that society’s pressures are for them. It’s not for you. And there really is no them because many people don’t want to have this pressure either. But the fact that everybody continues to choose to come into alignment with these preconceived notions of the story of life as it’s supposed to be, continues to cycle and perpetuate more people playing by the rules of society. So recognize that when you choose not to follow the rules of society, you’re paving the way for others to have that same freedom. Though it is a process nonetheless, of coming to navigate.

In the meantime, shedding each and every one of those beliefs and stories. The most important thing to recognize that you will feel what you need to do, it will come to life in your heart. So develop that connection with your heart. Even maybe you hold your hand to your heart, sometimes when you’re in this process of making these decisions, or as a sort of stabilizing tool throughout the day, bring yourself to your heart. And notice which decision is my heart guiding me to take? Which pathway am I about to walk? Your heart knows through that feeling, Which one is okay? Or which one is the best highest pathway to support you in aligning more with love? And the more you choose that, the easier it will be to let go of those stories that tell you to play by certain rules or fulfill the expectations of others or society.

Q: Thank you.

P: Which certain things are you having difficulty deciding about?

Q: You’re asking me. What’s an example of this? Yeah, lately, i’ve been thinking about like money specifically. Like, like, I find myself like, trying to create something to have some income, but somehow I have like, I don’t really need them because I really need it because I am supported by life and by love itself. So yeah, I normally have these complete, like myself, like, do I really need to create or to lose something in order to have money? Well, then I’m like, I’m okay, like I have somehow.

P; So the clearest way of making money will always be aligned with doing what you love to do. So, if you go out of your way to make money, but you’re not loving the steps that you’re taking to get the money, it might lower your frequency. And it might in a sense, push away the opportunities that are really meant for you. So recognize that abundance and money are two different things and abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. And, yes, money, in a sense guarantees abundance. But that isn’t always true when you put so much time into getting money, that you aren’t present with what you need to do, as in what your heart is guiding you to. So if money isn’t an issue now, open yourself to simply doing what you love. And knowing that the more time you spend on that path, the more you will develop skills, the more you will make connections, the more you will stabilize at a higher frequency that also attracts more wealth and abundance to you.

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