Channeling Your Innate Value ~ Intro

Hello, we say a fantastic each and every one of you. We are the pleiadian Council and we speak on behalf of galactic alliance putting your world through this process you may call ascension. It’s always a gift and a pleasure to be able to establish contact with you in this way. So we thank you for being open to receive this energy and information at this time. We are very excited to get to share with you many ideas that will change the ways that your world works on a fundamental level. Because so many of the transactions and ways that people shape their lives. For literally almost every single person on the planet is somehow limited or defined by this subject of money. And in these materials, we will share with you just how this started in your world, and where the origins come from, and where this subject is going. As well as giving you tools along the way to support you in living, without any hindrance, without feeling like this tool of money holds you back. It ought to simply flow like water, it flows in, it flows out effortlessly. For like air you breathe in, you breathe out. It is a natural automatic process that you don’t even think about. And it can get to a point in which your passion brings you that to feeling that money is so effortless that all you have to do is allow your intuition, known as the passion and excitement and love guiding you in your heart, to bring you into the right moments and opportunities at the right time.

The money will be there when it needs to be there, you will be able to have that degree of trust that you can literally do what ever you feel deeply called to do and know that the resources will be there in the right space and moment. Ultimately, these materials lead you to contribute to this change in the collective of your planet as well, for that is essentially where your world is going. This is one of the most powerful ways of allowing yourself to have permission to break the rules that you learn about money. In the future of your world, this system will be entirely different. You’re a part of a gradual deconstruction process of the oppressive systems that exist on your planet, money being one of them. And that is of course, why money is something that you have so much fear and tension around. And why so many of you don’t resonate with people who have ideas that only celebrate the positive sides of money without exposing the dark shadow. And in order for this transformation to take place, essentially, you have to recognize both of these realities, that there is much shadow and distortion around financial structures in your world, but [money] itself as a tool to exchange value as a trading medium. That makes money a neutral energy and actually an extremely positive energy. Because as a neutral trading tool, it essentially allows anyone in your world to manifest whatever they would like in a moment, or in a period of moments. Of course, it takes some time for your shipping and everything we understand. But regardless, this ease of access is very much akin to what the energy of love does and higher dimensions for beings that don’t have physical bodies, still manifest experiences, but they manifested through the intensity of the love vibration that they emanate.

The same thing is taking place in your world. But in order for it to happen 90% of the time, there has to be some exchange of this money thing, in order for that manifestation that is ultimately happening through love to take place. So it is one distortion to love, yes.

Nonetheless, if you understand the essence of it as this neutral tool for exchanging value that, in and of itself will allow many of these dense beliefs to transform that we were leading to this understanding of where this money is going. What is happening to these financial structures and systems. It ultimately will be a gradual process. And one thing that you’re seeing now is that there’s much influence, leading money to be drawn away from centralized banks.into decentralized forms of exchange, this is part of a sort of natural need to chaotically break up the stagnant grip that few have had on these powers. And in the future, there will be a breaking down of the centralized grid. And there will also be a breaking down of so many things in your world.

Actually, in the future, everybody will have a universal basic income, and everybody will receive this on a daily basis as to their basic needs. This is not going to deny those who offer more to your world or choose to work more for your world to experience more money and more abundance if they choose. But those who do not choose, or those who are excited about something more introspective, will still receive exactly what they need. And it will be automatic and effortless. And there will be even such systems in place that will allow you to return waste and recyclable materials and get money instantly transferred into a digital sort of bank account. Your way of paying for things will be as simple as with a fingerprint, connected with this digital bank account that receives money every single day. Imagine a world like this where nobody has to fear or stress about how they get by. Because this is the essence of how your world ought to be, and how your world could be, if you took advantage of all of the resources that are there for you.

