Quantum Shifting My Addiction to Accidents

I am so happy.

I kind of love these moments when it seems like something has gone super terribly wrong, yet then it turns out all good. It really gets my gears into motion and helps me relax and surrender into natural wellness… and in the best moments bliss.

I arrived in Peru with so much enthusiasm. I’ve been traveling for so long yet in a way it’s the first time I can travel, like other people travel, with enough of a stockpile of abundance that working does not have to be my main focus and I can truly enjoy my own journey.

I was in awe in that realization and falling in love with Peru already.

So today I went to…the mall in order to get a sim card. Except I realized I didn’t have my passport as I waited for the phone store to open. I was panicked for a moment. I went back, looked at a place I’d stopped and it wasn’t there. A taxi driver told me to go to the radio station and make an announcement… It was pretty amazing that the people in the station thought it was a good idea and put it on as an announcement! I went to the police station and then walked home.

In my mind it was so clear, how I took it out when I went to convert some money and left it there. Yet I was then thinking about parallel realities, having been focusing on this a lot recently and thought that I could just shift into a parallel reality by focusing my imagination on the thought of leaving it in the hostel, and through that changing the past. Who says the past is really real? As a three year-old I had a clear sense that there could have been many different pasts and that now was a different moment, that the past was somehow less fixed down… that idea was abused out of my really quickly, as someone really couldn’t handle little Dante responding “I don’t know” to every question about the past.

I came back to the hostel and sure it was there. Whether my imagination really shifted me into a parallel reality or not who knows. I think it did something.

I feel like I win the game now.

Self-sabotage in the moment I finally feel in the vicinity of the desired experience is a thing I just do so well. Stolen or lost things at the moment I’m feeling so high happens again and again.

Yet even though I wasn’t so pleased with it I didn’t keep myself in a low vibration state when I was convinced my passport was gone. I surrendered in a way. I knew whatever happened, was my perfect manifestation created right out of my own force of attraction and it’s what I needed to learn. I’m so glad it wasn’t a hard lesson. Because I really feel like this trip is about quantum reality shifting joy

A lesson is repeated until it is learned… and yeah I knew when this happened that what I was meant to learn was to really get myself to focus more here and now in physical reality. I’ve been drifting. And now I am wishing to fully meet physical reality and not drift away. The world needs me here!
#peru #parallelrealities #grounding #quantumshift #relief
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