My Warrior Awakens


I’ve always been one to reject the “spiritual warrior concept.” Even a peaceful warrior… Why even prepare for war? If you just immerse yourself fully in light, there’s no need! The light will keep you safe.

This is what I’ve thought before.

And I’ve in a way prided myself on being so open and sharing of my energy and love.

My last dark night nine months ago was catalyzed by a string of abusive people in my life, all engaging in a very different way… orion2

I was once so open and loved my extroverted modes the most.

And now I come within. I enjoy my time with myself. I prioritize my time spent healing myself. My frequency only raises with the greatest speed of acceleration when I’m alone or with a handful of specific people whose energies and priorities truly sync with my own.

I put my energy out only as much as desired to be in service and in expression. My main Source of love is within.

Jesus said “turn the other cheek.” He also began a trend in the collective energy field of the worship of martyrdom that’s distorted the frequency on our planet since.

Avatar of light or not, I ask myself and us all is this an outdated concept?

Certainly there are dimensions in which there is no more war. The Pleiadians, the hybrids, the Sirians, and all of the Galactic Council are entirely peaceful. There’s no weaponry or defense system because they don’t need it. They are masterful and immersed in light and protected through their vibration.

In other dimensions sure we are all these same peaceful and eternally protected beings. Yet in our present state of physicality we are humans living on a planet where there is war and violence and abuse.

We are all capable of committing acts of violence and we must all own the potential within us else we risk greater isolation through our selective-identification.

We could all attract violence or abuse and it’s actually just as present in the spiritual community on our planet, in subtle ways through controlling spiritual narcissists that radiate great light and attract those who naively trust hoping for a savior outside. Those spiritual narcissists then drain them of energy while spirituality teaching/healing/helping them. It takes deep discernment to know the difference though once you gain the experience you’ll always know how to tell and smell it miles away.

On this planet we must defend ourselves from the dark and toxic energies. “Protection is only a prayer for more attack” is not a complete teaching; this idea is true if you are in a paranoid way, praying and praying that a God or other force outside protect you. Yet to be cautious and aware and discerning is a necessary level of protection we must all cultivate.

We must be cautious in facing life and engaging with the world. Caution is truly a healthy degree of fear.

I’ve made fear my enemy and it’s only become stronger. I wished to have no enemies and be the one who’s always good; I choose to see people’s potential instead of their present reality and have had my dignity stripped away.

Today how grateful am I for these encounters, because as a result my warrior awakens.

The most ironic and interesting part is that I’ve rejected my own nature, as a Scorpio…
A scorpion will not seek out a human to attack. It will only defend if it must, and if it must it will sting.

Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign and many will take a step back the moment you tell them you are a Scorpio. Well, I did just say that some caution is healthy…

Scorpio itself is very cautious. It’s greatest medicine is protection. It keeps itself safe. Yet in that protection, it is also alone. And therefore the deepest desire of Scorpio is to merge completely with another. Though Scorpio can only meet that desire in a healthy way by merging completely first into the love of the Higher Self.

And even then, Scorpio must wield its stinger. It must be able to survive if threatened.

We all must be ready to defend. And not only ourselves, we all truly have the power to live in a way that ends the systems that are attacking and draining those who are vulnerable. We live on a planet of war. Escaping into a bubble of light is not a solution to that. We all are responsible for doing what we can to defend others who are innocent and vulnerable.

A friend explained recently how she was guided by pure energy of the light to send back venom to a person who is truly destructive. One school of thought is to only send love and compassion and allow. Yet what I see is those subtle perpetrators, when forgiven with no retribution, simply keep doing the same thing.

To not use my venom when necessary is to reject my nature.

To put down my shield and pretend I’m totally invulnerable like my Pleiadian friends is to be entirely foolish.

I’ll pick up my shield now and I’ll embrace my right to show my stinger and my right to use it if I truly must.

We all have many signs in our entire chart and truly all is One; there’s Scorpio in everyone. We all have a stinger and there should be no reason to hide it.

If you one allows the stinger to be shown mostly one will not have to use it. Others will see it and be warned to not hurt. If you hide the stinger others may take advantage of your chosen vulnerable state.

To show your stinger does not negate or lessen one’s genuine compassion, love, softness, and understanding. It is actually a symbol of self-love that says “I’m not going to put up with abuse and I’m not going to let you get away with it either.”

If we don’t know how to own the fact that we have venom and the ability to defend we will end up stinging when uncalled for, when little things trigger us. Repeated accidents can lead to fearing the venom more, though when we see its healing power we can grow comfortable in it and contain it, not to lash out though only to protect.
“What you put out comes back.”

And when another person puts out venom, sometimes self-centered attacker/people-user requires you to be the outlet to return to them the energy vibration they put out.

A closing chapter of my greatest lesson: I did not strike when my own Higher Self asked it to be so. I wanted to be the good person and I held my venom in. By not directing that energy where it wanted to go, I only poisoned myself.

I made an innocent mistake.

Today I pick up my shield. Today I am happy to show that I have a stinger too.

My warrior awakens.

I vow to be peaceful. And I vow to protect. If I must defend, I will.

I once made this stinger my profile picture many years ago. I’m ready to give it a show again.

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