Though this will be a gradual process, there will be more primitive systems of universal basic income implemented in many places soon. There will be movements towards peace, and dissolving national borders and creating a unified world that will lead to this universal basic income being expressed to as powerfully and globally as it will be. There will also be one currency through your entire world by that time as well. As the world becomes more unified, as that unification is a prerequisite for you to be immersed in the Galactic Alliance and start to exchange with extraterrestrial beings. And it’s as simple as the fact that your borders and your definitions of this person versus that person in this society versus that society are very fear based. Still, you still view the world too much in terms of difference and “other” rather than understanding your inherent sameness. And until you are able to connect with the Source essence within all beings, and let that guide you to be peaceful amongst each other. You are still too immersed in fear to be able to exchange energy and meet cordially with such extraterrestrial allies who are patiently awaiting you. Now. It is also helpful to question and understand how did it get to this point, because actually, in many extraterrestrial worlds, we don’t use this concept of money at all. We have ways of exchanging energy. And we have ways of making sure that everything is accomplished for our purposes, and we don’t need to develop this elaborate financial system. In order for that to happen. It is a facet of somewhere else. And it is a sort of unique evolution in your world. It does trace back to your origin as beings created by the visiting Anunnaki who sought to mined gold.

So, there was a sense of desperation in these Anunnaki that they inadvertently program view with. their need for gold was not what many people crave gold for at this time. their need for gold was to stabilize the atmosphere on their planet which was getting very polluted, and going through a phase that it would no longer be inhabitable for them to exist upon. And gold powered technology that cleaned up and stabilized and added a great deal of breathable air into their atmosphere. Now, they did create the beings you now know as the modern Homo sapiens, who evolved in a variety of ways, from that very ancient time. And as they programmed you, they needed to make you a sort of humble servant. And so they activated certain genes, corresponding with certain neural pathways and ways of seeing and thinking that made humans bow down to the Annunaki as the ruling gods who would support the world.


But the Anu had to leave.

It was actually a split off faction of the Anunnaki, much like a nation state in your world, that chose to come to your planet and do this and win the rest of their society, something like the UN in your world, realize that they had done this, they demanded that they leave but they couldn’t immediately leave. And so what the Anunnaki did in order to support this human world in continuing to manage itself is that they established a ruling elite, they changed the genetic structure of the ruling elite, so that they could be a little bit different than the rest of humanity, who up to that point where program for many generations to bow to subserve, to derive a great sense of satisfaction from working in pleasing authority.

And so the ruling elite then came to replace the Anunnaki. But from that ancient time, the ruling elite through their writings and secret and hidden texts, created a way of attempting to keep their own grip on humanity. And this has very much been kept alive through secret societies and governments and many different aspects of your world that are hidden to so many of you. There is hidden symbolism in so many of the teachings and doctrines and documents around the financial structures of your world. That would point you to this understanding if you look closely. Now, regardless of this fact, there are ways to transform it, there’s are ways to overcome it, but this is why it has to be a fundamental shift of your value systems. Because the system of value you were conditioned with, that traces back to ancient times, is that my value is dependent upon what I am able to produce and create for others. Be it the gods or be it the so called Modern gods, of your politicians and leaders or your bosses and so on, so forth. So, this deeply held lack belief motivates people to constantly produce constantly do and have this background state of anxiety that prevents them from allowing their passion to shine through.

Remember that anxiety and passion are similar frequencies in that they are based upon the fundamental lifeforce energy that shines through a beam, but they distort that energy in different ways. Passion is the love based distortion, essentially, it is a positive sort of distortion. But again, we say it is nonetheless a distortion because unconditional love is the basis the essence of reality that has to transmit itself through many dimensions, and it always is a bit distorted as it reaches those.

Nonetheless passion is a clear and positive expression of that, which is nonetheless a distortion. And fear is a distorts this life-force energy in a negative way into anxiety, they both motivate you. But one is fear based and governed only by the physical mind. Whereas the passion, excitement and love is guided by the higher mind and expresses from the heart first, and then directs the physical mind, in order to make actions appropriately. Your old model is very much based on the fear, the anxiety and the subservience, it’s externalizing your value. And thinking that you are worth as much as you hold in your bank account or your worth as much as other people tell you you are, when really your true value, in essence, is innate and exists within you always.

All beings are one, the one isn’t all and the one is essentially unconditional love in your reality. And so, whenever you are tapped into that unconditional love, you are allowing value to express itself in your world. Your value is your essential nature. And when you return to that essential nature, as said many times, and you emanate the vibration of unconditional love, it creates a field of resonance that ripples out around you to impact everyone in everything. It raises their frequency and allows them if they choose to experience a greater immersion into unconditional love as well. This is value expressing itself. And so it doesn’t matter. From this understanding, if your value is making little art projects, or your value is running a massive company, if unconditional love radiates from you. And impacts others, your value is being expressed and is deep and important. So by sharing all of these limiting stories, about what is success, about what is valued, about earning your worth, and so on and so forth, you will change the nature of your world, leading to a world in which they understand that everyone has a value.

