Distortions in Popular Channels

Channeling is truly a complex phenomena… I advise people before my sessions to really weigh everything the Pleiadian Council or anyone says against the wisdom of their own heart for very good reason! There are some very distorted channels out there.

Here in the video posted in the comments, Abrham Hicks ssays “when a larger group of [humanity] like 6,000 people in the gas chambers are focused in such ways that they deprive themselves of that well-being it makes for a very big and unpleasant, and from our point of view, unnecessary, event.”

Yes, Abraham Hicks really said that. Go to the video and skip ahead to 20:00 to hear it. (Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-yhCO76xEU)

Basically the argument here is that the focus of your vibrational energy is the sole cause of anything that happens to you.

In this video someone comes to Abraham and asks questions about the state of the world, poverty, genocide… Abraham basically just guides him to “not focus on it” because by focusing on it, you get more of it…

There’s one aspect here that is true: that by focusing upon issues so far away and believing one cannot do anything about it, one’s own suffering can become worse than the suffering “all the way over there.”

What Abraham does not teach is that EVERYTHING IS HERE AND NOW, and there’s no suffering “out there across the planet,” it is all Here and Now.

There are so many ways that we can contribute to making global issues and local issues like homelessness and poverty better. The first step is awareness. Not wanting to talk about it/think about it/look at it actually just keeps us in a field of separation.

In my early work with plant medicine I tapped into the collective pain body… the pain and suffering over humanity across the entire planet. It’s a pretty heavy thing to tap into, yet allowing oneself to ackowledge and process it leads to liberation. It leads us to see that all is One. When one person suffers, the whole suffers. When one person experiences joy, everyone experiences joy.

Abraham’s key teaching is joy and this is indispensible and crucial. Abraham’s teaching of “let go aof the outcome and just find the way to feel better” really does work. Except often times the way to feel better is in diving into the shadow. The pain/trauma/negative belief cannot be removed from your energetic system entirely until it is fully acknowledged/accepted/processed. Until then you can manifest all you want, and it will still be there, waiting for you. Most people are not ready for that sort of depth as the destructive force of awakening (Kali Ma) that it brings forces a cleansing, a letting go, a true sort of liberation… that inevitably leads to some form of service.

Abraham was a being that I listened to for many years. I first discovered a book when I was 21 and traveling in Guatemala and Mexico, often terrified of how I would survive experiencing intense illness and being entirely broke. Applying Abrham’s teachings helped me and I could experience how my vibration would generate all of my experiences. It continued to support me as I began to study channeling, and I considered Abraham a great teacher for awhile.

Though overtime I began to notice Abraham could not take me to the deeper levels of shadow work necessary to clear myself. And I came to wonder why.
Out there in the field of New Age spirituality there is a common belief spread by channels like Abraham that everyone creates their own reality. It is true that our vibration, created by the beliefs and karma generated over time and over generations, creates our experience of reality. It is true that we choose our incarnation at a soul level before we end up being born into a body.

And people who fear losing their status or have a guilt about having abundance in a world where more people do not have abundance really would prefer to have their position validated by spiritual ideas.

No spirit will tell you that there is balance and harmony in our world as it is. That balance and harmony that channeled beings carry forth come from non-physical reality.

Channeling actually works through the channels subconscious. Non-physical energy is translated by the channels subconscious in a semi-aware state where enters into telepathic connection/transmission. Therefore, every belief that the channel has at a subconscious level will distort the transmission. You can note this clearly if you watch any channel with a long career and see how the quality of the energy and even the voice of the being will change over the years. Sometimes, for the better, and sometimes for the worse. (Barbara Marciniak is a key example of a widely known channel who came through with very clear messages at the beginning of her career to later distort the messages in a very fear-based and ego-centric way).

Spirits and non-physical beings tell us that we generate our experience of reality through our vibration; this complex understanding is simplified by channels and then quoted by the spiritual community through the understanding that “you create your own reality.”
While this is a partial truth, it is actually taught and practiced in a way that encourages an ego-centric world view which is then justified as “a spiritual practice.”

The emphasis on manifesting desires brings people to focus on their desire alone and discounting the needs of those around them. In the very worst case scenario people start to see those around them as just characters in the script of their own movie.

The philosophy Abram promotes seems to discourage generosity and activism. It feeds off of the collective belief system of individualistic self-reliance and expands upon it, bringing it to spiritual levels.

People come to believe that because anyone suffering chose that suffering at a soul level, they must be the only one’s responsible for changing it. People use this idea to stop feeling responsible for the suffering that is occurring around the world, while they add to their abundance with a capitalistic system that inherently perpetuates suffering abroad.

This discounts the core principle of genetics which we can now prove. Trauma is stored on the genetics and when generations of people have been marginalized and oppressed, they cannot simply “change their vibration” out of replaying the same damaging scenarios.

What they need is real help love and support. There are plenty of real spiritual teachers who promote these ideas and teach that the more you are in service, the more you are in Spirit. We are responsible for each other.

Abraham instead promotes following one’s own desires, as does a whole movement within the New Age.

This is in a way a reaction against the trend in religious groups over the last epoch to squander and suppress desire. The teachings of the Buddha and the Christ are distorted in a way that followers of those spiritual traditions believe that their desires cause them suffering or sin, when this is also not true. Desire is a beautiful expression of the soul and it has a magnetic resonance designed to bring you to the types of experiences that will most elevate your soul.
Most of the New Age treats desire as if it is a mystery, but it’s not.

Desire is born from trauma and lack. If one is hungry, one wants to eat. The experience of lack and the experience of abuse causes us to begin to desire certain experiences that are the obvious and natural remedy. If we experience isolation we come to desire connection. If we experience poverty we come to desire wealth.

Abraham gets it right when they guide people to stop focusing on the lack of what is desired. When you let go, you allow the Universe to fill in the gaps.

Abraham is missing this key: we must come to bring self-awareness to the root of our desires and understand why we want what we want, and process the history/trauma that causes that desire in order to really let go and allow. Without that self-awareness we stay stuck in the loop of desire.

There has yet to be the teachings of a genuine middle way, where desire is not scorned nor blindly glorified. Well, Bashar gets very close in distinguishing between NEEDS and DESIRES and teaching that if you come to DESIRE what you NEED rather than believing that you NEED what you actually DESIRE, you create the path of least resistance and allow the Universe to work for you. (And when asked about Bashar, Abraham responded and said Bashar is probably better and probably more specific than their own teachings).

It’s alarming that people follow such teachings and use them in a way that disconnects them from others and the collective awareness and brings them to just focus on themselves. You can learn a lot from Abraham yet I really advise searching for clearer channels. The danger of falling into this trap where you create your own reality, but in doing so disconnect yourself from others and the bigger energies of the collective, you only perpetuate the selfishness that has brought the world to the grim state that it is in.

Funny enough, while Esther does not claim a religious background, her channel gave itself the name “Abraham.” And we see how far Abrahamic religions have taken the world. Do we really want more of that?

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