Seeing Through The Stories They Tell You ~ Reflections as Neptune Squares the Nodes

I am quite happy Trump is finally gone. I really hope that everyone realizes real change will take so much more. My feeling that we are on the verge of huge paradigm shifts still holds strong. As someone deep in transformational energies and supporting others in their own breakthroughs I live and breathe the magic that is possible.

Of course there is still so much collective and personal shadow to hold space for, and I also experience that every day.

I came down really hard against Q because I know my voice is important in steering reality in a better direction and every vote does count. In general, the blues and reds are both corrupt and awful, though the blues align more in the side of progress and a more equal distribution of power, and healing our connection with the earth.

I came down really hard against Q online on social media, where my voice would reach more people. Though in person when there were others I knew who were tuned into Q, I either avoided the subject or avoided them. I actually had really loving deep moments with people I knew who were into Q. Early into connecting I spoke my truth about it with conviction but no personal negativity and they choose not to talk about it. I knew others who mixed Q preaching in with their sacred kirtans and I refused to engage with these people at all. My silence was my protest. I could handle people entertaining the idea of Q as a possibility, but preaching it and spreading it was too far.

One of the most challenging things for me to process in these times is just how divided people are. I see the message channeled being spread about a “divide between love vs fear” as being entirely different than the division along political lines… For most people the divide among political lines is entirely based in fear, and ironically it’s the right leaning “lightworkers” that have the hardest time seeing that.

Both sides are in immense fear, fear of a virus and those enabling its spread, or fear of the government taking total control of the human populace.

Those in the media, whether it is mainstream media or the alternative online media, are also in a fear-based state, spreading the fear to their unquestioning followers.

I’ve always been in between these two perspectives. I support masks and social distancing in areas where the pandemic is critical. I also think the government measures go too far. I read today that someone who freshly arrived in their home country has to respond to messages delivered at random times with a picture proving they are home within 20 minutes of receiving the message, which is certainly Orwellian. Also in Guatemala, it’s reported more people died from starvation than from covid in the peak of the lockdown. Suicide and accidental deaths have gone up in other places.

I see benefits and limitations of every aspect of this. People are dying and that’s unfortunate. People are also losing freedom and that’s also unfortunate. Though in being forced within, people must go through an alchemical process in which they are forced to get in touch with themselves. By shutting down economies capitalism as the dominant (and destructive) force may very well be coming to an end as governments are forced to support people. To me this is the beginning of a time in which power is finally equally distributed and the earth is restored. Breaking down destructive patterns is also a destructive process, so of course there is chaos in its wake.

With great Neptune squaring the nodes this year we have to look deeper. Neptune in its ruling Pisces creates a spacey, amorphous energy. Neptune connects to the media, as after all the media are telling us a story that then becomes our reality. The alternative media is just as much media as the mainstream media. They both suck in your energy/attention through your belief and the proceeding emotional responses.

What would ti be like if you tuned out of the story that either side are telling you? What if instead of seeing people who are good and following the story you prefer, and people who are bad and following the story you don’t prefer, you just saw humans doing their best to be good people?

Believe it or not, there are so few people in this world that are ill-intended. Absolutely everyone is doing what they believe to be best. If you could see the intention others have to experience well-being and support others in experiencing well-being, you’d see you have so much more in common with them than you expected.

If you are still committed to your disdain for the other side, could you look deeper and see that within that disdain there is a great fear?

I want to say I’m “beyond the duality of left v right” but the reality is I’m pretty much “left.” With the way the left and right battle over covid, I really am beyond that duality. I invite you to be too. Whatever you wish would happen, you have no control of. It’s all just happening. It’s beyond our control.

You’ll be more relaxed in the present moment and reap more rewards long term if you are at peace with it. Find your inner passion within your current capability and deepen into it.

The shadow of Neptune is fanaticism and zealous irrational belief. The light of Neptune is moving towards true Oneness/ Unity Consciousness.

Within these fervent divisions at the core people are unconsciously seeking a state of Oneness with “the good guys.” The greater they allow their belief in the story to grow, the more they get a high off of their own fanaticism.

Strangely enough the actual majority is somewhere between the extremes. Extremism is so often born out of a reaction to extremism. Media, especially social media, blows our of proportion the stance of the other, expanding and vilifying the position of the seeming opposition and drawing people deeper into dualistic stance that is incredibly addictive.

People gain a sense of belonging from extremism. It perpetuates itself through memes, repeated mantras that remind people of their allegiance. It’s just as apparent in Q’s “trust the plan” as it is in the media’s “new normal.”

The most groundbreaking stance in these times is actually… one of moderation! Regardless of what views you typically align with most, when you hold back the choice to identify with your perspective, you are neither here nor there. You allow yourself to hold your beliefs while understanding that they are just that: beliefs. They only define you when you choose to define yourself by them

And from a more Universal perspective, understanding that every other is well intended and only doing what they believe to be best for themselves and others. When you stop incriminating the other before you can even dialogue with them, you allow the portal to change to truly open.

In my perspective, what allowed Trump to actually win in the first place is people’s sense of disillusionment after Obama got so many to “Hope for Change” when in actuality very little changed. Blind belief in ideals creates temporary belonging and an optimistic wave that creates a sense of progress, though when that energy is coming from someone else’s story and not your own direct actions, disillusionment will always follow. That’s why we witness the pendulum keep swinging between seeming opposite directions.

Taking our energy out of the stories people tell and back into our own direct experience allows us to discover a true sense of Oneness. And in this Oneness is bliss and love that allows you to compassionately hold everyone you witness as another well-intended soul, doing their best acording to their own belief systems.

Here’s to the bluest of planets in this solar system and the blue party. The blue party is a healthier alternative at the moment, as our other option would have lead to total fascism. Though surrendering all your faith to a better option prevents you from realizing that still there exists the best option, only to be dsicovered if you carefully examine the mystery. The blue planet makes a final pass on the nodes of fate which won’t happen for another 8 years. This creates unhealthy zealotism bringing people to divide as they hypnotically fall into the stories the media (and social media) tell. And it also is an opportunity to break free from the hypnotism and experience your true self beyond all the stories, if you allow yourself to be so brave.

Dante Starshine

Thanks for tuning in all… At this point WordPress is a second thought. You can find more regular content on FB, IG, and YT. ; @Dantestarshine in Instagram ;

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