If everyone is given the safety net, to be able to do what they prefer to do, and what their heart guides them to do. Instead of doing what they are pressured into doing, that people will unite. And this force of love that will be awakened within people will bring things together cohesively. You demonstrate that by living your own passion, and letting go of the rules that you’ve been conditioned to accept. So these are the essential ideas of this program that we will share with you. And that the channel and his friend will support you in getting a better grasp on and going deep into the nuance of your belief systems and your traumatic experiences that led to the development of these belief systems. Or perhaps the simple levels of conditioning, the learning that led to these patterns and undoing it, erasing it and replacing it with something about higher frequency nature that will not only change your life and allow you to flow with greater money, value abundance, but will let other people be able to ride the wave that you create may changing the current.

So one final thing we’ll add is that money is perhaps the best expression of abundance in your world. Because it gives you such ease of access manifesting anything almost instantly. Though, abundance and money are not synonymous. And having this understanding will allow you you to actually have more money. Because when you recognize what abundance is, you will be able to understand that you can get some of the needs met that you would otherwise pay for in other ways. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Abundance is the ability having the resources to enact your passion fully.

Some of you will find that simply simplifying your definitions of what you think you need, versus what you actually need, will allow you to have much more abundance, and others of you will find that returning to a more holistic understanding of reality. And understanding that your individuality is not the most real experience that you are interconnected beings. that the individual is a sort of hallucination that you’re having much like time is a hallucination that you are having temporarily in physical reality. As you awaken to this, you will feel more comfortable opening yourself to the support of others opening yourself to the support of the universe. And in these cases, abundance will come to meet you when money cannot. And having these sorts of experiences is what will lead you to have trust in fully transforming your beliefs and fully transforming your own trajectory in this incarnation. So we think that gives you a good gist of what’s included in these materials. And in these materials will go in much greater depth. And as well, you will have the support to go through your own journey and process to let all of these ideas taken. And allow them to bring you to your own next step, and your planet as well.

So we can answer some questions that you have in relation to this subject at this time. And we’ll save other questions for other times.

Q: Hello. I do you have a question? Thank you so much for this transmission in this subject. So I’m on this topic of planning for the future. And we are so conditioned to plan for instance, for retirement or when we quote unquote, stop working. And so based on what you just shared, how much what is your guidance about planning, making such plans for, quote, unquote, savings for retirement, and when we stop working, I mean, is that somewhat futile and will inhibit the abundance piece. If that makes sense.

P: You can do this planning in a year based way or in a love based way. If you’re focused on the idea that you might not have enough at that later point in your life, it will create this anxiety that blocks your ability to move in the direction of your passion in the now. But you can also do it in a love based way. Having consideration having compassion, and a sense feeling excited about the ways that you can maximize that retirement fund without allowing it to bring you out of the present moment. So the love based way is in the present moment excited about what’s taking place now. But excited about creating the level of surplus. The fear based way is focused in the future. It’s taking energy away from the now and making this illusion of the future much more important when the future is certainly illusionary because there’s an infinite amount of potential futures. And you go through so many shifts in your fundamental vibration all the time, that it’s near impossible for you to fix upon one exact future. And when you’re in fear, you’re often attempting to do that you’re attempting to micromanage. To the degree that you can pick out that very perfect future reality. And all of your energy leaves the present moment. And you destabilize yourself. So you need to bring yourself fully into the present, and recognize in the present, you have everything you need. And if you can continue to create that bat, equal flow of balance, bringing in greater abundance, greater money, and enjoying your life as much as you can, it’s very likely that you will be able to continue flowing towards that more abundant future.

Q: Yes, thank you for clarifying the love based versus fear based, because I think I have struggled lately with understanding what that what that boundary is. And may I ask to that, to that, what you’ve saying things like planning for invent what we consider investments to enable abundance or resources to enjoy, what we want to now is that also hindering the loved base piece, if we are concerned about what kinds of quote unquote investments we have, in order to bring resources to enjoy things now.

