Breaking Free From Self-Concept

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” ~ Rumi

I feel great after today doing a session in the morning where of course some of the information was synced with my own process! I love how it works like that.

I remembered this song with a Rumi line yesterday and everything shifted.

Self-concept is the biggest enemy of awakening. 

(Funny thing is, so new age people live a life totally fueled by conceptions of good and bad then think that is spiritual. But hey, that’s cool I’m on my own journey with getting this.)

We have to come to a point where we do not see any actions as good or bad. Until we get there we will forever be trapped in the ego. 

There is such thing as “service to others/collective” energies and “service to self over others” energies. The first leads you to true awakening and liberation. To serve others does not mean to give up your own best interests, instead it leads you to see that there is no self and all that appears outside of you, as part of reality, is part of YOU. To serve self is to take from others and drain them at your profit. It is based in the sense that there is a self and that self is separate. There is perpetual fear around losing one’s sense of self and merging into Oneness, and service to self over others actions always create pain. 

Our planet is shifting to express only service to others energies eventually, because at a soul level this planetary body has agreed to that.

We are evolving to be of higher service yet as soon as we see those who serve self over others as wrong, bad, less than, or less deserving as are in our egos.

Source sees both expressions as valid. Creator experiences both as necessary in order for evolution to be fully conscious and self aware.

We can see where another is being selfish without making that wrong.

As soon as we engage any self-concept that one is good and another bad, our ego is in the drivers seat and we cause ourselves (and everyone else) pain. As soon as one sees service to self energy as different from one self, one actually engages in service to self energy!

One may not actively judge others yet this self-concept dilemma can also play out internally, when one’s concept of what is good or spiritual overrides one’s most natural authentic expression. What raises our frequency most is our natural loving impulse of excitement within. What we are most naturally drawn to is often not what we are taught is the most spiritual. Sometimes even it totally contradicts what one’s community or teachers values as good. This is why all real teachers not only say that the teacher is within YOU, they also directly guide  you into that experience. You have to listen to what is true for you and there’s NO ONE (especially not a clearly channeled positive  light being) that can tell you what’s right for you. Because you know. Though you may be confused, because your own self-concept is in the way.

Light workers are trapped in self-concept when they speak about “zombies”, “sheeple”, or “the system” are only perpetuating pain by mentally creating a separation.

We have to see the validity and worth of EVERY BEING AND EVERY EXPRESSION, angels and demons alike, or we will never find peace. 

Make a list of the people you admire or even idolize the most and the people you hate or fear the most, then make a second list of things those people might have in common. The results may shock you and change your perceptions! (#Pleadian #Guidance of the day 😉 )

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