Relaxing into Life Transitions

How deeply are you relaxing right now?

This time marks a profound shift with Saturn moving direct finally, equinox around the corner, and “palindrome week” period of closing “karmic” cycles comes soon to completion.

I’m remembering today that a great piece of my purpose is in a dedication to relaxation.

When stress hormones leave the body, they make space for more rarefied hormones which open the chakra system and produce altered states of deeper spiritual connection,

The feeling of “needing to ground” began for me two years ago and really sat in last year. Saturn was in retrograde for the past 5 months basically from the moment in Peru I decided I was ready to follow through and take the steps towards grounding in a new location. This has been not the most challenging period ever, but challenging nonetheless. And I feel this is a huge moment of transition.

The feeling of “needing to ground” began as something very physical. My shoulders and legs would be flaring up with pain from carrying my backpack or later a suitcase everywhere. Always being in a new environment with new people and not quite adjusting had me constantly hyper alert and not fully able to let go. I was as consistent as I could be in my practice of yoga, though in the most “all over the place” moments when I really needed the practice the most I’d often lose focus. Even when I did all I could in terms of self-care, and pain and feeling in my body of tension did not leave.

The first month here has felt very confusing.

Choosing to settle down more has evoked more the sense of ordinariness. Traveling around and always being in new experiences felt totally extraordinary. Yet even once I got used to that lifestyle, what to many seemed so extraordinary felt really ordinary and began to lose its luster.

Yet it is only in surrendering to the ordinariness that the true magical undercurrents present in all of creation can be found.

I must remember my psychic awareness first began developing in 2010-12 with lots of meditation, study, contemplation. And in that time I was very introverted and I found so much magic in the mundane.

I’m learning to remember that, while also slowly beginning writing a book about the journeys of both opening up spiritually and of moving about the globe.

In this time I’ve noticed this energy in me that feels like a big desire to run, and I am learning to restrain myself and find the magic in stillness. My real lesson at this time is in falling in love with my self.

Self-love has been a very active thing for me. My Higher Self is showing me how I have done very well at the yang/masculine side of self love, but not the yin/feminine side.

The yang component is as simple as “do what you love” or “follow your joy” or “care for yourself.”

The yin component is more subtle. It is an act of really surrendering to the depths of your own presence. It does require the willingness to sit with the shadows. Though in that stillness within there is found incredible and infinite light. The yin component is in experiencing yourself as love, and realizing that love need not do anything at all. It is falling in love with your own presence beyond/below the doing and the action.

Again this feels like a remembrance for me, as at times on the journey this yin component of self love seemed to blossom and there seemed to be a cycle of perhaps overcompensating for what I persevered as my own laziness by attempting to do and fit in so much and be so active and everywhere.

I’m remembering the wisdom in me that simply says slow down. This period of challenge also brought me in many ways to question truly settling in. I do miss the excitement of the journey but I’ve not been following the complete formula.

The formula for all of life (originally from Bashar and affirmed by many other sources) is “follow your highest excitement to the best of your ability with no insistence on a particular outcome.”

The last part of it is as important as the following the excitement part. I can look back at these years and see how dedicated I was to following my passion in beautiful ways but just how much I thought I knew better than the Universe. And that’s the part that really kicked my butt.

“Follow your highest excitement to the best of your ability” is much like the yang component of self-love. “No insistence on a particular outcome” is the yin component. For me it’s becoming so much clearer that all I need to “do” to make this easier is more of a releasing than anything. The most important bit to get is in simply allowing myself to receive by releasing that insistence.

The insistence shows up daily as a feeling that I must get done “this amount of stuff” every day. There’s a lot of projects and mini-projects on my agenda. The internal pressure dopes not actually help me do it faster. Instead it causes me to freeze or succumb to personal mediocrity.

And this brings me to simply remember the attitude of the peoples of Central/South America. Who operate on their own rhythm with much less of the rush. Particularly this is true of the Mayan people who enjoy the slow pace of life. At first I enjoyed syncing into that pace though as time went on and I became more focused my conditioning around time reemerged and I noticed how absurd I was in being in a rush in a place where everyone was so relaxed. I had to work to put up a facade of patience because in truth I actually didn’t slow down until now.

And now that I’m learning to co-operate more with timelessness, I’m also noticing I can bend time, sometimes. Today I thought I’d be late for a massage and instead I just jogged two miles and found some power of surrender carried me to comfortably past my perceived limits and make it there just on time. When I let go everything happens on time.

Love is only always now and always loves. Whether “enough” gets done each day or not does not matter. There’s so much I want to do and bring into reality for this planet/Universe, and being healed myself is a key part of this process. The pressure was introduced under the assumption that pressure is healthy. Though this pressure I put on myself certainly feels like the opposite of self-love and healing.

Some people here tal;l about liking the winter here, when it rains all the time and people are comfortable tucked away at home My first response to that was that it must feel quite boring. Though in truth that’s probably exactly what I need too and within it there is so much magic to be found.

So instead of asking myself “what did I get done today” and starting the day with “what I should do” I’m instead going to place much more focus on the questions “how did I feel when I did what I did today” and starting it with “how relaxed can I be throughout the busyness of the day.” ~

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