P: That can also be expressed in a love based way or in a fear based way. So there’s a great tip and investing that many of you know, but few of you deeply understand and have integrated. And that is do not invest what you’re not willing to lose. And you can rely on certain traditional investments or more stable sorts of investments without as much fear. But again, as we’ve said, In your world, the financial structures are changing. So there’s opportunities to gain more with greater risks. And many of you are very excited about this. But simultaneously, you get very attached and you distort that excitement into anxiety. So to not invest what you’re not willing to lose, really means that you go into these investments, from the baseline without holding on to the outcome at all. You see it as an experiment, you see it as a game, you are able to be immersed in it in an intuitive way, while simultaneously detaching and seeing that this game you’re playing called Investing is a learning process, like many in life. So some of you are more suited to this than others. And those of you who are naturally going to succeed more, or those who have the skills in terms of logic and mathematics, as well as have that ability to see it as a game to see it. It’s fun. If it is inherently exciting for you, it will be something that you can play with in this way. However, those of you who are simply catching on to a sort of fear of missing out in terms of investment opportunities, and attempt to learn something that is not your natural excitement, will find that some of these plans backfire.

You can of course, receive help from somebody who is excited about it, though, notice your level of attachment and honor yourself in the process. For if you create a feeling of being unstable or shaky inside by investing more than you are willing to lose, then you will most certainly disrupt the flow of your passion on a day to day basis and disrupt your true state of abundance by playing with this investing game.

Q: Ah, thank you so much for putting that into perspective and relating that back to the basic formula of letting go of your expectations or that really helps me to not separate money from everyday life because, you know, so often we categorize money as a very separate entity from our day to day. So thank you so much cleaning cancel,

P: We thank you very much as well. Well, either that remember the nuance that it’s not letting go of your expectation, it’s letting go of your attachment to your expectations, you expect things every single moment, you cannot expect the things that you expect. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a daily schedule, you wouldn’t have a routine. All of this is based on the energy of expectation. And expectation is a helpful energy in generating excitement, like you’re expecting to go on this trip, and you’re expecting it to plan out this way. And that’s something that’s exciting for you, and you have to have some degree of it, in order to step into it. It’s the same with manifesting a dream board vision or anything of this nature. You have to feel excited about it and expect it to a certain degree. But then the issue is when you attach those expectations, when you think that you need to get something very specific in order to feel happy or fulfilled, when you think that if you don’t get your initial expectation that the whole plan is failing. So it’s remembering that expectations are meant to lead to excitement. Not the other way around. Excitement should not lead you to expectations, excitement and passion. And love is the goal, the expectation is the vehicle. So it’s like saying, when you’re heading out on a journey, and the car breaks down, “I expected to go in this car, I needed to go in this car, I don’t care if there’s this hovercraft here that it’s going to take me there 10 times faster. My idea was that I had to take the car, and therefore that’s the only thing I’m supposed to do.”

Now, remember, your expectations, the specific things you think need to take you to the destination or just the vehicle. Greater love and excitement is the destination. And it’s a destination that continues to expand. Every time you arrive at the destination of excitement, you realize that more excitement is another step along this pathway towards excitement continues into infinity. You’re simultaneously always on the journey, and you’re always at the destination. So allow your expectations to be the vehicle. And when the vehicle breaks down, don’t bemoan it. Don’t complain about it, don’t get stuck in it. There’s always a new vehicle waiting. And if you don’t find one, just walk a little bit and you’ll find the next vehicle. So that’s what we would say about that. So continue to be very excited, and let go of your attachments without like letting go of your expectations because you can’t really let go of them. You’ll always be creating them.

Q: Thank you so much. Oh, great. Thanks. It was well. My gratitude and love are unconditional love.

Q: Thank you very much from bringing this wisdom to us. Yes, it is very enlightening for me. And as usual, the second step is to bring this knowledge to to work and simply simply use it. So I would like to ask you, what kind of tools should we use? Or would you like to show us how to use this knowledge.

P: The tools we’re going to be sharing with you are very some of them have to do with testing out how much you already think you are worth. And by playing with these definitions in a variety of ways, and seeking to show you the ways that you already understand your worth, will then bring you to focus upon expanding the worth you already feel rather than getting caught up by the lack beliefs and fear based ideas that strip you of the worth. Other sorts of ideas we’ll be playing with involve bringing you into a state of awareness in which you imagine so completely, that you have all the resources in the world available to you and then guiding you to Understand, what would you do with that energy. Because if you understand what you would do, if money wasn’t a problem at all, you have a much greater key into what your passion really is.

