The Pleaidain Council on Balanced Co-Creation; A Transcript

Here is an exciting transcript from a session recorded in Portland Oregon on July 20, 2019. The Pleiadians discuss in depth the idea of co-creation, and how to co-create with other humans in the most balanced and non-hierarchical way.

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Pleiadian Council:
Sometimes when there has been great big sense of lack or a trauma, there is a need to vent that emotion in some way. Creativity is the remedy when it comes to allowing these emotions to move. It can simply be talking, can be singing, it can be screaming, can be painting, it can be making a movie. It can be picking grass out of the ground and tie knots in it. Honestly, it can be anything your creativity can express through any form through any means. Though creativity allows emotional energy to move. It allows for emotional energy to sort of dance and move through your system in a way that you can bring about greater change and co-creativity is how you meet needs. So even by expressing your own gifts and sharing it with others, that is an act of co-creation because every time someone witnesses and holds space for your creative expression, the way you express yourself next time goes to a different level because you have received in return the energy that comes without attention.

And this co-creativity when the intentions are matched together will always allow for this healing to go to deeper levels. If you can’t find a specific intention, you want to move towards the expression of healing, the Universal intention is to move deeper into an experience of Oneness. When you back any of your other intentions with this intention of moving deeper into an experience of Oneness together, that intention is sure o be amplified to its highest degree. Now when it comes to collective wounds, that perhaps the greatest of tools is that intention of Oneness, as there is a field of reality that all of you can access. This field contains the blueprint for this universe and all of the variations of it and at other levels in the Multiverse, the many different Universes that are contained within All That Is.

And at these levels there are some patterns that transduced do into to every layer. So when you expand your awareness to those levels, you can start to both access the light of the dimensions such as our own, where we have gone past the experience of polarization. And at those levels where there is equality in light and dark, there is no moving towards one side or the other. There is an experience of pure love. As a result, you can let that energy be transduced into your own dimension. Yet being in your own dimension, you’ll also begin to tap into the pain body of those around you and many of you may resist ot block this experience because it can be overwhelming. And that blocking is again coming from the trauma of neglect because someone was not there for you. When you, when you experience pain, your natural response is to not want to feel the pain that you do not understand in the other.

So whenever you are seeing or witnessing someone who cannot hold space for the collective pain body, understand that beneath that is a deep experience of neglect that you can heal by ending neglected for yourself. It may trigger many different layers of emotions. That again, co-creatively transform, whether it’s with the spirit or with the person. It is about the relationship when it comes to these levels of healing.

And together through that cocreation, you can release many, many layers of the collective pain body by seeing how there is always something resonante that is stored within you that allows you to tap into a certain particular frequency within the collective pain body. As above, so below, as below, so above. So when you find what you store, what you hold that resonates with the collective pain body and you co-creatively transform that in turn, it will express through the collective as you hold it within your own self expression.
And that is why the space that you have co-created today is the New Paradigm of healing because there is no one who knows more. There’s no one who knows less. Everyone has a voice and everyone is welcome in the space. Everyone has something to give and everyone has something to receive and the new paradigm of working with others is in knowing that your vulnerability with clients, with healees, with however you term it, we don’t care, it is part of the magic of the healing. And this is part of why we always say to you and your reality that we thank you for allowing us to be here for a we gain very much from the experience you give to us as we give to you and there is no relation that works in a different way. That is a balanced relationship. Now there is the experience of self serving beings that are self serving to the extent that they serve themselves at the expense of others, and that energy has structured the old paradigm as you call it.

That self-serving energy seeps into even many of you who claim to be a part of the new paradigm but haven’t gotten the full picture yet. Of course those souls are certainly a part of the new paradigm as they hold that intention. Yet if their expression does not match the highest expression quite yet, that’s just a learning curve and compassionately hold space for them as well. The New Paradigm is certainly in co-creative healing, in that everyone brings with them their vulnerability and it is not seen as a weakness or a reason to be a lesser therapists. It is seen as a truth. I

Questioner: Yeah I felt some of my own resistance to kind of step into because of my own that I’m like, Oh, I’m not there yet and.


You’re always there. You’re always ready. You are. There is the only here and now there is a construct that you create in this construct is another way that those who wish to sap energy from people and keep you in the chase of something. Because in that chase you’re more susceptible to being attacked and being used. Do not chase for the future for there is only now and you will always become more. You are always already complete in your imperfection, in your falls and what you may perceive as broken. You are still complete and it is that paradox that allows you to give exactly what you’re capable of giving. Now knowing that it is a complete offering, it of course will be better the next time because that’s how it’ll always be, but just because the next time will be better does not mean that you’re not already there.


That’s not just accepting but celebrating but only yourself exactly as you are for right now. Again, it is the only moment. This is the only you that there is. You will find, you are always capable of doing what you need to do with the help of all that is with the creative elements that come in and you all deserve to have those co created elements in human form, in spirit form. And when you ask clearly when you have a clear idea of what you need, there will be someone who can fill the role. So do not settle for someone who does not mean what you need. Do not try to train someone to meet your needs who cannot make your needs. When you do that, you push away the people who can actually meet your needs.


Questioner: I very much feel like what I’m calling in is co creation in all areas of my life.

Yes. And as you call it forth. So shall we say, allow yourself to need, and allow others to meet what they need as allow yourself to express all of it, and it will certainly align in the way that you most need to grow. And again you will always continue to grow more. You will continue to see where something may seem as if it is missing though in realizing that it may be better that something may not be there you again expand into completion. You expand into completeness for really nothing is truly missing when you become aware of what could fill the gap. There is many on the other side who can feel that seemingly empty space with an authentic space holder that will allow you to get in touch with the frequency of what it may be like to have what you need get to not house. And with that frequency space holder in your imagination and the connection of your spirit guides, your attraction of it will come to you much quicker.

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