Some other tools we’ll be playing with our involving bringing you to understand the difference between your passion, your anxiety. And this is a very important thing. Because many of you don’t understand the subtle nuances of when you shift from the passion train to the anxiety train, you get so locked into doing certain things that you were once passionate about that you can’t feel in your body, that what once brought passion is now bringing you anxiety. So you need to learn how to take a break in these moments. And we will focus on this as well. it will also contain some sort of coaching or help to stay on on positive or more useful vibraitons. Yes, we will be doing those sorts of exercises in the upcoming program. And for anyone, it is helpful to do these sorts of experiences as well whether they choose to join or not.

Q: And can you name some exercises,

P: We gave some examples. They all revolve around again, self worth understanding what your true excitement is, and opening yourself to greater self love. They’re a bit too complex for us to explain in the short time that we have here. But this is what these practices revolve around.

Q: Thank you for this transmission, Well, I was wondering also does it addresses like, you know, buying compulsively or buying you don’t need? I feel like, sometimes I buy stuff and I don’t need it. I mean, I recognize that moment. Obviously, I’m choosing it. But I don’t know that’s an interesting thing for me.

P: Oh, yes, we will discuss this as well in the program a bit. And we can go deeper into it as well. In the discussions that we have, though, the fundamental understanding of this is the nature of how your consumeristic world works. And learning to recognize that when you do this compulsive buying, you’re operating under the conditioning of the world that you were raised into. So by creating a sense of lack, and insufficiency, you will have all been programmed to overcompensate for that by consuming more. But the consuming is like filling out hole that’s infinitely deep and can’t be filled. The more you take in, the more the hole expands, it stretches. And it’s infinite nature cannot be comprehended by attempting to fill it. Instead you have to recognize there’s nothing to fill. Instead, there’s a fullness of love inside of me already. So when you step out of the consuming mode into the creative mode, you switch from anxiety into love and excitement. You to switch from feeling you don’t have into understanding that, rather than consuming you’re here to create love is this creative energy that expands and ripples out. So then the tools that you buy, instead of becoming objects to consume become tools, they become vehicles, they become pathways that allow you to expand your excitement. So it’s very important that before you buy things, you allow yourself to return into a stable frequency, you maybe take a minute of a heart centered meditation, where you focus your awareness and your heart, and you focus your awareness on breathing, and you return to remembrance of the aspects of your life that are most truly exciting for you, that expand within you the sense of love, expansion, compassion, and excitement. And then, as you have done that, really start to question “Does this thing that I want to buy, expand the parts of my life that I have excitement and love for? Or is it just another thing to put on the shelf.”

And when you learn the difference, you’ll be able to make sure that all of your purchases, light you up with joy, and you continue to expand your gratitude for that which you have purchased, much past the time you have bought it, they’re no longer will start to be things in your space that you’re wondering, why do I have this? When do I use this.

And instead, everything you have, will be incredibly useful. And it will expand that sense of gratitude. But it has everything to do with the energy with which you buy it. So this is the most important thing to bring awareness to. Do you feel a heart centered expansion of love in your movement towards buying something? Or do you feel a fear based sense of false need? That feels like an anxiety and an instability that you attempt to compensate for by buying things? The difference and frequency that you feel in that moment will be what shapes the life relationship of you in that purchase?

Q: Wow, thank you so much for that.

P: You’re very welcome. Yes. And in the materials and our work together will also illuminate the ways that this conditioning towards lack is ever present in your consumeristic world. This is a false notion that is not only robbing people of their centeredness and love and compassion. It’s also gradually consuming so much of your planet that you are harming it and harming yourselves in deep ways. And by breaking out of this pattern, you’re helping your world break out of this pattern. But also you need to learn how to break out of this pattern in when you offer yourself or market yourself because so many of the teachings out there are still based upon hooking people into fear. But instead you can raise people into love and experience even greater wealth and abundance simultaneously. So this is a huge shift that your world is in the midst of moving from the fear based consumer mode where they hook you with fear into the love base creative mode, in which all sales and transactions are an exchange of creative energy that is expansive.

Q: Yeah, I mean, I think that’s so so wonderful. I mean, it’s a whole new way of seeing things and perceiving things that it’s just going to it’s going to change everybody’s mind and it’s definitely made a difference of what you just said. So what I’m learning a lot

P: Yes, it will change your entire world. We’re excited for it and right grateful that you’re able to experience some of that shift already from the simple thing we have shared.

Q: I’m just curious. regarding the things we use, we buy, and we oftentimes then keep, keep them around. I’m really, when I’m dealing with this stuff, I see potential in everything, how to how to use it, how this think me can be possible, and they can be useful for me. But many times, I do not use it in such a way. So I just keep many things around as a potential for me, but I don’t use them that often. So how can you help me with this?

P: Think in terms of abundance of space, the abundance of space, in your mind, is your ability to be able to empty your mind of thoughts of obligations and different things, and so on and so forth. By releasing your attachments, you can create space in your mind. And in the same way, your physical space reflects that mental spaciousness for when there’s too many things around you, there’s too many things that you’re reminded of, there’s too many ideas that are constantly coming to you. And all of the objects that you have around should have some degree of usefulness. This usefulness isn’t just the practical usefulness in that it allows you to carry out some sort of necessary action, but it’s useful in terms of expanding your vibration of love. So do you love these things? And do you love what they allow you to do? Or are they just there, because they might be useful. If they might be useful to somebody else, sell them to them, or even give them away. If you never, ever use them, just get rid of them. And it’s better to find a source for them that somebody else could benefit from. Even in just giving them away, you’re expanding the vibration of abundance, because abundance, so much comes from the free flow of giving and receiving. When you’re able to give freely, you also open yourself to receive freedom, it’s this energetic, two way street of everything that you put out comes back to you. So sometimes many of you are holding on to things that are not really for you. And by allowing them to go to the source, or, or to the destination to the person who really needs them more than you do. You create the space for you to receive the things that you really need. The clutter around you does not help you focus. Now that isn’t to say that everyone is totally distracted by some degree of clutter. Many of you who are deeply creative beings will create a lot of clutter, because you’re simply too focused on what you’re excited about. But you don’t really pay attention to these subtle details of how you leave a physical space in the process. And that is all right. But having too many things is one way that this clutter starts to become something that diminishes their abundance rather than expands it.

See a parallel between attachment to my expectation and also it’s similar to be attached to things, because with all of those things that you bought, you expected that it would be useful for you but time proved that it wasn’t necessarily useful for you. And the fact that it’s still sitting in your space is the embodiment of your attachment to that outcome

Q: Okay, thank you yes.

P: We’ll say finally that one great key into mastering abundance is learning creative energy. And you use many metaphors. When you talk about money, “it flows in and flows out, I am liquidating assets, they froze my account.” All of this relates to money as a source of liquid, and water relates to your second chakra. The second chakra is an unconscious center related to feeling emotion, creativity, and sexuality. So you can note the link here that many use sexuality, or a feeling of desire in order to sell things to you. Now, here’s the thing is that when you master this creative center, you can have a greater grip on the flow of money, and in the experience of abundance, but it has to do with switching away from the consumption of filling yourself filling your gut, filling the sacral chakra with something and instead, expanding the sacral chakra to create, what can you create your love and your excitement, our creative energies, they are expressing a form of creative growth into your world. Where as the fear based model that you see so much in your world presents this idea to you that people can be very happy simply by having a lot of something, though, you have to read deeper through the lines, to see that. So many of the people that have so much are very unhappy, because their fear of what they could lose now becomes greater than their love of what they have.

And this is one of the greatest definitions of happiness, whether you have a million dollars or $100. If your appreciation of what you have, is bigger than your fear of what you will lose, then what you have will expand and your heart will expand. If your fear of what you will lose is bigger than your love of what you have. What you have will shrink. And most certainly and more quickly, your love will shrink and you will contract emotionally and spiritually. Though, this shift into creative energy helps you to understand that every moment has creative potential. Every interaction has creative potential, your life is creative potential. So when you allow yourself to expand into that, and let that guide you to love and allow yourself to appreciate everything that you have always then you will live in a harmonious flow and you will give and receive in a harmonious flow. You will allow new ways of sharing and exchanging energy to be birthed in every moment, through your creative energy and through your love. And as you do this, your entire planet will most certainly change. So if you want to dive deeper with us, you have the opportunity to do so. And we hope to co create an exchange with you that way. We wish you then a fantastic rest of your day and see you again whenever you wish.

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